Essential Tools for Teams

27 October 2022
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The functioning of any system depends on various factors where excluding even one small detail leads to malfunctioning of the whole system. If business is a system, its efficiency is ensured not only by human resources but also by the tools at its disposal.

In this article, we will overview the must-have tools to optimize the work of a media buying team (however, you will notice that some of these tools are not superfluous for any business on the web).

Tools for communication between team members

Essential Tools for Teams

As it was proved thousands of times in practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses can work remotely (even healthcare services started offering remote check-ups). In that context, many messengers and platforms were updated to serve the needs of companies with workers stuck at their homes. 

Choosing a messenger or a platform plays a huge role in connecting the members of a media buying team since it links the members from different cities or what is more relevant to our present reality — different countries. 

Here are some platforms you could check out if you haven’t yet: 

  • GoToMeeting
  • Legal Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • WebEx
  • Zoom
  • Legal Zoom (yes, it is different from Zoom)
  • Telegram
  • Discord (mostly used as a tool for gamers’ communication, but surprisingly, it gained popularity among people not playing any games during the pandemic)
  • Skype (got optimized and became more user-friendly when the lockdowns started)

Pick what is more convenient for your team’s requirements. Remember to check privacy policies and make sure that the app is available in your country.

Project management tools

Essential Tools for Teams

What does good project management mean for your team? It means keeping track of tasks, meeting deadlines, and tracking progress. Although multitasking has become something of a requirement for specialists in any niche, human beings are still not machines and to manage the whole team’s efficiency, special tools are necessary. Here are three very popular project management tools you could pay attention to (just as an example, as there are a lot of tools with similar features and design): 

  • Asana. It is a tool focused on collaboration, and it has strong task management features (e.g., timeline, forms, goals, reporting, app integrations, etc.).
    Pricing: varies from $0 the basic plan to the business plan for $24.99.
  • Trello is a lightweight and simple tool allowing teams to work on only a few projects at the same time.
    Pricing: $0 — $17.50 (for enterprise).
  • ProofHub. Excepting cooperative work inside teams, this tool also allows communication with clients.
    Pricing: $45 — $89 (with a free trial).

Marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools can host a slew of varied features due to different business specifics. Thus, companies from different industries require a certain range of functions when choosing a tool. For a media buying team, trackers, auto-posting tools, and spy services are certainly a must-have.


Tracker is one of the main tools for a media buyer that allows them to monitor campaigns’ efficiency and optimize them. Here is a list of trackers of popular tracking solutions:

  • Keitaro
  • Binom
  • Adspect
  • Voluum
  • AdsBridge
  • OctoTracker
  • RedTrack
  • Peerclick
  • Zeustrack
  • BeMob

Take a peek and make your choice depending on your needs and preferences. Besides, we have some cool bonuses, check them out!

Auto-posting tools

It is a great secret (that everyone knows though): auto-posting saves a lot of time and there are a lot of tools for different platforms, helping to post systematically in accordance with your strategy. There’s a plethora of options you can find online, for instance, SocialPilot, ContentStudio, or NapoleanCat to name a few.

Spy services

Essential Tools for Teams

With spy services, your team will always stay tuned to the latest creative trends. They are supposed to help you keep an eye on competitors and monitor and analyze ads on different platforms. We’ve already posted some content on the topic where we talk about it in more detail, but let’s recap:

  • AdHeart
  • AdMobiSpy
  • AdPriscope
  • AdPlexity
  • AdSpy
  • AdVault
  • Ahrefs
  • Anstrex
  • Arbalet
  • Semrush
  • SpyOver
  • SpyPush
  • WhatRunsWhere
  • Hootsuite
  • SimilarWeb

Web-design tools

The message is simple: no web-design tools — no creatives, no creatives — what are we doing here? Even if your team does not have a designer position, at least you should be able to make a layout for the designers you outsource. These are some of the most commonly used apps, which are extremely simple even for non-designers:

  • Figma
  • Canva
  • Marvel

And don’t forget about checking the creative trends, they tend to change, you know.

Analytics tools

You have nothing to do in traffic arbitration without analytics, accept losing money. Analytics is what helps you find the path, and understand where you are going and what for. However, here we won’t introduce you to any new tools, as most of the tools we’ve already talked about have built-in features to analyze data. You should just learn how to use them.

Media presence

Essential Tools for Teams

This is not really about tools, but nowadays, media presence is something without which your business just doesn’t exist for clients. On the contrary, if you build a strong brand for your team, you get the media power which makes you trustworthy, and if you wield public opinion, you can expect more income and protect yourself from fraud.

Spread your brand everywhere: create your site, YouTube, Telegram channel, Instagram, Facebook account, write articles on Medium, ask media outlets to write about your business — anything works. The more, the better. Don’t forget to post regularly and keep the profile updated.


Working in a team of professionals is a pleasure, but when your team is served with all possible tools to save the time of the members and process more tasks at the same time, it is a double pleasure. Take care of your tool kit!

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