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Welcome home, affiliates! AWE 2019 Review

Our team visited Barcelona to take a look at one of the best conferences there is Affiliate World Europe 2019.

Among other affiliate trade shows, AWE stands out as one of the biggest and most well-respected events. And it makes sense, more than 3000 affiliates came to Barcelona this year to meet new people, find new opportunities and build long-lasting and lucrative business relationships.

AWE is considered to be a must-visit event and now we know why, we saw a few super-affiliates: iAmAttila, Erik Gyepes and a few more. The number of companies was too big to count, and we believe that this conference proves that affiliate marketing is doing better than ever.

Push-notifications were the highlight of the event, there were panels about them and quite a lot of discussions. We noticed that the crypto companies are back, and there are so many new affiliate and advertising networks, that it’s next to impossible to talk to each and every one.

But the core value of the conference is the people attending it. It’s all about them, really. This year, AWE attracted around 3500 people involved in the affiliate marketing industry, that’s quite an achievement, especially taking into consideration that the hosts of the event planned for 3000.

So, we’ve decided to talk to some of the people in the field, so to say, and received a few good pieces of advice on conference-going. Adskeeper CEO told us what the cost of taking a team to the conference is. Later, we talked to TopOffers CEO and learned that best booths at the conference sell faster than World Cup tickets. And got great advice from the CEO of MegaPush.

8 months of planning, 1 day of intense preparation and around 40 highly skilled professionals — that’s what it takes to host such a great conference. Conference CEO told us about the hardships of organizing such a grand event.

And, of course, there were parties. We had a blast at White Light Night party, which was co-sponsored by ZorbasMedia and hosted by Clickdealer. What a night it was!

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