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Voluum. A tracker that 5,000 affiliates trust

Once again ZorbasMedia is in Krakow. This time we visited Voluum’s HQ and met with Wioleta, head of product at the Voluum tracker.

Many affiliates consider Voluum to be the best tracker there is, and Wiola told us how much hard work and dedication the team puts into this product.

We learned about numerous features implemented in this tracker. However, people working at Voluum believe that the most important feature is trust, plain and simple. Not a single affiliate would work with a certain tracker if they didn’t trust the company behind it.

Voluum is a rapidly-growing company and they do promote their product. However, they believe that the best way to spread the information about it is the most old-fashioned one: word of a mouth.

Affiliates migrate into white-hat verticals, more and more each day. And Wioleta believes that it’s a good thing because it’s easier to promote white hat offers, no cloaking needed. We also discussed tracking software and why Voluum is staying ahead of its competition.

Fraudulent traffic is a scourge for marketing of any sort. Wioleta told us about Voluum’s smart solutions aimed at fighting and effectively defeating bot-traffic. (It’s all about AI, and we think that it’s cool!)

If you want to sign up to Voluum click on this link.


Do you want to win a year of Voluum’s entry plan with dedicated onboarding? Of course, you do! Submit in comments your most burning question about affiliate marketing! We will choose the best one and the prize will find its owner! Good luck!

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