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Side effects may include: imprisonment

Tatarstan man charged with trafficking highly-potent substances.

A 33-year-old Tatarstan man was sentenced to 18 months in a high-security prison for ordering a highly-potent libido-boosting medication online.

This March, the parcel arrived at his local post office. The man came to the post office to pick up the package and was detained by the police right away.

A criminal investigation was initiated against him in relation to controlled substance trafficking.

Tatarstan Prosecutor’s Office has reported that the man pleaded guilty. The court sentenced him to 18 months in a high-security prison… for buying a male enhancement supplement.

Why would we post that? Well, the answer is really simple: many affiliates promote offers with male-libido-stamina-manpower-boosting-enhancing-improving promises, this is a LARGE vertical with a HUGE amount of money to be made, so many affiliates make SATISFYING income driving traffic to such offers.

We checked out quite a few offers promising SUBSTANTIAL results. Of course, those ingredients were used by ANCIENT MONKS AND GREAT WARRIORS TO BOOST THEIR INNER STRENGTH, but how do you go to prison for buying something with python meat, Orobanche, bear’s gall and Philodendron fruits in it?

And now we ask you, dear affiliates, do you know any ingredient so potent that they are actually illegal? What ingredients and in what amount can get you imprisoned?

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