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Push traffic. The main trend of 2018. The ultimate guide. Part 1

This year, push traffic is creating all the buzz. If you’ve read our review of the MAC conference or our polling of the leading affiliates, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t — trust us: push traffic is the main 2018 trend in affiliate marketing.

They say there’s a lot of it, that it works for beginners, that it converts well.

We’ve asked our affiliate team to test it, and see how things are in practice. Using the data from our personal testings, we present you a comprehensive guide on this type of traffic with a case and an anticase. We’ll tell you right away — yes, it does convert well. Read more inside.

Hello friends, ZorbasMedia speaking.

Today we start our series of articles dedicated to push-traffic. In these articles we’ll try to reveal to you what push traffic is, how to work with it, and how to monetize it.

Series contents:

  1. What are push-notifications?
  2. The technical side of the push-notifications subscription.
  3. How to gather your own user base? How much will that cost?
  4. What to do with a user base once you have it?
  5. How to monetize push-traffic?
  6. Which verticals are best suited for push?
  7. Case: “Sweepstakes on Europe with 300 profit, no optimization.”
  8. Anticase: “How we wasted $600 on Italy. Analyzing mistakes.”
  9. Conclusion. Summing up what we’ve discussed.

What are push-notifications?

First of all, let’s figure out what push-traffic is, and when did it make an appearance.

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Push-notifications – the type of traffic in which ads produced by a certain resource show up on the user’s desktop.

In our case the resource is a website that uses Google Chrome’s engine. This type of traffic is available both on desktop and on mobile. Push-notifications appeared in 2013 after Google Chrome’s update, which installed the Google Cloud Messaging technology. Despite the fact that this technology is relatively old, it only gained popularity this year. At the moment there are several massive advertising networks that count up to a million of active users. Clearly, there’s a lot of work in the field and the opportunity can’t be missed. Let’s look at how push-notifications look for the user.

The technical side of the push-notifications subscription.

In order to subscribe to push-notifications, the user has to to click “allow” in a pop-up window. They might have several reasons for doing so — being interested in the offered resources (works for big, trustworthy websites), wanting access to the content (for example, you can only download a certain software after subscribing to notifications), and the “scaring” techniques (age confirmation, fake-captcha, fake player):

How to gather your own user base? How much will that cost?

At this moment, there are a lot of existing services that offer their solutions when it comes to push-notifications, one of them very popular — OneSignal. All you need to do is upload your files to the server and embed the code on your website. After that you can send things to the active users. But where do you get them?

Conversion Rate – percentage ratio, counting the users that were on a page of the users that subscribed to notifications.

Suppose you need a million of subscribers from Thailand, and we’re going to get them from PopUnders. The average CR tends to be very different, so the “scares” (age confirmation, fake-captcha, fake player) work best. On these pages the CR can be 10%, but we’ll take the pop-traffic average — 3%. Thus we need to buy around 33 million views.

Advice: pay attention to the type of traffic with which you’re working. If it’s mostly adult traffic, the age confirmation landing will work best. If the traffic is from torrent and wares a captcha landing will work perfectly.

Wares – продукция, охраняемая авторским правом и распространяемая незаконным путем

The average price for one thousand views in Thailand is about $0.5.

Let’s sum up what we have:

33,000,000*0.5/1000 = $16,500 to gather a user base with a million of active users from Thailand.

What to do with a user base once you have it?

After you’ve gathered your user base, there are several paths you can take:

  1. Sell it. Ads networks will take your subscribers, and will pay for every selled click. The average price at the moment is:

The ads networks usually regulate the amount of views per user, but it tends to be not more than 7 a day.

CTR (click-through rate) – an internet-marketing metric. CTR is defined as a ratio of the number of clicks on the banner or the advert to a number of views. It’s measured by percentages.

The average CTR in push-notifications depends on a lot of factors like what time of day it is, what type of notifications you’re using, etc. For our calculations let’s take 0,5% CTR as the minimum. Thus, for our base with a million of subscribers (given that the advertisers buy it in full) ideally in one day we will get:

0.02(average price)*1,000,000(number of subscribers)*7(amount of views)*0.005(CTR)=$700

Don’t forget that with every day your base will lose subscribers faster and faster. In a month you can lose up to one half of it, so it’s recommended to consistently bring new users.

Counting the losses, the return of investment will take ~30 days.

ROI (return on investment) — a financial ratio, illustrating the level of whether the business is profitable or not, counting the sum of what was invested into that business.

What’s more interesting — despite the unsubscribing trend, your base can live without being updated with new users for up to 900 days and still be profitable! According to calculations, in 88 days it will bring $33,168 — that’s $16,668 of clean profit, or 100% ROI. And in a year — $43628 ($27,128 of clean profit or 164% ROI). All indicators show that these are decent investments.

It should also be noted that these calculations are based on an average. Currently the interest in push is colossal and the rates will only grow in the future, which will reflect on your profit.

  1. Monetize the base on your own.

About how to do that we’ll talk in depth in our next article, where you will also find a working case that will show how to earn money on push + an anticase that will analyze our mistakes, and help you avoid them.

How to monetize push-traffic?

Which verticals are best suited for push?

Case: “Sweepstakes on Europe with 300 profit, no optimization.”

Anticase: “How we wasted $600 on Italy. Analyzing mistakes.”

Conclusion. Summing up what we’ve discussed.

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