Proxies for Affiliate Marketing and Why They Are Important

24 February 2021
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Proxies for Affiliate Marketing and Why They Are Important

The CPA market is growing day by day as hundreds of marketers flood in to claim their place at the top. At the same time, social media and contextual ad network moderation is getting increasingly tougher as well. All these platforms have one thing in common: they don’t allow you to create multiple accounts from a single device.

So, what are you supposed to do to bypass the restrictions? Proxy servers are essential tools to protect your accounts, and this article will tell how you can easily use them.

Proxy server: definition and usage examples

First of all, let’s figure out exactly what proxy servers are. A proxy server is an application or appliance that acts as a gateway between you and the web. Each computer is assigned with a unique IP address that contains your geolocation and internet provider data, while a proxy lets you go online under a different address.

There are several types of proxy servers, such as: 

  • Public (or free) proxies;
  • Shared proxies that are used by multiple users at the same time;
  • Dedicated proxies used by a single user or device.

 Proxy servers can also be divided into the following categories: 

  • Datacenter proxies, i.e. networks based on optical communication lines. You can’t use datacenter proxies for affiliate marketing purposes, because any site will easily detect where the user is coming from at a server level. A regular user will never get their IP address from a data center server;
  • Residential proxies are IP addresses attached to real devices. You can choose between two main types of Internet connection, Wi-Fi and mobile. However, note that not all residential proxy providers give you this option. In our humble opinion, mobile proxies are a go-to for any affiliate because they allow you to go online without having a carrier and can help you considerably increase your account lifetime. 

Proxies also fall into the following categories:

  • IPv4 proxies allow you to work with any platform;
  • IPv6 proxies enable you to create multiple Facebook accounts in no time. They are the future! For the time being, however, a number of platforms don’t support IPv6, which can make your life more difficult.

Although data center proxy servers enjoy widespread popularity, an affiliate marketer should opt for residential proxies for the sake of trust and security and to avoid getting into a website’s spam list. You can sign up with SOAX to start using mobile proxies that are now on the rise because they can help you prolong your account lifetime.

Proxies for Affiliate Marketing and Why They Are Important

Why you should use a proxy:

Account security. If you launch your ads from multiple accounts, you are very likely to be using one of the anti-detect browsers that allow you to utilize proxies to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint.

Bypassing restrictions and bans. You can easily get blocked when running your ads for promoting prohibited products or services or creating multiple accounts. Say, you are driving traffic from Facebook and you need at least 10 active accounts to launch your ads. If the algorithm detects something suspicious, all accounts registered from your IP address will be banned. Proxy servers allow you to avoid that.

Bypassing anti-fraud systems. If you drive huge traffic volumes from Facebook or Google Ads, then you absolutely need to use a proxy. The thing is that once some of your accounts are blocked, the number of bans will go up exponentially. To prevent this from happening, you will need to register each account from a separate IP address.

Free and paid proxy servers

So, we have just discussed why proxy servers are essential for most affiliate marketers. What you need to be aware of is that quality proxies that you can actually use in your work don’t come free of charge. The fact is that most public proxies have already been banned by social networks and a number of other platforms. So, your accounts will be banned all the same and you will have to buy new accounts, which can exhaust your ad budget.

The prices vary from region to region, and buying a proxy in Ukraine is less expensive than in Germany. Other factors include your seller’s pricing policy, as well as the number and type of required proxies. Some proxy services offer tariff plans, which is great for most affiliates who prefer paying for traffic rather than time.

Proxies for Affiliate Marketing and Why They Are Important

To pick up a proxy the right way, you will need to account for your turnover and the platform you are running your ads on. You will also need to pay attention to what kind of device your proxy IP address is attached to. Once you choose your proxy, you will be able to launch a test campaign to see how it performs!

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