Zorka.Network affiliate network review

Founded in: 2014-2021
Zorka.Network is a global affiliate network by Zorka.Mobi agency. The network works with direct CPA/CPI/CPL offers from all other the world, while its partner base comprises more than 10,000 people, including individual affiliates and media buying teams.
Payout models
Number of offers
More than 300
Payment methods
WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments, bank wire and other methods
Referral commission

Zorka.Network is a global affiliate network by Zorka.Mobi agency. The network works with direct CPA/CPI/CPL offers from all other the world, while its partner base comprises more than 10,000 people, including individual affiliates and media buying teams.

Zorka.Network affiliate network review

The affiliate network was launched back in 2014. Over the next five years, what began as a startup has grown into one of the most reliable and recognizable platforms for working with CPA/CPI/CPL offers. This is evidenced by the sheer abundance of awards and trophies the network has picked over the past while.

This year alone, Zorka.Network won “The Best Mobile Affiliate Network” award at Affbank Awards 2019 and “The Best Mobile CPA Network” award at CPA Life Awards 2019. 

Currently, the affiliate network is expanding its reach into the sweepstake vertical. If you happen to have expertise in this field, your application to join the network will be more than welcomed.

Besides, Zorka.Network has a referral program: for each new partner you bring into the system, you’ll get a 3% increase to your payout.

The cherry on top is Zorka.Loyalty, a generous loyalty program available to all registered and approved partners. The program offers a wide range of prizes and an opportunity to order the gift that you want!

Zorka.Network affiliate network review

Registration and moderation

The registration process is rather straightforward. At the same time, it allows for identifying the affiliate’s skills at the application stage with a high level of certainty. 

It’s important to note that Zorka.Network is not working with absolute newbies. 

During the registration process, you will have to fill in the usual fields and provide the following information:

  • the list of your key traffic sources, verticals and geos;
  • your Skype or Telegram contacts;
  • three reference letters from other networks;
  • three screenshots showing some of your recent payouts.

Having submitted the registration form, the affiliate will receive a message saying that after the moderation process is completed they will be contacted by the network’s manager. Usually, the process takes 1-2 working days.

Zorka.Network champions honesty and transparency between all the parties involved, and so it expects the same attitude in return. It often happens that a partner submits another person’s statistics or borrowed screenshots, and later the skype call reveals that they lack the relevant experience, to put it mildly.

Working with managers

A dedicated manager is assigned to each moderated and approved partner who also receives an email notification saying that their application has been considered and approved and breaking down the first onboarding steps. 

Zorka.Network affiliate managers and team are really cool, we visited their office when we were shooting an interview with Zorka.Mobi.

Zorka.Network affiliate network review


Zorka.Network makes payouts every Thursday. By far not all affiliate networks pay their affiliates that often. 

The network makes payouts through different payment services: WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments, bank wire and many more. 

The system works the same for both individuals and legal entities, but the latter are required to sign a contract or an agreement. When it comes to large and regular payout sums, Zorka.Network recommends documenting all financial transactions and transferring money to a bank account. Thus, a partner will be able to secure themselves against all troubles and build a positive bank history.

Besides, Zorka.Network is planning to announce its integration with one of the payment systems by the end of the year, which will grant partners more extensive functionalities for managing their balance and allow for instant and free transfer of money to a webmaster’s account. 


To date, more than 170 active direct CPI/CPA offers (including exclusive ones) and more than 150 SOI/CC CPL offers are registered in the system. So, there’s definitely plenty of offers to choose from.

You can access the full list of offers available to all partners on the network’s website, no registration needed. Private offers can be accessed only after you have run a test campaign and your traffic has been assessed for quality. 

However, there’s another way: if you submit the previous statistics that really impresses the network’s managers, you can get access to private offers earlier. 

All offers are sorted by category and geo. 

Zorka.Network affiliate network review

Currently, Zorka.Network works will almost all types of traffic. However, it is advertisers who set up the rules here, and so everything depends on the offer terms. Be sure to always check the offer description!

One of Zorka.Network’s major advantages is that 99% of all the offers in the system come directly from advertisers, which allows you to receive information and optimize your campaigns promptly. Besides, direct offers mean better terms. 

  1. For instance, Zorka.Network has a betting offer with exclusive terms: $4 for an install, soft KPIs and payouts based on Facebook ad account statistics. Thus, a partner won’t have to face a number of problems:
    • no discrepancies between Facebook ad account data and statistics from a tracker;
    • revenue and therefore ROI is higher.
  2. There’s also a popular carsharing app with the payouts three times higher than the market average. 
  3. Moreover, some credit card submit sweepstake offers allow a partner to create their own landing page. In this case, the billing page will be provided by an advertiser. Some insights into working with offers: betting offers are now performing very well in the CIS countries, as well as lotteries with native video creatives featuring some real success stories. As for traffic sources, Facebook continues to demonstrate good results.

Personal terms

As most Zorka.Network offers are direct, the network can sometimes be flexible when it comes to bids and hold period conditions. If the volumes and quality of your traffic meet up the advertiser’s expectations, then it will be easy to agree upon payout increase. At that, everything is honest and transparent: no shaving or artificially inflated bids. If the traffic quality is far above any expectations, the Zorka.Network team will help you maintain the cash flow and scale up your campaigns by making advanced payouts or granting credit if necessary.

And, of course, this also implies private offers and access to exclusive sources.

Feedback on the affiliate network

Here are some of the reviews by affiliates working with Zorka.Network.



There are a lot of affiliate networks, but Zorka.Network is one of its kind! Guys always provide fresh offers and interesting propositions. Support is very high-qualified, managers are in touch and very kind, they are always ready to help you. In some cases, you may discuss some private terms regarding your work. And one more vital thing – weekly payouts. You can safely increase your volumes without worrying about the resources. Zorka.Network is the rapidly-growing affiliate program!



We have been working with Zorka.Network for a long time. During our cooperation, I have always been satisfied with their professionalism and humaneness. They are always ready to help and give advice. Once or twice we had problems with advertisers, but they were successfully solved by the network. Also, I will never forget the moment when I needed to integrate with the tracking system and my affiliate manager connected me with tracker’s support and we set up postback very fast. In comparison with other networks – it’s magic!



What does a spoilt publisher need? Of course, maximum attention and care from an advertiser and fast dealing with any kind of problems. All of these we have found at Zorka.Network! Friendly team with fast reaction, regular payouts and exclusive offers! We are working with mobile traffic and we can confidently say, that Zorka is in our TOP affiliates networks. Only the best recommendations.


Zorka.Network is a reliable and trusted affiliate network. Not because we say so, but because they’re doing their best to succeed in everything they do. They choose their partners based on numbers and trust. Payouts are always made dead on time. All the problems are solved quickly and professionally. 

If you have quality traffic and you know how to work with it, then the Zorka.Network team will do everything possible to help you maximize your revenues.

By the way, Zorka.Network is offering a bonus to all webmasters wishing to join the network: 50 Z-coins in a loyalty program. 50 Z-coins = $4000 of approve. A great boost for the start of a partnership, isn’t it?

You will have to register in the loyalty program separately.

  1. Sign up at the affiliate network.
  2. Pass the moderation process and get approved.
  3. Sign up at the loyalty program.
  4. Write to your manager and say that you are from Zorbas.Media.
  5. The manager will check whether it’s true and give you 50 Z-coins if everything is ok.