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Zorka.Mobi on influencer marketing and monetization of bloggers’ audience

The main topic of the interview is influencer marketing. To know it inside out we met with Dimitri Hudoi, head of influencer unit in Zorka.Mobi. Dmitry explained the phenomenon and how Zorka.Mobi promotes offers with the help of bloggers and influencers.

When working with bloggers, you may set for either performance or brand awareness. That is, cooperation with blogger should be aimed either at conversions: installs, purchases or other conversion types, or at higher brand awareness. Different tasks demand specific approach.

Zorka.Mobi has a database of 300 000 bloggers, and each of them is unique in terms of number of views, likes and subscribers. Discussed subjects and even bloggers’ location vary as well. You can select bloggers with the same precision you target audience for an ad campaign.

We discussed attracting bloggers to promote CPA-offers, how affiliates monetize YouTube channels without contacting any more or less famous bloggers and, of course, we talked about Tik-Tok and its prospects. Enjoy the interview!

  • 01:47 What is influencer marketing?
  • 02:57 TikTok. What is there for you?
  • 06:44 $20 000 on testing
  • 10:24 Evaluating the market size
  • 14:43 What does an advertiser pay for?
  • 17:29 How to work with bloggers
  • 19:41 How to build a database of 300,000 bloggers
  • 21:14 The most important metric for an ad campaign
  • 24:31 What is better: 1,000,000 views or 10 bloggers with 100,000 views each?
  • 26:55 We grow threefold each year
  • 29:38 Nutra offers in influencer marketing
  • 30:14 Influencer marketing for affiliates
  • 31:33 Fraud
  • 32:23 TikTok. There will be money
  • 34:20 Entry threshold into influencer marketing

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