MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2014
MyLead is a globally recognized affiliate network that unites over 900,000 publishers from around the world. Established in 2014, the company offers diverse payment models including CPA, PPI, CPL, COD, and CPS. The network's website is multilingual, catering to a broad audience.
Offer verticals
Dating, Nutra, E-commerce, Finance, Gaming
Payment models
Number of offers
from $20 via PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, Bank account, Capitalist, YooMoney, Qiwi and from $200 via Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT)
The minimum withdrawal
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent traffic

MyLead is a globally recognized affiliate network that boasts coverage across the world, uniting over 900,000 publishers from diverse regions. With its inception in 2014, MyLead has solidified its place in the industry. Affiliates can choose from a wide array of payment models, including CPA, PPI, CPL, COD, and CPS.

The network’s website is multilingual, ensuring it caters to a vast audience irrespective of language barriers.

Diving deeper into the plethora of opportunities MyLead presents, affiliates are spoiled for choice with over 5,000 offers spanning 16 distinct categories. The network’s reach is truly extensive, covering more than 160 GEOs, highlighting MyLead’s commitment to accessibility and global influence. The most popular verticals within the network are:

  • health and beauty (nutra, cosmetics, etc.) — about 2000 offers;
  • dating — about 1800 offers;
  • finance (investment platforms, loans, insurance, etc.) — about 200 offers.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

MyLead offers its affiliates a curated selection of unique affiliate programs, enabling them to compare and select the most suitable offers in finance, e-commerce, and dating verticals.

In alignment with its values of mentorship and professionalism, MyLead goes beyond just offering affiliate programs. The company continually strives to empower its affiliates with expert support, specialized knowledge, and tools to excel in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing. Their commitment to effectiveness is evident, as they ensure that both novice and seasoned affiliates have the resources they need to achieve unparalleled success in a tailored, optimal environment.

All these incredible features provided by MyLead are available at no cost, with full access granted immediately upon registration.

Advanced features

At the heart of MyLead’s strategy is a profound commitment to its affiliates, recognizing them as the pivotal component in the ecosystem. With a deep-seated desire to provide them with unparalleled tools and support, MyLead has developed the exclusive HideLink feature. This tool acts as a stalwart defense against fraudulent traffic, rigorously filtering out bot activities to ensure that only genuine leads access the landing page. The resultant effect is a notable enhancement in the accuracy of statistics and the endurance of affiliate links.

This commitment doesn’t end there. Acknowledging the diverse needs of its affiliates, MyLead offers an extensive suite of advanced tools. From advertising banners and over 30 smartlinks to the deep link feature, A/B testing capabilities, and a sophisticated post-back API, every resource is meticulously designed to empower affiliates, underscoring MyLead’s relentless pursuit of their success.

Getting started with MyLead

Open the official website and launch the registration process.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Upon submitting your contact data, you will get access to the network’s dashboard with all the tools.

The team recommends that you check out the MyLead blog and indicate your traffic source.  

*Please note that all the pages contain a description of the available tools which contributes greatly to a better user experience.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

MyLead dashboard

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

The dashboard contains a slew of different tabs:

  • brief statistics with filters;
  • your earnings;
  • support chat;
  • links to competitions, prize draws, educational content;
  • the network’s news, latest updates, recommendations, etc.

In general, the dashboard is very intuitive and user-friendly, everything is within reach, and easy to use.


The offers section at MyLead showcases their commitment to bridging brands with seasoned affiliates. This section is a straightforward, well-organized repository of opportunities, designed to simplify the process of matching affiliates with suitable offers.

When accessing the section, affiliates find a neat list of offers on the left. Each offer comes with detailed descriptions, covering essential points like targeted GEOs, device compatibility, and payout rates. Beyond just listings, MyLead provides additional tools, such as smart links and landing pages, emphasizing their core values of effectiveness and professional support.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Additional features available in the dashboard

PPI (Pay Per Install) — add the desired configuration, get a URL, and promote the app for a fee.

Statistics — granular reports on your campaigns, also available for download as CSV files.

Community — access the gallery, blog, and forum.

For webmasters — a toolbox for configuring API, setting up post-backs, using the HideLink feature, and also a sub-section with coupons and promotions.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

Access your profile page to select the suitable payment method. You can track the transaction in the “Payouts” tab.

The bonus section contains a selection of discounts and gifts available for all MyLead users.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review


MyLead emphasizes flexibility and convenience for its affiliates by providing a wide range of withdrawal options tailored to meet diverse needs. Affiliates can choose from a variety of payout methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, Bank account, Capitalist, Yomoney, and Qiwi, all available from a $20 threshold. For those interested in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) withdrawals are also available, starting at a $200 threshold.

Recognizing the importance of timely payments, MyLead can also offer an express withdrawal option, ensuring funds are sent within a guaranteed 48-hour timeframe. This feature demonstrates MyLead’s commitment to efficiency and unparalleled support for its affiliates.

MyLead support

At MyLead, support isn’t just a service – it’s a cornerstone of their philosophy. They deeply understand that timely and effective assistance can make all the difference in the affiliate marketing journey. Regardless of an affiliate’s experience level, the dedicated support team is always ready to guide, mentor, and resolve any issues.

Affiliates can easily reach out to the support managers via multiple channels including Telegram, Discord, Skype, social networks, online chat, and a general chat room for all affiliates. This comprehensive support system underlines MyLead’s commitment to mentorship and professionalism, ensuring that every affiliate feels valued and empowered.

Traffic monetization with MyLead

Consistent with MyLead’s mission to continually deliver innovative and impactful solutions for affiliates, the platform introduced the Content Locker feature in early 2020. Recognizing the evolving needs of publishers in monetizing diverse online content, from websites and blogs to mobile applications, this feature has become an invaluable tool. It allows for strategic control over access to content, prompting users to complete specific actions, such as registration or reaching a game level, before they can proceed.

With a commitment to flexibility and effectiveness, MyLead offers a suite of four distinct Content Lock types to cater to different strategies:

  •     CPA Locker;
  •     Captcha Locker;
  •     File Locker;
  •     Mobile Rewards.

This addition reflects MyLead’s ongoing quest to empower affiliates with tailored solutions, ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing. For a comprehensive understanding of the Content Locker feature, affiliates can delve into the platform’s detailed resources.


I really love working with this affiliate network. They have many available programs with high payout rates. I can receive payments the way I like. The platform provides many tools for running my campaigns. The support team is also very helpful, but sometimes I have to wait for a solution. I run gambling campaigns and this network suits me well. Recommend trying it out!


It is a great network. They have a lot of useful tips and guides for beginners. The payout is regular. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities for quality websites.

And of course, the offer database is impressive! Everybody will find something to their taste.

MyLead gave me a chance of a stable income and I am grateful.


I have seen many affiliate networks and can say that this is the best of them all. The payouts are swift and timely, the support team is superb, the offer selection is really good, and they have a mobile app to boot. In a nutshell, it’s affiliate heaven!



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MyLead Affiliate Network Review


MyLead is a modern platform with a range of tools and features that provides affiliates with a wide selection of offers. The network is one of the leading companies in the affiliate industry and proves its status with regular updates, always being transparent and reliable.

Every affiliate gets access to the following:

  • promoting more than 3 000 goods and services from well-known brands;
  • access to modern traffic monetization tools;
  • round-the-clock professional support and a dedicated manager;
  • MyLead is also active on Facebook and Instagram and regularly uploads videos on its YouTube channel;
  • access to almost any affiliate vertical and a big library of offers;
  • coupons, bonuses, and the opportunity to take part in affiliate marathons to practice your skills and work side by side with the industry professionals, and much more.

Register with MyLead and grow your affiliate income!