JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2006
JuicyAds is an international advertising marketplace where publishers and affiliates can capitalize on adult traffic. In-built anti-fraud solutions, tools for granular targeting of campaigns and testing of new traffic sources united on a self-serve platform make this network attractive for clients.
Preferred offer verticals
Webcams, Hentai, Casino, Dating Adult Games, and Nutra
Ad formats
Banner Ads, Popunders, Native, Navigation Tabs
Payment Methods
Credit card, Paypal, Paxum, Wire
Approval period
Under 24 hours
Minimum deposit
$50 (depends on the account status)

JuicyAds is an international advertising marketplace where publishers and affiliates can capitalize on adult traffic. With built-in anti-fraud solutions and granular targeting tools this self-serve platform is attractive for all marketers who are buying and selling traffic.


JuicyAds is an international ad network with 20 years of experience in successfully monetizing adult traffic worldwide. Both advertisers and publishers find all the tools and features necessary for them to be successful on the self-serve platform.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Registration and getting started

Registration with the ad network is not complicated. Once on the main page, click on the Login button in the upper-right corner of the page. You will see a traditional registration form where you need to indicate your name, contact info, and specify the type of account you want to create: publisher, advertiser, or both in one.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Once you’ve done that, you need to activate your account by clicking on the verification link in the email.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Next, you need to pass one more step of verification: you can set your preference to either a voice call or an SMS with a code.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

After that, you are good to go.

All new accounts receive a Strawberry status by default. The bigger your spend within the network — the higher your level. This loyalty status ranges from $0 to $100 000+ and is calculated for a span of 3 months.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Publisher’s dashboard

As a publisher, your dashboard is located within the Sell ads tab on the upper toolbar.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

While adding a website to the platform you need to specify the type of content (e.g. blog, media, video streaming, etc.), content rating (ranging from safe for work to hardcore), and the website’s niche (games, general, or a plethora of adult niches).

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Among the available ad formats a publisher will find Banners, PopUnder, and LiquidFire ads.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

Advertiser’s dashboard

The advertiser’s tools are located under the Buy ads tab on the upper toolbar.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

To choose the suitable placement, you can filter the options by:

  • keyword
  • ad price
  • CPC
  • daily number of impressions
  • content rating
  • type of website
  • country

To launch a banner campaign

  1. Choose the corresponding tab at the top of the page.
  2. Enter a campaign name and URL, set the type (CPC or CPM).
  3. Select a campaign mode: blacklist (remove unwanted sources) or whitelist (pick only specific ad zones).
  4. Set the targeting by niche and country.

To launch a popunder campaign

  1. Select a country.
  2. Agree to the terms of use.
  3. Submit the request for approval.

Ad formats

The available ad formats include popunders, banners, native ads, and navigation tabs.

PopUnder ads: these ads open upon a random click in the active window and appear in a new window that is hidden below the first one. Popunders are only available for the CPM campaigns.

Banner ads: these are usually image-based standard and non-standard size banner ads. This format is available for both CPC and CPM campaigns. Advertisers can run RON (Run Of Network) or DIRECT BUY banner ads (buy placements from a specific website for a set price for 7, 14, or 30 days).

Native ads: are similar to image banner ads, but designed to blend in with the content on a publisher’s site. They redirect users to the landing page.

Native Interstitial ads: similar to popunder ads, but appear on top of the main window, blocking out the content. The only way for users to regain access to the website is to click on the ad.

VAST In-video Banner ads: VAST or Digital Video Ad Serving Template are in alpha testing at the moment. These ads are usually pre-rolls or post-rolls for various video services.

Tools and targeting options

The available targeting options that affiliates can choose while setting up the ad campaign include:

  • Device Type
  • Browser/OS
  • Language
  • Country Geo
  • IP
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Connection
  • Day Parting/Hourly
  • Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Niche/Channel

JuicyAds offers integration with a variety of tracking solutions like Voluum, PeerClick, CPVLabPro, and NiftyStats. Split-testing, API and S2S integration are also available to affiliates.

Among the advanced tools, we would like to mention Adsistant and SexyTechnology.

Adsistant is the platform’s rule-based auto-optimization system that protects your campaigns from unproductive traffic sources.

SexyTechnology introduced in 2014 encompasses the anti-fraud solution that makes sure that you receive only high-quality traffic and an S2S tracking solution to keep a record of every single click and impression you get.

To learn more about advanced tools, navigate to the respective section of the guidelines.

Bonuses and promotions

JuicyAds network runs several promotions throughout the year for both new and existing clients. To keep track of the news, it is best to sign up to the newsletter, follow JuicyAds on social media, and visit the blog.

Payment methods

Affiliates can use Credit cards, PayPal, Paxum, or Wire Transfers to pay for the traffic.

There is a system of minimum deposits that depends on the account status. The starting point is $50 for Direct Buy, $100 for RON banner campaigns (both CPC and CPM) and the same for the CPM popunder campaigns.

For the publishers the services of JuicyAds are free, the network only takes 25% commission on the earnings. Publishers get paid depending on the payment model (CPC, CPM, or CPA) chosen by the advertiser. The selection of ads to display on the publisher’s site depends on their profitability. The network makes sure that both advertiser and publisher earn their best.


JuicyAds Help Center is the main point you should navigate to in search of support and advice. It features a live support window, you can post a ticket to the support managers, or browse through the frequently asked questions.

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

The network works globally and, therefore, provides support in different languages, the most fluent being English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The language coverage is being expanded to enhance the user experience. The Help Center has an in-built translator tool to help you communicate with the support team if your language is not covered yet.

With an account balance over $500 you can also request a dedicated manager to be assigned to your account. Fill out the contact form or mail a message to rainey@juicyads.com to initiate the process.


JuicyAds are the original OG’s in the industry, we love working with them! JuicyAds are great, hardworking and honest people! Can’t recommend enough!


I am pleased to work with JuicyAds. The main thing is the quality of traffic is perfect. It is convenient and easy to manage campaigns in JuicyAds. The support is always here and ready to help. Thank you.

Games Revenue

I must say that from all the other media agencies, JuicyAds is the best and the most professional I have ever worked with. Their treatment of new customers and their guidance is the best in the business. I really think that other agencies can learn from them. The traffic is extremely high quality and the conversion is awesome. Thank you JuicyAds for the best service ever!

Media Buyer


JuicyAds is an international self-serve ad network that provides both affiliates and webmasters with ample opportunities for adult traffic monetization. The platform offers a variety of tools and features that make for a smooth experience and allow users to grow their profits.

Get started with JuicyAds ad network and get high-quality adult traffic!

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