Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2022
Garcia.Partners affiliate network provides affiliates with access to 250 gambling and betting offers. Affiliates receive support at every step of the way: experienced dedicated managers promptly resolve any issues and give promo materials and applications for successful ad campaigns. The network works with any GEO and traffic source.
Number of offers
Payout models
CPA, CPL, RevShare, Hybrid
Payout methods
Capitalist, USDT TRC 20
Minimum payout threshold
Accepted traffic sources
All sources (upon approval from your dedicated manager)

Table of contents

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration
  3. Dashboard
  4. Offers
  5. Payouts and support
  6. Testimonials
  7. Conclusion

Garcia.Partners is an affiliate network founded by a team with more than 5 years of experience in the gambling and betting verticals. The network provides access to 250 offers from direct advertisers, while the platform holds all the tools and features that will make campaign management and optimization convenient.

Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review


  • 250 direct offers in the database
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • All traffic sources are accepted (except fraudulent and incentivized traffic)
  • Affiliates are provided with creatives, landers, and mobile apps
  • The managers provide affiliates with all-round friendly support
  • The network has a referral program
  • Most offers in the database are public, but there are some exclusive options


Garcia.Partners is a private affiliate network, which means that all registration requests are reviewed and approved manually. To get started with this network, navigate to the main page of the website and hit the “Become a Partner” button. In the registration form, you need to provide your email, nickname, and Telegram ID and create a password.

Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review

You will receive a verification email, only after that your application will be submitted for approval. A manager will get in touch with you to discuss your affiliate marketing experience. You will also need to provide statistics from other affiliate networks.


Upon registration, you will get full access to the platform and the dashboard with its features. The general statistics of your ad campaigns is the default tab you will see upon logging into your account.

Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review

In the “Offers” section, you will have access to all the available offers. The “Wallet” tab allows you to add and configure your payment methods and request a payout.

Also, “My Profile” menu (click on your avatar for access) contains your API key and your referral link. 


All offers currently available at Garcia.Partners are displayed in the “Offers” section of your dashboard. Today, the database covers 250 direct offers. The offers you see are mostly direct, the network works with resells only in case of highly-profitable products. 

The key parameters of every offer are visible during the search. You can also filter offers by ID, name, tags, and countries.

Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review

Every offer contains information about the eligible traffic sources and GEOs, frequency capping, and test limits in the description. Make sure to study the terms, and consider the baseline and hold period before accessing an offer. You also need to confirm the traffic source with your dedicated manager.

The tracking and post-back URLs can also be found on the offer page. Garcia.Partners platform has an in-built tracking solution that is sufficient for data analysis and campaign optimization. Use the tracking URL that can be found in the offer description to enable conversion tracking. In case of any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated manager.

Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review
Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review

There are some private offers in the database, although the majority are freely accessible. This means that you don’t have to wait for approval to launch a campaign. However, make sure to discuss the traffic source with your dedicated manager beforehand.

Payouts and support 

The minimum payout threshold with Garcia.Partners is $100 for all payment methods which include Capitalist and USDT TRC 20. Contact your affiliate manager to request a payout. 

Please note that there is a hold period (from 1 to 4 weeks) that varies depending on the terms of the offer. Trusted affiliates with big volumes of high-quality traffic get individual terms. Navigate to the “Wallet” to add or configure a payout method.

Garcia Partners Affiliate Network Review

Garcia.Partners network renders full support to their affiliates, this is like working in a close-knit team: your dedicated manager is always there for you with suggestions, suitable offers and GEOs, converting creatives and applications, and much more. Through your manager, you can also get in touch with trusted sellers. Affiliates are always notified in advance in case of any changes on the platform. Also, follow Garcia.Partners on Telegram to stay tuned to all the news.

By default, the support team is available from 10 AM to 10 PM (GMT+3), but experience shows that the managers respond at all hours. Reach out to your dedicated manager with any questions and issues, they will also be glad to simply have a chat.



Here is what I think about Garcia.Partners. 

I have been with them since February 2022 and have only positive remarks about this affiliate network. 

The team is very responsible, they do their best to provide me with the best offers and payout rates! They are ready to meet affiliates halfway and assist with anything. I’d also like to mention the platform’s interface: it’s truly user-friendly. I will be working with Garcia.Partners in the future, as I see that it only gets better with time. Thanks for your professionalism, Garcia.Partners!


Hi! I have over three years of experience with gambling and I can say that I have never seen such a support team as with Garcia.Partners. The network has all the valuable offers, nothing is missing. They are also willing to add new offers upon request.

Swift payouts, no shaving, no fraud as it sometimes happens with other gambling networks. I like it here.


Good day, friends. 🖖 

I think you will understand me when I tell you that sometimes affiliate marketing is bad for your nerves. And here the managers can really help with this, with a chat or a cool offer. They are also willing to assist with the campaign set-up. You can communicate in chats or have a call to discuss your campaigns or negotiate better terms. The list of available traffic sources is also impressive. I joined this network in May 2022, and I can already tell that it is unique! If you are looking for a reliable affiliate network that treats affiliates with respect and provides the best offers — join Garcia.Partners!


A friend of mine recommended Garcia.Partners as a truly considerable and professional team. 

I can say the same based on my experience with them. Seeing how they treat affiliates, I wish that everyone would join this network. Timely payouts, all the best offers in the database, and great terms. I wish Garcia.Partners all the best!


I am relatively new to affiliate marketing, and I am really happy to work with Garcia.Partners. They are very energetic and dedicated! The managers helped me with the campaign launch and even provided me with a video guide describing the best approaches for Facebook! Have you ever seen such dedication? They are always ahead of the curve and provide affiliates with top offers on the best possible terms. I totally recommend working with Garcia.Partners!



Garcia.Partners is an iGaming affiliate network that provides affiliates with access to a vast database of direct offers. One of the biggest advantages of this network lies in the selection of eligible GEOs and traffic sources. Affiliates are supported every step of the way: selecting an offer, API set-up, creative approaches, etc. Arguably the biggest advantage of Garcia.Partners is the team of dedicated and truly involved professionals that make working with this network convenient even for total newbies. At the same time, seasoned affiliates will appreciate high payout rates and an individual approach to their needs and goals.


Join Garcia.Partners and monetize iGaming traffic!

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