CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2021
CpaRoll is an affiliate network founded by the RollerAds team. The company provides offers in more than 400 GEOs for their affiliates. There are several large verticals available to affiliate marketers, including such niches as antivirus, sweepstakes, utilities, and VPN. CpaRoll provides media buyers with ready-made promo materials, tools for detailed analytics, customized post-backs and bonuses to affiliates.
Available verticals
Antivirus, sweepstakes, VPN, investments, crypto, utilities, lead generation
GEO coverage
Payout models
Hold period
Depends on the offer
Payment systems
Wire, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney
Minimum withdrawal
50 USD
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized, fraudulent

CpaRoll is an affiliate network founded by the RollerAds team in 2021. Its GEO coverage includes almost all countries of the globe, and the number of offers for different verticals exceeds 400.

The company mostly emphasizes antivirus products with their direct offers for most top products on the market. Another strong vertical of CpaRoll is sweepstakes: the platform works with the majority of direct advertisers in this niche.

For those who work with utilities and VPN offers, the company provides a great variety of different applications for iOS and Android to monetize pop, push, and in-app traffic sources. Investments and crypto offer verticals are not as big in comparison with other CpaRoll niches, but they consistently bring profit with push and in-app traffic. In addition to this, the CpaRoll team is actively developing the lead generation niche and provides affiliates with access to offers such as car insurance, home improvement, medical care, financial assistance, mortgage, and others.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review


  • CpaRoll is a project of the RollerAds team, a trusted brand with a long history on the market
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • 400+ offers
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • Detailed analytics inside your personal account
  • In-house offer with payment for push subscriptions
  • Customized post-backs
  • Individual terms for verified affiliates
  • Exclusive bonuses system

Getting started and dashboard

The first step to get started is to register on the CpaRoll affiliate network official website. Each account is checked and activated manually.

In the application, you need to specify some personal data:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Preferable work format (corporation, individual, partnership, etc.)
  • Company name or website
  • Your actual address (city, zip code, and country)
  • Skype/Telegram/WhatsApp (or any other social network) account where you found our about CpaRoll

Next, you need to describe your methods of working with advertising and agree with the Terms and Conditions. And only after that, your application will be sent to the manager for approval.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

After your account is registered, your affiliate manager will contact you, clarify the details regarding previous work experience and offer good options for starting work with CpaRoll that correspond to your experience.

You will also receive an e-mail notification with account confirmation and a link to create a password.

What can you find in the affiliate account?

Dashboard. The main page of the dashboard displays general statistics: the number of clicks, conversions, profit volume, CVR and EVR indicators, which offers you worked with, etc. Information is shown for the current month, today and yesterday, as well as for the previous month, so that it is easier to compare indicators and determine the effectiveness of campaigns.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

Offers. This section contains information about all available offers. You can make an offer only through the manager: to send him a request, you need to click on Apply button.

In the list of offers, you can see a profile of the particular one: its name, which vertical it belongs to, the amount of payment, and clarifications regarding the traffic type.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

If you click on the offer, you can see a detailed description of the working conditions with the product. It displays the vertical of the offer, targeting, operating system, information on promo materials, caps, etc.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

Postbacks. This section contains information about post-backs: which offer it belongs to, the status of the post-back, the method, and its URL. You can filter data by active and inactive post-backs. You can even view post-backs on conversions, events, and CPC in this section.

Reporting. In reporting block, you can find out a detailed statistical breakdown of the CpaRoll work results: clicks, CV, events, profit, and other indicators for a certain period of time. The corresponding report can be downloaded to your computer from your dashboard.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

Analytics. Here is a detailed analysis of all actions within the framework of working with a specific offer. You can easily choose an offer by name (there is a special search), and sort analytics by clicks/conversions/events/CVR, etc. On the left part of this section, there are columns with more detailed statistics on specific parameters (parameters can also be changed on your request).

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

Moreover, there is a Tracking Link Generator tool which helps you to create a tracking link to work with the offer. You can also link Source ID and subaccounts to the tracking link.

CpaRoll Affiliate Network Review

Registration of invoices, adjustment of payment information, organization of integrations via Facebook and TikTok, referral link and any changes in personal information — everything can be done in your personal account (Company Settings).

Offer and traffic sources

More than 400 direct offers are available in CpaRoll. Affiliate network adds new offers for you to use almost daily. In addition, the company is ready to connect new offers at the request of the affiliate. You can add a new offer to the database through your manager. The affiliate manager is also ready to help with the selection of the traffic source, advise the push network to drive traffic to a certain offer, the best targeting options, etc. 

The affiliate network operates in self-serve mode, where most of the offers with limited access are visible to users of the platform, but in order to see their conditions and start, you need to contact the manager for an activation. All private offers are discussed individually.

The company accepts almost any type of traffic: from Pop-Under, push ads, in-page to in-App, Google, FB, and TikTok. However, it is forbidden to work with incentivized and fraudulent types of traffic.

A large range of payment models is available in CpaRoll, including CPA, CPL, CPS, RS, CPI, and CPR. There is no standard bid value here, it all depends on the GEO and vertical. Within a single GEO, the bid can vary from 80 cents to $1,500, depending on the vertical and complexity of the target action.

The platform takes care of its affiliates and informs them about all updates using push notifications and e-mail newsletters. All the necessary updates are duplicated to the Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn chats by managers. It contains news about the switching on/off of offers, changes in the terms of offers, the transfer of invoices for payment, the fact of payment of invoices, etc.

GEO coverage and tracking

CpaRoll provide offers for almost any GEO. By cooperating with this affiliate network, you will have the opportunity to work with products from Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3. Despite the fact that the CpaRoll affiliate network has already covered popular countries, it also has plans about entering the new markets and develop them to provide the affiliates with fresh and interesting products. For now, the company intends to develop GEO such as the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

CpaRoll representatives advise affiliates to pay attention to offers for the USA, Germany, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Working with CpaRoll is working with a platform that is a fine-tuned tracker itself. You can always integrate any tracker that supports S2S post-back to the platform. Furthermore, you can work with conversions through TikTok, Facebook, and HTML pixel. If you wish so, it is possible to work quite comfortably in CpaRoll without a tracker, since the statistics in your personal account cover all the parameters of the affiliate’s work and are updated in real time.

In case of the need for setting up a post-back, you can do it in accordance with the tutorial (in your dashboard), or ask the manager to help.

CpaRoll payouts

The invoice generation process is based on the payment cycle: as soon as the moment of payment comes, it goes to the wallet of the payment system specified on the platform.

There are several ways to withdraw your profit. The main ones are Wire, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney. In your personal account, you can set up the currency for payments (all currencies are available, including USD). You can use other payment systems on an individual basis upon request.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, the default payment cycle — monthly payouts. As there is no fixed hold period in the affiliate network, it can vary for certain offers where a particularly thorough traffic check is required.

The affiliate can discuss personal working conditions on an individual basis. For example, speeding up the payout cycle (to weekly or daily), increasing the payout rate on the offer, assistance with launching advertising campaigns, or payouts via a different payment method/system. The main thing here is that the affiliate maintains transparency and openness in communicating with the manager, shows good results and profits, and then CpaRoll is ready to meet his requests.

Affiliate Support

CpaRoll is ready to provide pre-landings and creatives for offers to its affiliates upon request. They can also offer funnels for the product, both already effectively working, and create unique ones for you personally.

An affiliate manager is assigned to each affiliate on the platform. There are also support managers, who are ready to answer any questions regarding working with CpaRoll. The average response time is about 30 minutes, but in case of emergency, managers respond almost instantly. The contacts of your affiliate manager are listed in the menu tab in the personal account.

Bonuses to affiliates

CpaRoll has a referral program. You can find a referral link in the settings section of your personal account.

The affiliate network also has an In-house offer for collecting desktop push subscriptions. It adapts to most traffic sources.

In addition, the company awards bonuses to its affiliates dedicated to various events (World Cup, Black Friday). Thematic offers appear for different events, which can provide increased payouts and financial rewards. For example, during Black Friday, affiliates received 5% of the payout for traffic to certain offers and verticals that were associated with this event.

Moreover, the platform provides affiliates with detailed traffic analytics, which is updated in real time, and the ability to customize post-backs for different offers. You can add an unlimited number of post-backs to your account and configure them at your discretion if you wish.

CpaRoll also offers precise tracking by IP, proxy, and mobile operator for your campaigns. The platform has a transparent system of access to offers: many of them are partially hidden from view, but can be accessed upon request. To get access to such products, you need to contact your affiliate manager.


I’ve already run a couple of ad campaigns with this network. Everything is fine so far. The offers here are reasonable, and you can make incredible bundles. This affiliate network offers decent working conditions, so I can’t complain. The manager is always in touch and ready to help you with advice or recommendations; I like that a lot. 

All the functionality is clear to me, and I have had no problems with the configuration. Currently, I am running several anti-viruses here, and my ROI has stayed above 51%, so I am delighted with my results. I hope this network will continue evolving and offer more new features.

Liam Andersen

My friend advised me to work with this affiliate network. According to him, you can earn here from 500 dollars a month. My first attempts to launch traffic could have been more successful. I lost my entire budget, practically. Fortunately, I asked my manager for help in time, and his recommendations helped me to improve the situation. I already know how to work, but I still follow his advice, and he really helps me. In general, the network is good. There is an excellent selection of offers and GEOs, and you can experiment with bundles. So I have found a pleasant place to work and develop in this field. Great!

Ruby Rowe

In one of the Telegram chats, I saw people discussing this affiliate network. I got curious and decided to launch traffic with it. I registered without any problems. Of course, to work with these guys, you need some experience and volume, but I had that. First, the manager provided me with all the creatives and pre-landing pages upon request, saving me a lot of time. Also, the support team is good. I contacted them several times, and they always answered me quickly and accurately. So I highly recommend working with them.


This affiliate network offers you great working conditions. I’ve been working with it for a few months now, and I’ve already been able to run two ad campaigns. I managed to earn good money on the second one. It is very good that the manager is always in touch, he can help with advice and recommendations. Thanks to him I have raised my conversion rate by 15%. So, this affiliate network will allow you to develop. Cool!


Converting offers from different verticals, high payouts, good support.



CpaRoll is an affiliate network providing more than 400 offers in several perspective verticals: antivirus, sweepstakes, VPN, utilities, investments, crypto, and lead generation. The company works in all GEOs and offers ready-made promo materials, conversion funnels, and detailed analytics for your convenience. Payouts are available through popular payment services. You can agree on personal working conditions, according to the individual request. CpaRoll would become a great choice for both newcomers in affiliate marketing who need advice and support, and for experienced ones who are looking for new GEO and fresh offers.