CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2021
CPArkly is a multi-vertical affiliate network. The company has been operating since 2021 and provides offers from direct advertisers in all popular verticals. Payout models include CPA, CPL, and Revenue Share. Worldwide GEO coverage Trustworthy affiliates are rewarded with customizable terms, rate increase, and access to the private offers. What makes CPArkly to stand out is the internal department of media buying that tests the products beforehand and connects only the most converting offers to the affiliate network.
Number of offers
150+ (direct)
Gambling, Betting, iGaming, Nutra, etc.
Payout models
Hold period
up to 2 weeks
Payout methods
Capitalist, Tether
Minimum payout threshold
Prohibited trafficinc sources
incentivized and fraudulent traffic

CPArkly is a multi-vertical affiliate network, aggregating offers from direct advertisers. The company settles for any traffic source, excluding fraudulent and incentivized ones. All the affiliates can count on the ready-made promotional materials, mobile applications, offers from the CPArkly partners, as well as other aid. One of the trump card of the network is FarminGo — its own influence-marketing agency. It allows picking a blogger or an opinion leader for offer promotion in any vertical: from iGaming to Nutra with Crypto.

CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

CPArkly pros

  • Direct offers
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • Trusted partners enjoy custom terms and access to private offers
  • Integration with trackers
  • Own influence-marketing agency to work with bloggers in the CPA niche
  • Internal media buyers for testing and verifying offers
  • Available supplies and mobile apps
  • Custom-made creatives on demand
  • Special offers from CPArkly partners
  • Adding trending offers on demand
  • Detailed statistics in your dashboard
  • Referral program

Registration and dashboard

Prior to working with CPArkly you need an account. Go to the official website of the network and select “Sign up as Affiliate”. Proceed with:

  1. Your name
  2. E-mail
  3. Password
  4. Either Skype or Telegram profile
  5. Traffic source (optional)
  6. Name of the company, team (optional)
  7. Country of residence (optional)CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

After that, you will receive the code of confirmation to the mailbox you have just specified. Fill in the appeared field and then CPArkly will send another letter with the account activation link. The last step is to click on it.

Now go to the dashboard. It contains:

  • Home. The headquarters of your dashboard. All the info on your work progress (clicks, conversions, and CR up to 90 days), recommended offers by the affiliate network etc.
    CPArkly Affiliate Network Review
  • News. CPArkly news hub. All the company updates like offers halt and addition are posted here.
  • Offers. The section tells you about all the available offers in the network. You can filter by accessibility, vertical, target action, GEO, and so forth.CPArkly Affiliate Network Review
  • Reports. Your offer statistics are revealed to you here. Group the information, based on the time period, target action, GEO, devices, connection types, smartlinks, and other filters.
  • Transactions. The page with the data on attracted leads: conversions, refused and accepted clicks, and partner’s post-backs. With the help of this information, you can tackle the statistics from both sides: yours and affiliate’s program.
  • Billing. Finances management. Add payment methods, examine payout history, order a withdrawal, edit payment details, and so on.CPArkly Affiliate Network Review
  • Tools. From here, you can add global post-backs and set up API-based integration (the latter is done via request to the manager).
  • Referrals. Your referral link to add new affiliates to CPArkly awaits you here. The company pays you 1% of their earnings.CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

Offers and traffic sources

CPArkly dispenses direct offers. Having registered, you can check them up under your dashboard. Main payout models:

  1. CPA. Rates: $20 – $250.
  2. CPL. Rates up to $25.

No limitations on the verticals in the network: the company’s insource media buyers test various products and regularly connect the most converting offers, regardless of their sphere. Notifications of disconnection are sent to TG, Skype, on top of appearing in CPArkly news.

CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

To access an offer, you ought to contact your affiliate manager. If needed, he will aid in picking the most suitable product and GEO for your traffic source, provide with creatives, or apps for work.

Besides, the affiliate network can add a specific offer on demand, if you are unable to find it with the right terms in other affiliate programs. Notably, it will be added directly from the advertiser, regardless of the vertical.

Which traffic sources CPArkly qualify?

  • UAC
  • Social networks (Facebook, TikTok etc.)
  • Contextual traffic
  • In-App
  • Push
  • SEO
  • ASO
  • E-mail etc

In a nutshell, you can drive any traffic, including mixed or “beat the casino” ones. The network imposes only one condition: its quality. Nonetheless, prior to launching an ad campaign, consult your dedicated manager about your traffic. The only no-go are incentivized and fraudulent.

GEO and tracking

CPArkly provides offers for any GEO, including Latin America, Asia, Europe. You can always inquire your affiliate manager about the most suitable offer for your traffic.

CPArkly advises to have a look at:

  • The Republic of South Africa
  • Korea
  • The Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Greece

There are exclusive offers for these countries that are absent in other affiliate networks (e.g., CPA-based Stake is available to CPArkly only). The company is ready to provide not only a converting product, but to share their experience and expertise of internal media buyers to improve the revenue of each affiliate.

To analyze the traffic, CPArkly can be integrated with all the popular trackers (Binom, Keitaro etc.). In case you need assistance in connecting tracker or setting post-back up, the support team is at your service. Write to the dedicated manager for the detailed guides and instructions. Thanks to the thorough dashboard statistics of CPArkly, you can actually work with no side tracker at all.

CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

What is FarminGO?

An additional service of CPArkly, that helps to promote the desired offer with the help of famous bloggers or opinion leaders via social networks: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Telegram.

CPArkly Affiliate Network Review

How does it work?

  • You register on the service.
  • The manager of the platform picks the influencers with the optimal audience for your offer.
  • The FarminGo team considers the specifics of your offers’ target audience and develops an individual content plan (posts, stories, broadcasts, videos, streams, etc.).
  • The blogger commences the work and brings his audience straight to you.

A unique feature of FarminGo is the specialization of the service on the CPA-market demands. Which is why you can get leads for any vertical: from betting & gambling to nutra & cryptocurrencies.

CPArkly payouts

Payouts are made twice a month: on the 5th and 20th days.

Which payment systems the CPArkly network works with for your cash withdrawal? You can choose from the following options:

  • Capitalist
  • Tether

Or you can come to an agreement with the manager and integrate other payout methods.

The minimum payout threshold is $200.


Having registered, the affiliate receives his dedicated manager that can resolve any question regarding the work with CPArkly. How can he be of assistance?

  • Selection and connection of the offer
  • Access grant to private products
  • Provision of supplies and apps
  • Creatives on demand
  • Aid in setting post-backs up and integrating trackers
  • Execution of payment request

How to contact your affiliate manager?

  • Telegram
  • E-mail

His contacts can be found in your dashboard. Furthermore, you can subscribe to CPArkly Telegram⁣ – the hub of all the news about the affiliate network. You can also find the universal contact there to contact the technical support.


Normal rates from the get-go. No issues with managers: quick response 24/7, all complaints are dealt with, traffic volume and quality = upping the rates.


 Good fellas, we’ve been sticking around with them for a while. Lots of cool offers that never get obsolete. The convenience tops the top. Support is ever online. +1 from us.

Artem, AffHeroes teamlead

Really awesome apps to drive traffic!!!

After initial unsuccessful tests in other affiliate programs (first time dealing with gambling, nutra earlier), talked through the thingy with the manager. He elaborated on the relevant offers on spot, so now I’m die hard for cparkly)

Alexx, teamlead of an affiliate crew

The CPArkly team is cool, and they always come to meet halfway notwithstanding the circumstances. Friendly support, timely payouts, hands down top iGaming products!

Lil i-bubu Lit, solo-webmaster


CPArkly is the very network for finding a converting offer for any vertical and GEO. The company supports its affiliates at all stages: from post-backs generation to creatives design & apps provision to drive. CPArkly goal is to provide its partners with the access to the trending and converting offers, so each affiliate or media buying team can count on skyscraping profit.