Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2015
Cpamatica is an international affiliate network that provides affiliates with offers in such verticals as dating, gaming, and sweepstakes. With more than 1000 offers and a slew of available GEOs, this platform is a good choice for your campaigns.
Payment models
SOI, DOI, PPS, PPT, RevShare
Number of offers
Offers verticals
Dating, Games, Streaming, Sweepstakes
Main GEOs
USA, Latam, Africa, India (Europe: DE, FR, IT, ES — will soon be available)
Payout methods
Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Capitalist, Криптовалюта (USDT/BTC), Wire
Minimum payout threshold
$50 — Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal; $150 — Capitalist, Cryptocurrency; Wire — from $1000, with a transfer fee of $35
Accepted traffic sources
Banner, Email, In-App, Members area, Native, Popunder, Clickunder, Push/In-page push, SEO, SEM, Search traffic, Social media, Teaser, WebView
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized, spam, or artificial traffic

Cpamatica is an international affiliate network that provides affiliates with offers in such verticals as dating, gaming, and sweepstakes. With more than 1000 offers and a slew of available GEOs, this platform is a good choice for your campaigns.

ZorbasMedia and Cpamatica have a long-standing history: we interviewed Evgeniy Prima, the founder of this network, back in 2018.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review


An affiliate network is not just a database of offers, it’s a wholesome marketing platform that provides users with all they need for driving traffic.

What features are available at Cpamatica?

  • More than 1000 offers, 90% of which are from direct advertisers
  • In-house dating products
  • In-house adult games projects
  • A wide selection of GEOs and payout models
  • Creatives and promotional materials are provided for the hottest offers
  • Loyalty program (gain points and exchange them for cool gifts)
  • Favorable terms from partner companies and services (networks, trackers, spy tools, etc.)
  • Flow — a custom smartlink, but more on that later

It is also worth noting that Cpamatica network runs a loyalty program, you can learn more about it on the official website.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

And you can switch to our YouTube channel for more insights about Cpamatica! 


Te get started with Cpamatica, you need to follow these steps. 

First, indicate the main information needed for your account and create a password. 

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

You also need to share your marketing experience: 

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

During the registration, you need to tell about your preferred verticals and formats and share your experience in affiliate marketing.

Now, tell more about your experience with other affiliate networks, traffic sources, and different offer verticals. Once you have done all that, a manager will reach out to you to establish an account and provide you with access to the platform. 


You have successfully registered with Cpamatica. What features can you access from your dashboard?

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

The main page holds the general information about your campaign and traffic flows, as well as the contacts of your dedicated manager, and platform’s notifications that you should keep an eye on

Use the left-hand menu to navigate the platform:

  • Offers where you will find the list of offers available on the platform. 
  • Reports and payments — a section dedicated to statistics and payout requests (you can configure the reports to analyze the data by offers or conversions). 
  • Conversion tracking is the section where you will manage your tracking links.
  • Cpamate Club is the loyalty program we have mentioned above, here you can exchange the points for various gifts.
  • Flows is a unique feature, which we will explore later.
  • Partners — check it out for favorable offers from Cpamatica’s partners and pay less for useful tools.

Offers and GEOs 

At the moment, Cpamatica has more than 1000 offers featuring such verticals as dating (in all its diversity), sweepstakes, and adult games under SOI, DOI, PPS, PPT, and RevShare payout models.

The full list is available in the “Offers” section of your dashboard.

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

You can filter the offers by device type, vertical, and GEO. 

In the description, you will see the terms and most important info. Click “Activate” to request access or click “Create” to set up post-back. 

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review

The offers are activated by your dedicated manager, so it is necessary to request access for each of them. 

Cpamatica network is especially experienced with dating offers and provides affiliates with payout rates from $0.1 to $120 depending on the GEO. Note that Cpamatica has a selection of in-house dating products for the USA, Latam, Africa, and India.

These products will be a great choice for campaigns in the Adult и Casual dating niches. For adult dating campaigns you can target the USA, for casual — a number of Tier-3 GEOs: India, Latam (BR, CO, MX, etc.), Eastern Europe (UA, KZ, BY), Africa (NG, ZA, KE, etc.).

Also, Cpamatica has more than 100 adult gaming offers, already localized into a slew of languages. Learn more about traffic monetization in the adult gaming niche with the capverticals project


Flow is a customizable smartlink, an in-house solution from Cpamatica. Many years of expertise on the market have allowed the Cpamatica team to come up with a tool that makes it possible for media buyers to add the desired offers and split traffic between them (depending on the best-performing creatives and landers).

Cpamatica Affiliate Network Review


Cpamatica affiliate network has a wide selection of payout options:

  • to Payoneer, Paxum, and PayPal from $50;
  • to Capitalist and crypto wallets from $150;
  • and wire transfer from $1000 (it comes with a transaction fee, but it’s worth it). 

Payouts are made once a week: invoices on Tuesday and Wednesday, payments on Thursday. New affiliates receive their first payout on the 15th day after the registration. Only the official stats in your dashboard are taken into account for calculating payouts*. 

There are individual payout terms for trusted affiliates with big volumes of traffic. 

*To make sure that the stats you see in your account are correct, the platform uses an in-house admin panel for reporting. You can also integrate third-party trackers, configure post-back, traffic back, SubID, UTM, and source (reach out to your dedicated manager for assistance).


Every affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager who knows everything there is to know about working with Cpamatica. Here are some examples:

  • Activate an offer
  • Select and offer to match your traffic source
  • Configure a post-back or Flow 
  • Deal with any technical issues
  • Domain parking
  • Assistance with promo materials
  • Adding the desired offers to the database
  • Payouts and payment methods
  • Choosing educational resources to improve your expertise within the industry 
  • Running a case study with a partner, co-promo, discussing affiliate conferences

So, make sure you talk to your dedicated manager whenever you need anything. They are always online unless it’s the dead of night =)


I have been working with this network for more than 5 years. And the reason I’m still here is I enjoy it. It’s a team with huge experience in the dating vertical. 

The support is superb, my manager is always in touch and offering help. And I also like the loyalty program: I’ve got Apple Watch and AirPods as a nice bonus =)


This is a good affiliate network with decent payout rates and in-house products that I work with. It’s been a year for me. Now I am working with a new affiliate manager — Dasha, I enjoy our rapport very much. I recommend this network. 


I have been working with this network for 4 months. I saw their thread about adult games on a forum and decided to give it a try. It took me a while, but I reached consistent volumes thanks to testing, I already have an individual payout plan. Managers are open-minded and welcome new ideas, so I even managed to participate in the development of a new game. Can’t say anything bad. My manager, Egor, is a real pro, together we have made it through to my first real profit. 


I would be surprised if you drive dating traffic and haven’t heard about Cpamatica. I joined them in 2016, when this niche was less popular. The network is in constant development, they improve the features and add new offers. 

I had 3 affiliate managers over the years, and all of them were AAA personally and professionally. The loyalty program also works well, and I like BTC/USDT as payout methods.


I have been working with Cpamatica for a month, my first impression was: you drive traffic — you get paid well.

Dating is an evergreen niche, and this network has a huge variety of offers, even for exotic GEOs. My dedicated manager, Dasha, is a very easy-going person and she always recommends different offers for me to test. And I have already reached my first $100 profit. New media buyers get paid after 15 days — I think it’s okay. Otherwise, I’m loving this network.



Cpamatica is an international affiliate network that has more than 100 dating offers and also in-house dating products. You can drive traffic from all major sources, while the team will render their support and provide you with promos and advanced tools to boost your campaigns’ performance. Cpamatica is your choice when it comes to dating traffic.