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AdSupply is a well-known ad network from the US with headquarters in Los Angeles. Several years ago, it was purchased by Docler company, the owner of Live Jasmin. By the way, Twin Red ad network is also a part of Docler group, so we can say it's a sister company to AdSupply.
Ad formats
Popunder, Banner, Pre-roll
Payment models
Traffic sources
worldwide; tablet, desktop, mobile
Offer verticals
gambling, iGaming, nutra

Ad formats: Pop-under, Banner, Pre-roll

Payment models: CPC, CPM

Traffic sources: worldwide; tablet, desktop, mobile

Offer verticals: gambling, iGaming, nutra

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AdSupply is a well-known ad network from the US with headquarters in Los Angeles. Several years ago, it was purchased by Docler company, the owner of Live Jasmin. By the way, Twin Red ad network is also a part of Docler group, so we can say it’s a sister company to AdSupply. 

AdSupply has been around since 2011 and only recently expanded to the CIS and Russian segments of the market. AdSupply is well-known for its patented ad formats the company develops for brands, agencies, and publishers such as Mediafire.com. This shows that the network values partnerships and preserves its reputation. The available payment models are CPM and CPC.

Advantages of AdSupply

  • Big volumes of direct traffic, especially traffic from the USA.
  • Exclusive partnerships with big white-hat platforms (Mediafire, American Media, The Blaze).
  • The senior management (including the CEO of the company) is directly involved in all the projects.

Ad formats

Leave Behind — a non-intrusive pop-under ad, the main ad format on the platform.

Floating Banner — a banner that is visible to the users while they are consuming the main content. 

Banner — a standard banner ad located on a pre-specified spot on a website.

Scroller — a premium ad that scrolls into view and stays visible.

Before you go — an exit intent ad users see when they leave their favorite websites.

Pre-Rolla video ad users see before the main video.

There are also several additional formats:

  • Standard Banner. Above-the-fold placement of your ads;
  • Interstitial. Highly viewable and fully customizable;
  • Overlay. An ad banner at the bottom of a video;
  • Content Blocker. A video commercial.


Registering with AdSupply is simple. In the registration form, you will have to specify the account type (advertiser or publisher), full name, company name, country, email, and create a password.

When you are finished with the form, submit the application for approval, it usually takes no more than 24 hours. Click on the link sent to you by email to activate your account and start your experience with the ad network.

On the dashboard, you will find the statistics which are updated daily and the KPIs of your campaigns. All changes are displayed in real time. The platform also allows you to monitor the volume of traffic, the spend, and earnings per 1000 impressions (eCPM).

Getting started with AdSupply

To launch your first campaign with AdSupply you need to press the “Create New Campaign” button and start the set-up process. 

Step 1. Enter the campaign name and indicate the desired period. Click “Yes” if you wish to enable the in-built conversion tracking on the platform.

Step 2. Specify the budget. You can control your ad expenditures by limiting all the placements on a lifetime, monthly, daily, or hourly basis.

Step 3. Now you need to choose a conversion tracking pixel. 

The platform offers 3 levels of tracking, you can choose only one:

  • Placement level — the pixel will track conversions from the specified placement. If you have several placements, you will need to add tracking pixels for them separately.
  • Campaign level — this pixel will track all the conversions from all the placements within a campaign.
  • Advertiser level — the pixel will track conversions from all the placements in every campaign on your account.

Setting up a campaign is not enough to launch it and start receiving traffic. You need to configure the media (the “Create Media” button):

Then, you need to configure the placement and targeting (the “Create Placement” button): 

The placement setup contains media and frequency capping, they can also have a separate budget. Basically, placements indicate ad formats, country, media, targeting, budget, and pricing within the campaign. 

Each ad format must be set up as a separate placement, while additional ad formats (Standard Banner, Interstitial, Overlay, Content Blocker) are set up by account managers.

If you wish to target a specific carrier, you will have to prove an IP range.

Payment methods

AdSupply works on pre-payment.

The available top-up methods are Wire, PayPal, Paxum, and Credit cards.

The minimum deposit for all payment methods is $500, though it is possible to negotiate better terms and run campaigns with $250 on the balance. 


AdSupply strictly observes the compliance terms, this is the reason why the company is trusted by many publishers and advertisers. Your promo materials should be 100% compliant with the company’s policies.

  • Creatives containing nudity, pornography, tobacco products, or profanity are not accepted.
  • All instances of profanity are prohibited.
  • Mentions of malware and automatic loaders are prohibited.
  • Illegal use of trademarks is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use direct links to mobile app stores.
  • The use of “AdSupply” name in media URLs is prohibited.

Launch compliant campaigns and always get the approval of a support manager or of your account manager. 

The company maintains transparency at all levels: impressions, bids, payments, etc. In return, you only need to follow the established rules.

The complete set of terms can be found on the official website


Having used AdSupply for over 7 years now in my last two roles I can honestly say I cannot find a better more helpful group of people. To second that my teams have had nothing but complimentary things to say about the staff and platform itself. The Platform is easy to use, easy to set-up and easy to change. Over the years we have seen great results from AdSupply with our different campaigns, whether that be raising brand awareness or purely acquisition, AdSupply has always been there. If you are set-up correctly to perform AdSupply can certainly deliver.

If you have any reservations or questions simply run it by their team, they will be there to help you out.

Nick Hubble — Ex-Pokerstars; Loads of Traffic

AdSupply has been a fantastic platform and trusted partner for years, helping us serve quality traffic to our clients across multiple GEO’s and verticals. As a leading company within the Advertising buying community, AdSupply continues to develop new methods of serving media to its audience via its vast network of publishers. Simply put, AdSupply is a platform our company cannot work without.

Sapphire Media

AdSupply has been a key partner for our business for the past few years.

In this industry, where you see new companies coming and going, it is great to have an established partner that has been delivering quality and consistent results in the long term.

The platform is organized in a high standard which makes it easy and pleasant to work with and carry out the day analysis and optimization.

Karen Banach, Media Buyer Manager Eshkol Media

Our game, World of Tanks, is famous all around the world and we are always looking for reliable and conscientious partners. AdSupply showed themselves as a partner we can rely on. The platform is user-friendly and has all the required tools to provide high-quality traffic. Their managers are always eager to assist and provide any required information as and when we need it.

Collaborating with AdSupply is a guarantee of both great performance and quality.



Until recently, AdSupply has been an invite-only ad network mainly for the US market. Over the years, the company forged partnerships with such publishers and advertisers as Mediafire and American Media. Many brands trust AdSupply and choose the network as their exclusive partner.

Now AdSupply has expanded its reach to the European, the CIS, and Russian markets and is in active search of new partners. This is your opportunity to try out the unique ad formats developed by the company. Also, the ad inventory is actively developed and enriched.

Register with AdSupply now and start growing your profit!

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