MultiTag to the rescue

12 November 2021
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MultiTag is a feature rolled out by the PropellerAds team. This tag is a smart optimization tool that is easy to use for both marketing newbies and experienced professionals. This tag is installed on a website you want to monetize, and it rotates several suitable ad formats in real time. Let’s take a look at some details.

What is MultiTag?

Classic tags are strings of code that you implement into your website to embed a single ad format. To use several formats, you need to set up, configure, and optimize several different tags. MultiTag unites several ad formats in one container and does not need to be continuously optimized. MultiTag rotates the ad formats to display the one most suitable for that moment. The PropellerAds MultiTag works with the following ad formats:

  • Traditional pop ads (Onclick)
  • Push Notifications
  • In-page push (IPP)
  • Ad overlay (interstitials)

As a publisher who wants to monetize their website, you just need to place one tag on your site and see it optimize itself and push your site’s performance up. You save you time and effort that would otherwise be wasted on split-testing different formats and on adjusting the settings day after day. MultiTag does not require your attention once it’s installed, it is a low-maintenance solution.

Is MultiTag right for you?

MultiTag will be a great choice for webmasters who still lack experience in configuring the traditional tags and don’t want to optimize the parameters daily to squeeze enough profit from their website. MultiTag can analyze the website’s indicators and choose the most suitable ad format based on the vast impressions’ database from PropellerAds.

Experienced publishers will also see MultiTag for what it is — a great time-saver and a low-maintenance optimization tool. It’s a small step you can take towards a significant rise in performance: according to PropellerAds case studies, MultiTag helps bring the website’s CPM up by 72.5%.

MultiTag vs Interstitial and In-Page Push

Now, let us take a closer look at a case study that compares website performance with Interstitial or In-Page Push against MultiTag. The outline stands thus:

GEO: WW, mainly FR, CA, BE

Platform: Mobile and Desktop 50/50

OS: Android, iOS, Windows

Period: 09.09.21–09.10.21

In a span of one month, the webmaster ran three campaigns: only Interstitial, only In-Page Push, and MultiTag (that combines the first two formats). With the fresh data on the performance of the traditional tags, it was not hard to calculate the exact boost from the use of MultiTag.

MultiTag to the rescue

With just interstitial ads, the website brought $724.40 in one month with about $24 of profit daily. Non-stop optimization allowed maintenance of the CPM at the level of $0.22 with the overall fluctuations from $0.14 to $0.34. Not bad at all.

MultiTag to the rescue

IPP did not disappoint either: the overall profit was $603.94 with an average CPM of $0.15. Like the first time, it was necessary to check on the campaign every day and to adjust the parameters to keep the performance satisfying.

MultiTag to the rescue

And finally, we get to see the performance of the same website with MultiTag. The combined efforts of several ad formats in a smart shell leveraged $4,625.18 over a month. This is more than 70% better than each of the traditional tags alone. The average CPM for the MultiTag campaign was $0.32. But what is more important, the publisher did not have to adjust the settings once during the whole time. The campaign ran on autopilot, selecting the bids, frequency capping, etc. And with the KPI 45–50% better than the first two.

You can read the full detailed case study at the PropellerAds blog. There is also a previous case comparing the performance of traditional tags to MultiTag.

Advantages of MultiTag

  • MultiTag is compatible with any OS, GEO, platform, website, and traffic source.
  • MultiTag is a smart automation tool that saves your time and effort allowing you to be productive elsewhere.
  • The use of MultiTag on a website boosts the user experience, as people see only the most relevant ads in the most suitable formats. Their positive experience attracts a vast audience to your site, as well as expands your visibility for advertisers.
  • The ad formats within MultiTag are perfectly balanced in all their key parameters: intervals between the ads, frequency capping, timings, etc. You don’t have to tweak a single thing. Although, if you deem it necessary, you just need to contact the PropellerAds support team to implement the changes.

Give MultiTag from PropellerAds a try. It may be the tool you have been waiting for to bring your website to a new level of performance!

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