Discussing the WebCam industry with ImLive

12 February 2020
Reading: 2 min

You are watching our interview with Shay Efron, VP marketing & BD at ImLive, one of the world’s largest webcam sites. And this time we are discussing the traffic & business sides of this very attractive and lucrative industry.


0:50 — Pussycash.com & ImLive, who’s who?
1:59 — There is no such thing as an odd job in the webcam industry
6:20 — RevShare is really profitable, you just have to wait
8:30 — How does ImLive monetize the user?
13:00 — How do webcam businesses make money?
16:00 — The economics of user acquisition 
20:02 — Where do the users come from and who drives traffic to webcam sites?
22:55 — Discussing traffic and media buying
25:43 — Analyzing traffic is very important, however, there is one more thing…
27:57 — WhiteLabel solutions. What, why and how?
30:56 — But there is something better than WhiteLabel, API integration
36:15 — Let’s talk about money
39:13 — How do you start driving traffic to webcam and why should you (SPOILER: $$$)

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