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21 june 2019 0 comments reading time: 3 minutes

Google to streamline portfolio bid strategies

Google has announced two major changes in the Google Ads portfolio bid strategies. In July this year, the company is planning to remove portfolio eCPC and replace the target spend setting with average daily budgets.

Removing the eCPC option. As it has been reported by Sagar Shan, a product manager at Google Ads, enhanced CPC portfolio strategies will no longer be available for users starting from July. Mr. Shan claims that eCPC is far more widely used in individual campaigns rather than as a portfolio bid strategy. Later this year, it is planned to automatically convert enhanced CPC portfolios into individual campaigns.

Replacing target spend with average daily budgets. In an effort to streamline Google Ads bidding options, the company is going to remove the target spend setting from new maximize clicks portfolio bid strategies and introduce campaign daily budgets as an alternative. An average daily budget is described as “an amount that you set for each ad campaign to specify how much, on average, you’d like to spend each day.” This option is far more flexible than the target spend setting that many users find confusing rather than useful.

By changing its portfolio bid strategies, Google is seeking to simplify and optimize campaign settings. Overall, removing eCPC at the portfolio level and replacing target spend with average daily budgets can prove to be helpful for those running Google Ads campaigns. We’ll keep you updated on all major Google Ads portfolio changes. Stay tuned not to miss anything important!

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