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11 may 2019 1 comments reading time: 4 minutes

Fraud in numbers

Bots (fraudulent traffic) are one of the biggest problems not only for affiliates but for the entire advertising industry. We’ve gathered some stats from relevant sources and now you can understand the scope of the issue.

The total financial damage from fraud (by year) with an indication of the increase in spending on advertising on the Internet:

The WFA expects that ad fraud will become the largest market for organized crime and will be worth $50 billion by 2025.

In 2018, 37.9% of all Internet traffic wasn’t human, and both bad bot (-6.4%) and good bot (-14.4%) traffic have been decreasing over the years. Human traffic increased by 7.5% to 62.1% (Distill bad bot report):

21.3% of iOS app and 26.9% of Android app installs are fraudulent, according to Interceptd.

CTV ad fraud rates will continue to grow from today’s 19% as this is a brand new format. (Pixalate)

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Saurabh verma
28 may, 07:44
I want to know how can I set up my traffic without any expenses
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