Breaking the Noise: How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing on X/Twitter

29 November 2023
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X is the new (well, not that new) name of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. It’s not just for sharing your thoughts and content — you can also make money through affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketers usually don’t pay much attention to X — to most, it seems like a waste of time due to the noise, especially if you’re not a big brand. 

But in reality, X has above 237 million monetizable daily active users. So, let’s put our biases aside and consider it from a business perspective.

Breaking the Noise: How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing on X/Twitter

Affiliate marketing on X/Twitter

Affiliate marketing on X/Twitter is when you tell your followers about products or services through free or paid tweets (or xeets?). If they end up buying, you can earn a cut of the sales as a commission. It’s the same as affiliate marketing on other platforms, just on X you’re reaching out to your followers instead of website visitors. 

It lets you create and share different types of content like text, images, videos, audio, and live streams. You can also chat with your followers and other users through comments, messages, and groups. 

X affiliate requirements

  • To be an X affiliate, you need to meet certain requirements:
  • Have an active and verified X account;
  • A good rep and engagement on X;
  • Follow the rules and policies of X and the affiliate program you’re promoting;

Find your niche

When it comes to X, you have to narrow down your focus to make it big. For example, instead of talking generally about “plants” stuff, go all in on growing rare houseplants. That’s how you get a solid following, not by pushing a different affiliate deal every day. 

Another way to pick your affiliate marketing direction is to see what’s trending on the platform. You can also browse through some affiliate marketing networks to find a program that pays off. Or, if you’re a big fan, promote your favorite brand’s affiliate program. 

Breaking the Noise: How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing on X/Twitter

Now, about affiliate links on Twitter… everything is OK with them as long as you’re not bombarding people. But watch out, some links get tagged as “Unsafe”. Guess you can figure out which ones. 

Breaking the Noise: How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing on X/Twitter

Get more followers and engage with them

If you don’t know much about X/Twitter, it’s a social media site where you can share short messages. You only get 280 characters per tweet, so it’s important to focus on getting people interested. Starting by creating a great profile is key. Show off your personality and use a real photo, so people trust you. When it’s time to promote products, having an engaging profile will help you stand out.

Let’s talk about a really essential Twitter tip that a lot of affiliate marketers overlook: Don’t Buy Followers. It might make you feel good, but it’s just a waste of time and money. Paid followers usually don’t interact with your tweets because they’re often bots. Plus, you’ll lose credibility and that will affect your affiliate marketing success. 

Get people interested

So, how can you get people interested in what you’re sharing? Start by following and sharing content from popular X influencers in related niches. Tweet quotes work way better for affiliate marketing than just retweeting. Join in on the conversations, and soon some of their followers will become your fans too. Don’t know where to start? Look at what’s trending and find a discussion related to your niche. 

Don’t waste your time

But remember, as an affiliate marketer, time is money, so don’t waste it on meaningless conversations. Also, avoid getting involved in social media drama. It’s not worth your time to argue with angry people. 

Tweet a lot

Tweet a lot if you want to get noticed on X. You have to be ready to post at least 6 times a day to grab people’s attention and get clicks on your affiliate marketing links. Yeah, a single good tweet might blow up, but it’s rare. That’s why all the big influencers post content multiple times a day.


The trick with hashtags is to keep them on point. Don’t stuff your Tweets with hashtags for no reason. Less is more, stick to like 2–3 per tweet. 

So, how do you figure out which hashtags will help you get more followers? Well, you can check out what’s trending, or you can snoop on competitors to see what non-branded hashtags are getting attention. 

Track your progress

You have to know where you started to see how far you’ve come, right? That’s why having some analytics is crucial. The cool thing is, every X account has built-in analytics. It’s not as fancy as Google Analytics, but it should do the job for most affiliate marketers.

Breaking the Noise: How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing on X/Twitter

Final thoughts

Should You Try Affiliate Marketing on X? This is a tough question. There are legitimate affiliate marketers making money on the platform with their own products or products they promote. X should be a part of your affiliate marketing strategy, but, maybe, not your main focus. Use it to drive traffic to your website, for example, and make money that way. And remember: before completely diving in, test the waters first!

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