6 February 2024
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Top Performing GEOs for Driving Traffic with 1xSlots Partners


  • TOP slots for all devices
  • The most active GEOs according to 1xSlots analytics
  • A deep dive into the data over the past 3 months to uncover which slots are dominating the market and why

Whether you’re just starting out and looking to boost your traffic or already seeing impressive FTD numbers, the 1xSlots Partners team has curated cool lists of top-performing GEOs and their leading slots to help you maximize your earnings. And if you’re not yet part of the 1xSlots partner crew, we’re here to offer you superior terms, high payout rates, and invaluable insights to accelerate your success!
Let’s kick things off with an overview. Below, we present the list of TOP slots across all our GEOs for the first half of January:


Top Performing GEOs for Driving Traffic with 1xSlots Partners

TOP slots across all GEOs for the first half of January 2024


Of course, without a breakdown by country, it’s hard to put much emphasis on some popular slots.

Top slots by GEO

Here’s a little insider tip: the front-runners in terms of activity among 1xSlots GEOs at the moment are Argentina, Uzbekistan, and Egypt. If you’ve been wondering where to direct your traffic, look no further — these are the top contenders. While these countries may vary, they share common traits worth exploring individually. Let’s get into it. 


Argentina, a Tier 2 country, stands out as one of the largest nations in South America, boasting a population of over 45 million inhabitants. As you might have noticed in the reviews, the country’s economy is on the rise, accompanied by a growing solvent audience. Notably, Argentina hosts a vibrant gambling culture, featuring numerous offline casinos and a rapidly expanding iGaming sector.

The popularity of gambling in Argentina stems from a blend of factors, including its rich cultural diversity, a burgeoning middle class, the widespread adoption of mobile gaming, and the immense popularity of sports betting.

Consequently, Argentina has emerged as a hotspot and a favorite destination for both affiliates and gamblers alike. To provide comprehensive insights for you, we’ve decided to cast a wider net by showcasing the most sought-after slots from the past 6 months in this dynamic and thriving market.

Top Performing GEOs for Driving Traffic with 1xSlots Partners

The most popular slots for the past 6 months for Argentina

The list has turned out to be interesting and diverse. Notably, Pragmatic Play slots have secured top positions, showcasing a captivating array of themes and features. However, it’s essential to highlight that numerous other trusted providers also claim spots within the top 20. Therefore, the creatives for Argentina feature a world of colorful and enticing images of popular slots.


Egypt, with its vast population exceeding 100 million inhabitants, stands out as a prominent destination for slot enthusiasts. Similar to Argentina, Egypt falls under the Tier-2 category, boasting a robust economy with a GDP surpassing $400 billion. Key sectors are tourism, services, and agriculture. The stability of the Egyptian pound (EGP) further fosters favorable conditions for online transactions, facilitating the growth of the middle class and enhancing residents’ purchasing power. 

Moreover, Egypt’s rich cultural history includes a longstanding tradition of gambling, evidenced by the prevalence of offline gambling establishments nationwide. While online casinos are still in the nascent stages of development, the increasing number of players indicates a burgeoning market ripe for exploration, particularly in terms of affiliate marketing.

Top Performing GEOs for Driving Traffic with 1xSlots Partners

Strange as it may seem, slots with fruit designs are popular among users in Egypt, as well as with themes of treasure, Arab motives, and gold. If you plan to use images from games in the promos, the best choice will be slots with fruit and mythology characters. 


Moving on to Uzbekistan, despite being a Tier-3 country, it presents a compelling landscape for gaming development. Despite lower average salaries among the CIS countries ranging from $300 to $500 per month and a population density of approximately 39 million, Uzbekistan boasts a sizable solvent audience.

Noteworthy advantages in the Uzbekistan GEO include a youthful population, with an average age of 26, characterized by active usage of mobile devices and widespread internet coverage. The modest average salary levels fuel a desire for easier and more lucrative earning opportunities, further evidenced by the increasing number of active players in online casinos.


Top Performing GEOs for Driving Traffic with 1xSlots Partners

The slots in the selection vary, many are in the top slots across all GEOs. When planning your creative endeavors, it’s essential to note that the audience for these slots tends to skew young. Therefore, incorporating images of money, slots, and special offers from casinos can be pivotal in your marketing strategies. 

Russian Federation 

Russia falls under the Tier-2 category. While the cost of traffic in the country is average, the market itself is highly competitive compared to Tier-1 regions. Internet advertising in Russia is undergoing continuous evolution. While the cost of traffic in this GEO is average, the market itself is highly competitive compared to Tier-1 countries. Also, digital advertising in Russia is undergoing continuous evolution. With a population of 143.4 million (46.4% male, 53.5% female), 

Russia stands as the largest country globally with a varied standard of living. Notably, cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg boast higher average salaries compared to other regions 

Russia is the largest country in the world with an average standard of living. Russia hosts 15 cities with populations exceeding one million, where the primary solvent audience is concentrated, demonstrating potential interest across various affiliate marketing verticals. 

Moreover, Russia ranks among the top GEOs in terms of online casino traffic volumes, offering promising conversion rates for creatives featuring slots.


Top Performing GEOs for Driving Traffic with 1xSlots Partners

Any slot from our selection can become a cornerstone for your campaigns, attracting traffic to the offers. These top slots aren’t just for affiliates, they will also perform well for SEO purposes. At 1xSlots Partners, we prioritize personalized support for each client, offering a dedicated manager for every affiliate. With us, you won’t need to pause your ideas or create promotional materials single-handedly. Our team will guide you to the best GEOs and ensure you enjoy the most favorable conditions in the market.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become a partner and gain access to exclusive information about exciting tournaments on our website: 1xslotspartners.com

Reach out to your manager on Telegram: @partners1xslots.


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