19 September 2023
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SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

The SIGMA Balkans/CIS conference, one of the most significant events in the affiliate marketing world, has recently finished. Traditionally, SIGMA gathered industry leaders, providing a unique experience exchange and networking opportunity. It was an incredible few days, so get ready for a recap of this fantastic event!

What went into our plans?

Here we go! A minute of insider information from PIN-UP Partners‘ department heads.

Network, network, and network again!

Networking is our everything. Every year at SIGMA Balkans/CIS, new projects appear from among iGaming, various payment systems, and other tools necessary for PIN-UP Partners.

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

Follow the trend

SiGMA conferences are an excellent opportunity to analyze current trends and market dynamics. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry is an essential part of our job.

Taking home the awards

We’ve challenged ourself to win at least one award at the SIGMA. For us, this is not just a nice bonus to the trip but a recognition of the quality of our work by the industry.

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

Have a great party

What can you do without a party? This time, the coolest Immersive Party was waiting for our partners!

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

SiGMA Awards

Before the start of each session, SiGMA traditionally organizes a grand awards ceremony. The prominent representatives of the sphere gather in the hall to find out who has become the best this year. This time, we won two nominations at once: the workplace of the year (the whole team of PIN-UP Partners supports this choice) and the year’s marketing campaign (we support it no less).

These two awards resulted from months of hard work, strategic planning, and continuous support from our incredible team and partners. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported us on this challenging journey, from the moment of application to the voting process. Your support and faith in us made this possible!

Stase Blitz, CMO

The PIN-UP Traffic marketing department’s Marketing Campaign of the Year award publicly recognizes our work. If we talk about the affiliate program, it means that the goals we set during the last year for marketing have been closed. We will never stop at the achieved result. Only big plans ahead!

Bright and early

At 9 a.m., the SiGMA Balkans/CIS conference doors opened to welcome attendees. Behind the scenes, the incredible work that our Event Department had done the day before remained. The guys supervised the installation of the stand and engaged in many other tasks: organized a comfortable and functional workspace for our managers and created two cool smoking areas for visitors.

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

Top merch, once again

At the booth, our guests could see an updated line of merchandise. Since the first presentation, we have been actively receiving feedback from our partners. As promised earlier, we listened to it.

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

What was added?

  • Stylish swimwear. Bikinis for girls and swim trunks for men
  • Practical passport cover
  • Summer silk suit (shirt + shorts)
  • Panama (protects from the Cypriot sun better than SPF 50+)
  • Convenient fanny pack

All the merchandise sold out literally within a few hours of the conference. And once again, we remind you that if you have any suggestions about merch, we would love to see them in our direct messages!

Happy Hour: affiliate marketing and cool cocktails

If you have been to Cyprus at least once, you know how hot it can get in the summer. Temperatures can easily reach 38–40 degrees Celsius. For our resident partners in the United Arab Emirates, such weather may not be new, but this heat has become a real challenge for those who are used to a temperate climate.

Fortunately, air conditioning and our bar became a real lifesaver for all those who wanted to refresh themselves! Refreshing drinks and delicious cocktails not only quench thirst but also help establish friendly contact with colleagues and partners!

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

What about cool cars?

Branded cars in the new PIN-UP Partners style were waiting for visitors at the entrance. For newcomers to the industry, they could become a perfect illustration of what life is ahead of them if they make enough effort to achieve their goals, and for visitors from among car enthusiasts to please with their appearance! It should be noted that the event guests did not pass by and took pictures against the background of our branded cars.

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

Branded smoking area

For those who prefer to spend time outdoors or are simply tired of intensive communication in closed rooms, we prepared branded smoking areas where everyone could find their island of comfort. To make the stay in this zone even more atmospheric, we invited a DJ. Mini party right outside the walls of the conference! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Stase Blitz, CMO

SiGMA is one of the largest conferences in terms of organization and also in terms of complexity. Cyprus is an island, so it took a lot of work to implement our standard and non-standard requests, especially regarding logistics. Still, we did a great job.

I want to mention our smoking area. This time, it was something very fundamental. It was in the same demand as our stand. Incredible excitement at Immersive Party, 100% attendance, and dozens of messages in direct mail with requests to get to the event. And, of course, an exclusive set of merch, which we expanded significantly for SiGMA. We gave away several hundred units. Next time, we will bring more!

In general, we raised the degree of activity at SIGMA Limassol. Special thanks to Denis and Olga, the conference organizers, for their prompt support!

Karma, Head of PIN-UP Partners

The conference was very productive for our team. We had dozens of great meetings with our existing partners. We shared ideas on how to make our projects even better. Add hundreds of new contacts from various spheres (not only affiliate marketing), and we have a great result, which will help us open new horizons for our business.

As for the event’s organization, everything was at the highest level. We received much positive feedback about our stand, merch, and, of course, the party at MIXOLOGY.

Immersive Party

This time, we prepared something unique for our partners — an exclusive Immersive Party. Preparations for this event began long before the conference itself, and the results exceeded all expectations.

Immersive Party is not just an affiliate party. It is a full-fledged immersion into an alternative reality, where every element is carefully thought out to create a unique atmosphere. The famous phraseology says: “the devil lies in the details,” and the attention to the most minor details made this evening special.

SIGMA Balkans/CIS overview

Our guests could enjoy specially designed drinks, the culinary team worked on an exclusive menu, and a show of dancers and a DJ set added a magical charm to the event. A special moment was an interactive performance with actors, in which the audience could participate by answering questions about love and money. Everything from the scents in the air to the special lighting and decorations created a unique atmosphere and made every moment unforgettable.

But what made this party special was the attendees! Thank you to everyone who shared this pleasant evening surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea!

Stase Blitz, CMO

We managed to create an atmosphere of warm networking and surprise the guests with completely unusual activities. The concept of an immersive show is about attention and interaction; we are just like that! As for the evaluation of the event, we focus on the excellent feedback from those who attended it!


Unfortunately, those few days flew by. This is often the case when you are doing something interesting that you really love. However, we have a lot of exciting things ahead of us, and very soon, we will go to Barcelona, where we will be glad to see you again! With much love, PIN-UP Partners team!

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