23 January 2024
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How to Stream for a Small Audience and Monetize VIP Traffic

There’s a common belief in the streaming world that substantial earnings are reserved for those with a large audience. However, we aim to debunk this myth through the example of our partner, illustrating that it’s possible to achieve high income from streaming even with a small audience and limited reach.
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Is it profitable to stream with a small audience?

Microbloggers remain relevant, and this trend is gradually extending to nanoblogs. Brands now seek to collaborate with influencers with no more than 10,000 subscribers due to higher engagement rates. Advertising with small bloggers is more cost-effective because users tend to trust them more than bloggers with millions of followers.

Essentially, we’re entering an era where anyone can be called a blogger.

The same principles apply to streamers. By initiating streaming at the beginning of their journey, a streamer can efficiently monetize their activity and draw the attention of brands, helping cover traffic costs. Emerging streamers often enjoy a more loyal and active audience, and engagement with them yields significant results: this audience makes purchases.

A streamer with a small audience has the flexibility to experiment with content, promotions, and partnerships. This enables quick adaptation to viewer preferences and optimization of the monetization strategy. Additionally, an aspiring streamer can focus on a specific category of individuals, such as VIP players willing to make substantial bets and tailor their content accordingly.

What’s in it for you?

Low reach equals high stakes. A streamer focusing on gambling content tailored for a specific user category can effectively attract players interested in gambling and high stakes, making it highly profitable to target VIP players.

Sourcing VIP Traffic. Actively attracting VIP subscribers through quality, targeted content provides a stable and highly profitable traffic source. Influential, affluent viewers are specifically drawn to high-stakes content, offering a genuine opportunity to boost the streamer’s income.

Audience trust and loyalty. As a streamer becomes a partner and introduces the brand, they play a pivotal role in shaping its image. This foundation builds trust with the audience and cultivates a stronger connection between the product and viewers. Users develop loyalty, ensuring a consistent flow of traffic and, consequently, high revenues in the long run.

CatAffs case study

Getting in early with a brand is like holding a golden ticket. The initial stages of a gambling brand’s development offer a prime opportunity to channel traffic, maximizing long-term revenue. In the gaming industry, early partnerships and collaborations with brands grant exclusive access to VIP traffic.
Our partner exemplified the advantage of targeting a specific audience from the start, as seen in the CatAffs streamer stats:

A modest number of registrations but a commendable FTD indicator.

How to Stream for a Small Audience and Monetize VIP Traffic

What sets CatAffs offers apart?

  • A clean database and no multi-accounts. This translates to more qualified leads.

As an early brand partner, the streamer enjoys exclusive benefits, including higher priority and privileges. A clean player base, coupled with fresh content and engaging game mechanics intentionally integrated into the product, enhances traffic quality and conversion rates.

  • Brands are prepped with media coverage, prize mechanics, and infomercials.

For instance, the recent Kent project featured a prize draw for a new Aston Martin DB12 car.

  • Rich functionality for streamers.
  • wheel of fortune for streamers
  • winnings page on Daddy
  • a comprehensive media plan for year-round tournaments

These tools provide streamers, even those with smaller audiences or newcomers, with a plethora of options to organically attract and retain viewers. Tailored offers make it easy for streamers to engage their audiences effectively, streamlining our partners’ operations.

How to Stream for a Small Audience and Monetize VIP Traffic


This case study underscores that the ability to monetize content and engage audiences effectively holds more weight than subscriber count alone. Audience size is one of many factors that determine the ability to make money from streaming.
The streaming industry continues to expand, offering opportunities for everyone. If you’re looking to venture into a new domain, sign up through the direct link or reach out to our manager. Become a CatAffs affiliate and kick-start your earnings in your favorite business!

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