28 November 2022
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How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

Step-by-step instruction from 1win Partners📲 

How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

You need to start preparing for The World Cup 2022 in advance. If you don’t know which traffic source is the most suitable for this goal, we are here to help you. In our article today, the 1win Partners team will give you step-by-step instructions that will allow you to correctly drive World Cup traffic through the telegram channel with bets.

This approach is known as the Capper method. It will work especially well for Brazil: a large percentage of our population uses Telegram and we will definitely follow the upcoming World Cup. So our fellow citizens will definitely not miss the chance to bet on the triumph of their national team.

Telegram is a perfect platform to use the Capper method. Not only do you communicate closely with the audience, you also “motivate” them to make new and new bets. Follow our instructions and your profit won’t take too long. 😉

Step 1. World Cup Telegram Channel creation

Let’s start with the obvious.

The name and description of your channel should follow two topics: World Cup 2022 in Qatar and football betting. Do not be afraid to write the most obvious things. This will help interested users to find a channel in the search and subscribe to it.❗The most important thing is that your channel should be trustworthy

How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

❗The most important thing is that your channel should be trustworthy

The most popular Capper’s case is the creation of a channel on behalf of a “betting expert” or “sports analyst” who shares successful forecasts. Don’t forget to remind your followers that with the help of the channel you help them earn 💸

Step 2. Content posting

Once the channel is created, it is necessary to start its filling. The starting content may be different, but it is better to focus directly on betting. We recommend you give detailed forecasts, in which you will tell how much and on what coefficient you bet, and also why you chose specifically this bet. Don’t forget to leave a link to the landing because it will increase the chances that subscribers will follow the link to bet themselves.

❗ We recommend diversifying the forecasts with other posts: high-quality articles from sports experts, the latest football news (for example, on players’ injuries), or a selection of fresh photos. Current information in the channel is a way to attract the attention of the audience and quickly win its loyalty.

How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

Here are some short tips for your future posts  👇

  • Communicate with the audience: Set the comments and reactions to posts in the channel. Be sure to announce important posts with bets.
  • Several winning bets in a row? Show your followers the results. Use photos with expensive cars and other essential attributes of a beautiful life.
  • Use video and voice messages. You can start with matches reviews (you can easily find them online)

1win Promotions and Bonuses

Betting fans are always interested in deposit bonuses. Among the most profitable promotions is a special 1win welcome bonus – 500% on the first deposit for new users during the World Cup.

How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

But that’s not all. Players who make bets will definitely be interested in the express bonus. All you need to do is make an express of five or more events and get a fixed percentage of the net profit from the win 🚀

Bonus Codes

You can give away small amounts of money to your readers for betting through 1win’s bonus codes system. Their main purpose is to motivate the customer to sign up. Bonus codes are another way for players to “try out” the product for free. Don’t forget to explain to your subscribers that you’re giving them a bonus code to make their betting experience more enjoyable.

Contact a 1win Affiliate Manager right now to learn more about bonus codes and start properly motivating your subscribers to bet 😉

Step 3. Reviews for the World Cup Telegram channel

The next step in promoting your channel should be complimentary reviews. It’s the feedback that helps your subscribers not doubt that your bets can be trusted. But feedback is not always real 🤫

❗For feedback (especially if you have a lot of it) it’s better to make another channel and add a link to it in the description of the main channel. When a user reads a lot of positive reviews at once, it will be much easier for him to believe that each of them is real.

How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

The more reviews you have, the better. If you are ready to go even further, you can find people on outsourcing who will record a short video in Portuguese for a small fee, thanking you for their “winnings” due to the bets from your channel 🤝

Step 4. World Cup channel promotion

Once you’re done with the initial filling, you can start promoting your channel. Of course, almost no one will subscribe to a channel without subscribers, so you should be as active as possible at first. 

Advertising through Telegram

The target audience for World Cup betting in Brazil — Men from 22 to 30+. To place ads, you need to find channels in Telegram where the majority of subscribers make up the required target audience. When a suitable page is found, you can contact the administrators and agree to place the ad. 

❗Advertising should show potential subscribers that they will be able to earn through your bets. For promos, we recommend using creatives with thank-you reviews, “money” images and screenshots of the channel. Don’t forget to attach the link! 😉

Advertising through Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising office settings allow you to quickly reach the right audience. The main trick is setting up not only the right age and GEO but also tracking its interests. For example, betting, soccer, and the national team of Brazil. By the way, our Affiliate CPA Team Lead told subscribers about Brazil, so you can read about this GEO in our article 😊

How to Attract New Users during The World Cup ⚽ Telegram channel

Step 5. Interaction with subscribers

When the channel has its first subscribers, it is necessary to work with them qualitatively. Publish prediction results in the form of sums, which you get without much effort. Don’t forget to periodically publish promo codes or new promotions to build up interest in betting constantly. 1win Partners will always have a bonus that your subscribers will like. 🔥

There are many ways to influence your subscribers, only you are free to choose how you want to do it. You can hire an assistant, who will communicate with your users, answering their questions in DMs and telling them about the advantages of your channel with bets. Your friends and acquaintances will help you to ask the “right” questions in the comments: You need to think through the question yourself and give a detailed answer.

The most important thing is constant publications. The more of your forecasts are correct, the more credibility you’ll have in future posts. Keep your channel updated with feedback so that subscribers can see the results of your efforts.

Creating a Telegram channel with bets is not the hardest thing in the world. But it is the one that can bring you guaranteed profits. Write to the 1win Partners Affiliate Manager right now to clarify all the details. Let’s make money together during the World Cup 💸

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