1win Partners at the RichAds round table. iGaming: the present and the future (Part 1)

21 November 2022

Affiliate marketing is always changing and especially in the gambling vertical. Even market leaders can’t always keep up with the latest trends, and what to say about ordinary affiliates. But 1win Partners is here to help. Our team stands for transparency at all stages of cooperation. We always provide our partners with the most favorable conditions and do not hesitate to tell them about it. Especially when we participate in conferences 💯

One of the latest was the RichAds Round Table. Together with our colleagues we discussed the latest trends of the iGaming vertical in the passing year, gave pieces of advice for profitable deposits in 2023, and answered the questions of the audience 💪

1win Partners at the RichAds round table. iGaming: the present and the future (Part 1)

Kirill M, our CPA Team Lead, a specialist with great experience in affiliate marketing and a special love for such a GEO as Brazil, participated in the conference from 1win. If you did not manage to watch the webinar — our article will help you catch up. From our article, you’ll learn about all the key points of this meeting

There are two pieces of fresh information. Today’s article focuses on the general state of gambling in 2022 and how it’s different from how it was back then. We also tell you about the right choice of offers, taking into account your interests, and give recommendations for your work in 2023

Let’s go! 💥

Gambling in 2022: What’s relevant right now

Mobile traffic is taking up an ever-increasing share of the market. For our team, the main source of traffic in 2022 is ASO. The popularity of GEOs has also changed this year, and Kirill didn’t miss a moment to talk about his favorite, Brazil 🇧🇷 

A few years ago, 1win Partners was making millions of profit working with the CIS market, but the business has expanded, and with the GEO of India and even more so with Brazil we have reached a completely different level — and this is just the beginning 📈

1win Partners at the RichAds round table. iGaming: the present and the future (Part 1)

Want to attract Brazilian users with the best conditions? Hurry up and write to our affiliate manager.

An important trick is the right targeting (in gambling it’s men between 22-35 years old). If you want to experiment, it is better to try new GEO in the most profitable regions. Experts agree that the best destinations for new users attraction are Latin America and Asia — two steep markets with a low entry threshold.

As our industry develops, regulation (e.g., advertising) becomes tougher. Because of this, many affiliates are refusing to work with Tier-1 GEO (USA, Holland, Germany) and are looking towards more attractive conditions in South America and Asia.

Our colleagues’ advice is to study Crypto direction. CryptoCasinos are the future of our vertical, an offshoot of its development. The cryptocurrency market is growing, as far as the demand for crypto products. CryptoCasino combines the best tips of two trends: gamification of the process from gambling and increased interest in alternative payment systems from crypto. Everybody benefits from this: the players get a brand-new experience and a chance to “earn” big money, and platforms (with the help of the affiliates) get a large amount of quality traffiс 💰

Offers in 2022: Choosing tips, what to pay attention to 

The main thing is to be aware of the latest trends and make timely adjustments. Gambling has long ceased to be predictable and understandable. In November 2022 it’s not enough to present a generic app and expect millions in earnings. Your product has to meet the user’s needs. That means pages have to load fast, the right payments have to be available, and the app list has to be what the player wants it to be. An important trend in 2022 is the demand for Aviator/Lucky Jet (or other similar “crash games”). 

The very appearance of Brazil in the top GEO list is a modern case study, which shows that if apps and payments match modern realities, you’ll have a very decent profit. The high level of earnings we are talking about is only possible when working with the most modern product. For example, everyone knows that Boleto is a payment system, without which you cannot imagine working with Brazilian GEO.

1win Partners at the RichAds round table. iGaming: the present and the future (Part 1)

If we talk about the choice of a specific offer, then the Brazilian cases will help to understand here as well. The offer must necessarily include popular local payment systems, a working registration form + information about available games (without Lucky Jet — nowhere). We advise you to pay attention to individual indicators: for example, minimal deposit and withdrawals 🙏 

But Brazil — it’s not only the present of gambling. It’s also the future! Therefore… 

Traffic in 2023: Sources, Recommendations

In 2023, everyone will continue to attract users through mobile traffic. SEO and Messengers will remain the most in-demand sources. Players will continue to be interested in crash gamesso Lucky Jet, Aviator, and other similar games will not lose in popularity 🎲

ASO will retain its position. Quality optimization of App Stores will always attract traffic because people won’t stop searching for keywords: “casino, betting, entertainment etc”.

Special mention should be made about traffic from Social Networks. 2022 was the year of organic traffic from TikTok (especially from streams on this site). It’s hard to predict which social network will show the best results in 2023. There’s a chance we might even see something new.

1win Partners at the RichAds round table. iGaming: the present and the future (Part 1)

There’s a reason we started this text with the phrase about constant changes in affiliate marketing. Just tomorrow the advertising rules may change, or new payment systems may appear. Only one thing is certain, in 2023 everyone will be attracting users through mobile traffic 🙇‍♂️

Our colleagues recommend working with the sources that bring results for you. The most popular sources (the same Facebook or the super-popular TikTok) will not necessarily be the best for you. It’s important to constantly be on the lookout and be able to find unexpected solutions to problems. After all, everyone has their preferences.

Another trend, this time an unexpected one, is that people are using search engines less often. No one is saying that “Google is dying,” but organic (search) traffic has begun to shift to other platforms. A simple example — you can find useful information (especially in video format) immediately on other platforms — TikTok and Instagram. At the very least, it highlights good search engine optimization in those apps

But the main thing is still mobile traffic 📲

To be continued…

We’ve given you a lot of cool topical information, but trust us, we still have more to tell you. 

In the next article, our CPA Team Lead and other Affiliate Marketing experts will talk about the best GEOs in 2023, explain how the creatives will work and discuss the formats of the branding (especially pre-links). And, of course, they’ll give their predictions for verticals in 2023 🔮 

We hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned to our social networks so you don’t miss the release of part two of the piece 👑

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