23 January 2024
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CatAffs Sponsors a 1 Million Ruble Stream: Benefits for Affiliates

Hi, this is the CatAffs team!
After closely examining the market, we’ve observed an interesting trend: affiliate programs are increasingly leveraging sponsorship as a powerful PR tool. In the realm of gambling, companies are utilizing streams and competitions to boost brand awareness and attract new audiences.

How does sponsoring competitions precisely aid affiliates in enhancing their visibility

Let’s dive into a case study:

CatAffs sponsored a stream featuring Egor Creed with a whopping 1 million rubles prize pool.

The brand Gama, affiliated with CatAffs, organized a contest during the stream, with the host being none other than Egor Creed.

To participate in the contest, users were required to register through Creed’s link in his Telegram channel, and a crucial condition for winning was an online presence during the stream. Subscribing to the Telegram and YouTube channels was also among the requirements.

CatAffs Sponsors a 1 Million Ruble Stream: Benefits for Affiliates


At the end of the contest, three fortunate winners walked away with the top prize, and another 50 participants each received 10,000 rubles. Egor had the pleasure of chatting with one of the winners during the stream — a talented 19-year-old girl who bagged an impressive 250k. The participant shared her joyful emotions and even showcased the screen with the total amount.


CatAffs Sponsors a 1 Million Ruble Stream: Benefits for Affiliates


Have you ever wondered why CatAffs chose to generously support the contest with a million rubles for streamers?

Sponsorship proves to be an incredibly effective marketing strategy, offering several advantages.

Backing a contest with a substantial prize pool and involving a famous personality enables our brand to boost its presence in the gambling and streaming industry. Such events capture the attention of a broad audience, including celebrity fans, aiding in attracting new customers.

By being a sponsor, we actively engage in the entertainment and streaming industry, broadening our reach and positioning ourselves as more than just a gambling affiliate program.

When a participant wins a significant sum live, it creates an emotional experience for both participants and viewers, strengthening a positive perception of the brand. This emotional connection to the CatAffs brand makes it more memorable and appealing to potential customers.

A stream featuring a renowned media personality is a high-profile event, spreading the company’s name even to those who were previously unaware. Collaborating with influencers and celebrities can help the company gain a new, loyal audience and accurately measure its impact.

How does sponsorship impact your brand and affiliate earnings?

Becoming a sponsor is a way to earn the trust of your target audience. This form of interaction boosts the sponsor’s reputation and establishes a positive association with the brand — people subconsciously view sponsorship more favorably than profit-centric advertising.

For all CatAffs partners, the media plan for such events is meticulously scheduled a year in advance, providing stability and the ability to precisely plan the execution of marketing activities.

Sponsorship presents a broad range of opportunities for interacting with the public. CatAffs partners can execute various marketing activities, making the impact on users more seamless yet simultaneously more effective — stimulating a loyal audience becomes more straightforward.

Moreover, CatAffs offers additional tools for streamers to engage players in the theme of contests. For instance, the Daddy project features a page showcasing the biggest skids during live games. This demonstrates that our focus extends beyond one-time mechanics to the constant retention of your customer acquisition on our platforms.


CatAffs Sponsors a 1 Million Ruble Stream: Benefits for Affiliates

Note to streamers:

With several years in the market, we have secured a leading position in covering the streamer market in the CIS and beyond. Throughout our collaboration, our affiliate program provides comprehensive support: technical, media, and commercial. Thanks to a well-thought-out strategy and close cooperation, partners join us for the long term. If you’re ready for a cool, long-term income, register via the direct link or reach out to the CatAffs manager to discuss details.


CatAffs’ history of sponsoring a million rubles contest for streamers underscores the importance of innovation in partnerships. Active engagement with influencers and media personalities forms the foundation of successful promotion in the ever-changing world of gaming and streaming. By becoming a sponsor, you’re not only enhancing the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing efforts but also providing streaming partners with a fantastic opportunity to boost their revenue.

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