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How to acquire free traffic for your campaigns

Editor’s note

This introductory article was written by Dmitry, an affiliate specializing in free traffic. We recommend this article to beginner affiliates who don’t know how to launch their affiliate marketing career and seasoned marketers who are on the lookout for new ideas. Enjoy the article and high profits to all of you!

Hi everyone! I would like to dwell on free traffic. The method and vertical I am going to cover will be of interest to both seasoned and new affiliate marketers. Beginner affiliates will gain experience and get a better understanding of how some affiliate tools actually work, while more sophisticated marketers will be able to earn extra money for tests.

This method of acquiring traffic is called free or most often relatively free because it enables you to test your ideas and campaigns almost without investment. It presupposes that you get traffic yourself rather than buy it from an ad network.

Nevertheless, you will have to spend some money on a good domain, proxy server or social accounts.

Where to drive traffic to?

I drive traffic to dating offers. Let’s take the scheme I used as an example. You can obtain the relevant traffic from any source with a male target audience. Dating itself is a simple vertical to start your affiliate career and make money online.

A few arguments in favor of driving free traffic to dating:

  1. You can easily expand your reach to foreign traffic using Google Translator for translating your creatives.
  2. When it comes to foreign traffic from European countries, payouts for conversions constitute from $1 to $12 for registration and fulfilling an offer’s terms (a standard registration, registration with an email confirmation, filling up a profile page, purchasing a premium account). Your remuneration will depend on fulfilling an offer’s terms.
  3. A straightforward approval system and a short hold period.
  4. High payouts for upsales (additional sales) ranging from $10 to $60.
  5. You can use SmartLink that will save you the trouble and distribute your traffic by GEOs, devices and other parameters, as this link will detect them automatically and redirect users to the right landing page.

Where to drive traffic from?

You can drive traffic from a variety of sources and use a host of methods, it’s entirely up to you. The most reasonable way would be sending bulk emails to those visiting dating websites, social networks and sites with a male target audience, as well as to certain app users.

Dating websites

A great source with quality traffic that has already been warmed up and is ready to register on another website. This traffic will convert well and bring high ROI to advertisers. Given sufficient volumes and high traffic quality, you can ask to increase your remuneration rate. To secure a comfortable work process, you’ll need to spend a minimum sum of money on a proxy server to change your IP address and buy a domain name in the com. net. zone to increase the credibility of your page. However, free-of-charge solutions will also suffice (a public proxy, link shorteners).

As regards the cons, I can point out that dating websites are usually protected against bulk mailing. However, you can circumvent these restrictions if you try hard enough.

Mobile dating apps

These are like dating sites, the only difference is that they are apps. To emulate a mobile phone, you’ll need an Android emulator that simulates an Android smartphone on your computer. To start working with an emulator, the only thing you have to do is download and install an app that can be optimized even for low-end PCs. You can find articles describing this process on the Internet. Some emulators even have an option of recording macros through an in-app clicker, thus enabling you to automate routine tasks and also scale up the traffic acquisition process by opening several emulator windows simultaneously.

The cons are pretty much the same as that of dating websites. However, new apps are released on a regular basis, which means that it’s possible to find a good traffic source without due protection in place.

Social media

It’s quite a viable option, but your networks should span only 5-10 social accounts to minimize your expenditure and secure a sustainable revenue. To boost your profits, you’ll need to acquire special software for automatic account registration and automatic responding as well as multi-purpose software for performing a multitude of tasks simultaneously. You’ll have to have quality proxies and lots of accounts because they are going to be banned quite often.

Cons: social networks are protected against bulk messaging and have their own link checker bots, strict limits on actions and so on. To work with social media, you’ll need to know how to stay anonymous online, as you will have to hide your IP address, browser fingerprint, user agent, WebGL, time zone and sometimes even your video card ID.

Websites with a male target audience

Sites about fishing, hunting, sport and lots of other subjects can also be a good match. However, visitors there are reluctant to go to other Internet pages. At the same time, these sites are typically characterized by the lack of strict control and protection mechanisms, which means that you can generate conversions through bulk mailing.

Tools to use


It is obvious that you have to secure virtual anonymity, as IP addresses often get banned. So, what you should do is install a VPN to hide your real IP address. Moreover, a lot of sites prohibit the registration of those users who are using IP addresses from other countries. That’s why you need a VPN.

Android emulator

Emulators simulate a smartphone on your PC, thus enabling you to work with mobile apps in a more handy manner. The script recording feature will simplify routine work by recording macros for automated clicking, while acquiring root permissions and changing your GPS location will enable you to remain anonymous.


The FakeGPS app allows you to change your GPS location, which will come in handy when working with apps on a smartphone (not through an emulator). Apps can detect your GPS coordinates, and that’s why it is important to change your GPS location to secure anonymity.

WhatsApp autoresponder

It’s often prohibited to send your link directly to the user, but you can solve this problem by installing a WhatsApp autoresponder on a separate emulator or a smartphone with root access. Then you will have to register a WhatsApp number and adjust the autoresponder accordingly and add a small dialogue ending with a link.

You will need these tools at the initial stages to simplify your work process and get around the simplest bans and restrictions. Having gained enough experience, you will be able to understand what tools you need for each specific case.

The example of a funnel

Let’s consider several ways of driving traffic from a website (an app) to WhatsApp.

If a site (an app) allows you to send links, then you can act easily and fast.

  • Send a message to a user with a short creative such as (Hi, I like one-night stands, this is my profile “link”); (Hi look my pussy show here “link”) and stuff like that. The key to success here is the reach, as a long exchange of messages typically leads nowhere.
  • If you can’t send a message first or there are some restrictions in place, then you should expand your reach (likes, comments, pokes, adding to your friends list).
  • Answer those who have responded. As the answer is not instant, you can use some of the following creatives: (Hi, I don’t use this app often, write to me here “link”, my username is Angel111); (Hi, let’s have a chat, I have a surprise for you on this site “link”).
  • Process traffic in WhatsApp. An autoresponder will basically do all the work for you. First of all, you should show that you are a real person and add the standard beginning of a dialogue:

(Lead: Hi
You: Hi, how are you doing?
Lead: Fine, how are you?
You: I’m going to have some fun in the shower.
Lead: What? Wow! Can I join in?
You: Yeah, sure, register here “link”, I’ll be waiting for you in 15 minutes.)

(Lead: Hi
You: Hi
Lead: What are you doing right now? How are things going?
You: I’m busy uploading my private videos.
Lead: Why? Where? What for? Cool!
You: If you are interested, you can have a look here “link”).

Your creatives should not include more than 4-5 messages. In this case, you won’t be detected as a bot. Besides, it will also be easier for you to guess how the conversation will unfold.

Let’s consider a funnel involving Waplog (a dating app).

Open NOX (an Android emulator) and choose a GEO (for instance, Sweden):

It’s advisable to launch a VPN client as well

Download, install and open Waplog. The registration process is simple, an email confirmation is not required, which is great.
Open your account and fill up your account information.

You can also add your WhatsApp or Snapchat contact information for those who will visit your profile.

Assess the level of interaction with your audience. If there are likes, add a simple dialogue script.

Try sending a personal message. As you can see, the link is there, but it’s not active.

You can’t send a WhatsApp number in your first message, as they have a filter in place, but you can send it as a response.

Your lead goes to WhatsApp and then to a landing page.

That’s it. The most important thing here is not to be afraid of technical difficulties you may encounter. While acquiring free traffic you will be able to get a grasp of lots of things related to affiliate marketing and discover lots of new ways and methods of getting traffic.

Telegram: @dmitriyvip

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