Zorbas Report 2022–2023

2 February 2023
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Zorbas Report is a reflection of the affiliate marketing industry in 2022 and our take on 2023. Do you want to find out the best ways of monetizing traffic to the max? What are the hottest GEOs of this year? Would you like to explore new offer verticals that are bound to bring profit?

Zorbas Report

Every day, we analyze the news in the affiliate marketing and traffic arbitrage industry and share the most interesting and useful things with our readers. We hold interviews and broadcasts with the industry’s top players, publish hot news and exclusive information on bonuses and promotions. Our expertise and the support of friends and partners have made this document possible. Here you will find the answers to many pressing questions in one place.

In Zorbas Report you will learn about the trends of 2022-2023 in the affiliate industry and the our plans for the near future. And we would like to take a moment to remind you that we will be meeting with you at the ZM CONF online conference in the spring of 2023. We will share even more high-quality content, interesting reports, and useful insights. We look forward to seeing you all at ZM CONF, but in the meantime, enjoy reading the Zorbas Report.

Our take on 2022 and 2023

When it comes to traffic sources, Google and Facebook still hold the reins, also many media buying teams pay more attention to TikTok as a lively social media that can bring lots of traffic. It is worth a shot even though TikTok has its bad times and tantrums just like the good old FB. However, some marketing experts believe that TT is too hyped up and its popularity will soon fade.

There haven’t been any new traffic sources for quite a while, but ASO is on the rise and is even seen as a “new traffic goldmine” by some. The quality of traffic in this source is no lower than from Facebook, while working with mobile apps is considered to be more consistent than media buying. Although, we should not forget the regular sweeps at the big app stores (this year, we have seen a lot of Google doing “affiliate cleansing”) when marketers loose so name apps in one day that is enough apps to last 6 months. A curious thing, these Google cleansing happens almost quarterly, and still we seem unprepared and tend to panic a lot. People can’t figure what’s going on and just wait till it’s over.

There have also been a lot of talk about “is SEO a part of affiliate marketing” and “is scheme traffic a crime” in affiliate chats and on forums. It seems that these existential issues attract more attention that even the eternal question “how do I make money online”.

There is still a trend of solo media buyers uniting into teams and then forming whole media holdings. The market has realized the need
of “periphery” specialists in a team such as BizDev or HR — people who can boost the effectiveness of any team.

The evergreen niches get greener: nutra, dating, gambling, and betting — you could hear “ways to monetize the FIFA” from every corner this year. At the same time, white-hat lead generation is gaining prominence in the CIS market.

If 2021 has brought the grand affiliate marketing parties and conferences back after the pandemic, and people were happy to simply meet in person — this year has marked a turn to the traditionally over-the-top events with the best experts, hottest parties, and just everything at the same time. The only big novelty in terms of events, is the geographical diversity. Dubai, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and many others. In short, any place that is within reach of the affiliate marketing community that have also expanded the traditional geography due to this year’s global turmoil.

And even now, the online conferences that have become popular during the lockdown are still in demand and also do their best to impress the guests.

In 2023, ZorbasMedia is heading for the international market and new interactive media formats that will bring us closer to our readers, viewers, and subscribers. As always, we keep writing articles, shoot interviews,
and invite experts who are ready to share their experience with your, even though they won’t tell the whereabouts of the “get rich quick” button (because it does not exist).

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