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Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly captured the world’s attention, mainly known for trading and investments. However, a lesser-explored but equally promising avenue within the crypto sphere is affiliate marketing. Often overshadowed, this uncharted territory offers a plethora of opportunities for those willing to venture into this realm.

Cryptocurrency in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, a model that rewards affiliates for promoting a business’s products, seamlessly blends with the crypto world. One example is crypto ICO affiliate marketing, where affiliates promote initial coin offers. Other notable participants in cryptocurrency affiliate marketing include digital exchanges, crypto wallets, and NFT marketplaces.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens that leverage cryptography to secure transactions. They operate on decentralized blockchain networks, facilitating peer-to-peer transfers without the need for central authorities. These digital assets present a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional forms of currency.

Affiliate marketing for crypto businesses

The cryptocurrency market is currently in the spotlight, attracting enthusiasts and investors worldwide. As interest in cryptocurrencies continues to soar, businesses catering to this burgeoning market are poised for significant growth. If you’re passionate about cryptocurrencies and desire to contribute to this industry’s growth, affiliate marketing is an avenue well worth exploring.

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic way to generate income while promoting a subject matter you are passionate about. The crypto realm offers numerous opportunities for those willing to engage in affiliate marketing, enabling them to monetize their enthusiasm effectively. The process involves promoting another company’s product or service in exchange for commissions, allowing affiliates to turn their passion into a lucrative venture.

Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing opportunities span a range of businesses, including exchanges, wallets, savings accounts, and mining pools. By partnering with these entities, affiliates can assist in promoting their services and, in turn, earn commissions for attracting new customers. Moreover, affiliate networks provide a centralized platform for promoting products from multiple businesses simultaneously, making it a versatile option for enterprising marketers.

The pros and cons of affiliate marketing in the crypto niche

Affiliate marketing has gained substantial popularity within the crypto industry as a prominent means of generating online income. Much like in any domain, affiliate marketing in the crypto niche has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these can help individuals make informed decisions about whether to venture into this exciting space.


  • Low-risk entry: affiliate marketing provides an excellent entry point for individuals looking to explore the world of cryptocurrencies. It’s a low-risk environment where entrepreneurs can start without making heavy investments. This is especially attractive for those new to the crypto arena, as it allows them to gain experience without a significant financial commitment.
  • Abundant product selection: the crypto niche is teeming with products and services seeking affiliates to promote them. From cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms to blockchain wallets and investment opportunities, the variety is extensive. This plethora of options ensures affiliates can choose products that resonate with their interests and align with their audience.
  • Profit potential: perhaps the most alluring aspect of affiliate marketing in the crypto sector is the substantial profit potential. Successful affiliates can tap into the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market, leading to significant income opportunities. With crypto assets gaining more mainstream acceptance and value, the profit potential within this niche remains impressive.


  • Product selection challenge: while the crypto niche offers an array of products and services to promote, identifying the right ones can be challenging. Not all offers guarantee high commissions, and distinguishing between quality products and less valuable ones can be a nuanced task. Inexperienced affiliates may face difficulties in selecting the most lucrative opportunities.
  • Traffic dependence: a substantial flow of traffic to your affiliate platforms is essential for successful income generation. Without a consistent audience, earning significant commissions can be challenging. Attracting the right audience, especially within the highly competitive crypto space, requires effective marketing strategies and commitment.

Why crypto companies embrace affiliate marketing

Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing is known for its lucrative prospects. It involves high commissions, providing an ideal incentive for both affiliates and crypto companies. Several factors make affiliate marketing networks an attractive option for crypto firms:


Enhanced reach Affiliate marketing networks provide broader exposure to the target market, expanding a company’s reach.
Cost-efficiency The performance-based model of affiliate marketing minimizes upfront costs, ensuring companies only pay when sales or leads are generated.
Measurable results Companies can track campaign success, making data-driven decisions for future marketing efforts.
Access to specialized audiences  Partnering with affiliate marketing networks grants access to affiliates skilled in promoting financial products, increasing the likelihood of successful campaigns.


How much can you earn as an affiliate at different crypto exchanges

Before we unravel the intricate web of affiliate earnings, let’s first grasp the fundamentals of affiliate programs within the cryptocurrency industry. These programs provide a way for individuals to earn commissions by promoting crypto-related products and services. When users sign up or make transactions through an affiliate’s referral link, the affiliate earns a percentage of the associated fees or gains. In the crypto space, prominent exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Nominex offer affiliate programs, each with its distinct features.

Binance: rewarding direct referrals

Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, employs a straightforward affiliate program. Affiliates receive a commission, generally 20%, on the trading fees generated by their direct referrals. Notably, this commission can increase to 40% when affiliates hold at least 500 Binance Coin (BNB) in their accounts. However, unlike Nominex and OKEx, Binance’s affiliate program doesn’t extend multi-level referral earnings.

To illustrate the earnings potential, let’s consider a scenario where you invest 10,000 USDT, equivalent to 36 BNB. Given that you don’t have the required 500 BNB for the 40% commission tier, you’ll earn a 20% commission solely from the trades of your direct referrals on Binance.

OKEx: multi-level earnings

OKEx, another prominent crypto exchange, offers a multi-faceted affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn from both direct referrals and sub-affiliates. Affiliates start with a 30% commission on the trading fees generated by their direct referrals. This commission structure increases as sub-affiliates invite more users. Notably, OKEx’s affiliate program adopts a multi-level approach.

In this scenario, consider you have 50 direct referrals, each of whom invites 10 new users. Furthermore, these second-level affiliates also bring in 10 individuals each, and the cycle continues to the fourth level. You’ll find yourself leading a vast network, and it’s the trading fees generated by these interconnected users that contribute to your earnings on OKEx.

Nominex: the power of unlimited levels

Nominex takes affiliate marketing to another level by introducing unlimited referral levels. Affiliates can earn not only from direct referrals but also from sub-affiliates down to extraordinary depths, stretching to 1,000 levels below them. The complex yet rewarding affiliate program comprises multiple bonus types, such as referral farming rewards, direct rewards, and team farming rewards.

For instance, affiliates can earn 5-20% of the NMX tokens farmed by their direct referrals, as well as 20-40% from trading expenses generated by these users. Team rewards, advancement rewards, and leadership rewards further enhance the earning potential. As you lead a network spanning multiple levels, the activity of your vast affiliate network translates into significant earnings on Nominex.

Calculating earnings in affiliate marketing

To determine your potential affiliate earnings, various factors come into play. These include the commission rates, trading fees, the number of direct referrals, and the activity of your sub-affiliates. In this guide, we’ve employed sample calculations with 50 direct referrals and their corresponding sub-affiliates to illustrate how earnings can accumulate within these crypto exchanges. Understanding the math behind your earnings is crucial to strategize effectively within the affiliate marketing landscape of crypto exchanges.

Selecting the ideal crypto affiliate program

When choosing a cryptocurrency affiliate program, you should consider several core factors:

  • Commission rates: seek competitive commission rates that align with industry standards, ensuring they are attractive to potential affiliates.
  • Reputation and support: research and read reviews to assess a program’s reliability and quality, as a solid reputation indicates the program’s ability to deliver successful affiliate earnings.
  • Payment methods: look for platforms offering a variety of payment methods and ensuring swift payouts, backed by robust security measures.
  • Crypto affiliate offers and payouts: evaluate commission rates and payout structures of various programs, as they can significantly vary.

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Forums and communities

Are you ready to step into the world of advertising and tap into Instagram affiliate marketing to boost your traffic? You’re in for an enlightening experience! These platforms are designed to guide you on a knowledge-filled journey through the crypto niche.

  1. First up, there’s the Stack That Money (STM) Forum, an exclusive community of passionate marketers. Here, you can immerse yourself in profound discussions and real-world case studies. You’ll gain valuable insights into ad networks and traffic sources, enriching your understanding of the crypto niche.
  2. For those hungry for vibrant dialogues and potent strategies in the ads arena, look no further than the Warrior Forum. It’s a goldmine of information and insights, serving as the perfect launching point for affiliate marketers aiming to master advertising in the crypto niche.
  3. If you’re more of an auditory learner, the Affiliate Marketing Podcast is your go-to resource. It covers a wide range of topics related to affiliate marketing, delving into the dynamic world of ads within the crypto niche.
  4. Dive into the thriving community of AffiliateFix, where affiliate marketers come together to share ideas about ad strategies, affiliate networks, and exciting opportunities within the crypto niche.
  5. And last but certainly not least, explore the wealth of resources provided by Mobidea Academy, thoughtfully crafted for ads within the crypto world. These platforms are meant to help you drive traffic while gaining in-depth knowledge of the crypto niche.


Affiliate marketing and cryptocurrencies blend seamlessly, offering a dynamic space for affiliates to explore. Whether it’s promoting crypto ICOs, digital exchanges, crypto wallets, or NFT marketplaces, there’s a vast array of products and services to delve into.

Affiliate marketing allows you to turn your passion into a lucrative venture. It’s a dynamic way to generate income by promoting another company’s products or services in exchange for commissions. Within the crypto niche, opportunities abound, spanning exchanges, wallets, savings accounts, mining pools, and more. By partnering with these entities and utilizing affiliate networks, enterprising marketers can make the most of this fertile ground.

However, like any domain, affiliate marketing in the crypto niche has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it offers a low-risk entry point for newcomers, abundant product selection, and substantial profit potential. On the flip side, it presents challenges in selecting the right products and dependence on attracting a substantial flow of traffic to earn significant commissions.

Earning potential as an affiliate at different crypto exchanges depends on various factors, such as commission rates, trading fees, the number of direct referrals, and sub-affiliate activity. Calculating your earnings is essential for effective strategies within the affiliate marketing landscape of crypto exchanges. Affiliate marketing and cryptocurrencies offer a dynamic path to success. By partnering with crypto businesses and embracing affiliate networks, you can drive traffic and gain invaluable knowledge within the crypto niche. This journey combines your passion with profit potential, making it a rewarding endeavor in the world of cryptocurrency affiliate marketing.