Zeropark: Ad network with 20 billion impressions monthly

14 June 2019
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Zeropark: Ad network with 20 billion impressions monthly

We visited Zeropark’s headquarters and talked to Neill, Head of Account Management.

Neill told us about Zeropark’s history and values and how the company is actually managed. We touched upon the way Zeropark works with publishers and integrates new websites into its network.

And, of course, we also discussed traffic. Neill told us about various ad formats and traffic sources, as well as how to work with them. We discussed how affiliate marketing evolved and why Zeropark focuses on traffic quality rather than quantity (by the way, that’s why the company is not experiencing any problems linked to regulation changes).

Neill told us how many campaigns had been launched through Zeropark and how many impressions the company had generated last month. (Spoiler: quite a lot!)

We also touched upon the age-old question: is it possible to make money on pop-under traffic nowadays or is push traffic taking over?

At the end of the interview Zeropark will give a bonus to our audience. Be sure to watch the video all the way through to take part in our competition!


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