ZennoPoster — automation software for affiliates

8 August 2019
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ZennoPoster — automation software for affiliates

It so happens that in affiliate marketing and in the field of money-making on the Internet in general there are lots of routine tasks that someone has to perform. What I mean is optimizing campaigns, refreshing the traffic source costs in a tracker, creating and warming up social media accounts and so on.

Someone has to do it. At first, these tasks are performed manually, but as is well-known, time is the most valuable resource there is, and so it’s not cost-effective to spend it on routine tasks that can be automated and performed by a robot.

Today we are going to talk about ZennoPoster, professional software designed to help affiliates and webmasters automate their actions.

What is ZennoPoster and how can it help me?

Some create websites from scratch, while others use site builders such as Wix. ZennoPoster can be compared to Wix in this respect. It’s sort of a building set, only that it enables you to create an algorithm of actions rather than a website.

You can automate practically all actions that a browser allows you to do manually: surf the Internet, upload and download files, fill in website forms, check your inbox and click on links in emails, solve a CAPTCHA, register via SMS, use a proxy, send and receive GET/POST requests, work with files, for instance, upload data from an Excel sheet and send notifications on Telegram.

ZennoPoster — automation software for affiliates

On the screenshot above, there is an example of how the author of this article used ZennoPoster 2 to update traffic source costs in a tracker and backup landers in Amazon S3 daily. The program reports on successfully completed actions on Telegram.

All these tasks are performed in a multithread mode, which means that you will be able to open several windows at once and launch a program that will perform the required actions. If necessary, the program will work round-the-clock without holidays and day-offs. Where else will you find such a high-productive worker?

ZennoPoster — automation software for affiliates

Most importantly, you will be able to implement your ideas without fearing that someone will steal them from you or that your team member will copy your campaign. Moreover, you won’t have to hire freelancers, explain what you want from them, wait for the results and then pay them quite a lot, as automation is rather costly.

How do I work with it?

Everything is pretty simple:

you’ve come up with an idea → you’ve worked out the algorithm → you’ve implemented it in a program → testing and troubleshooting → now you can finally launch it → profit!

At that, you don’t need to be well-versed in coding, as you can create most algorithms using the simplest building blocks and then connecting them in a certain order. Of course, coding skills are very important, if only to create an algorithm for a program and ensure that it works quick and flawless. Nevertheless, these skills are not mandatory, as you will quickly learn how to write simple programs, everything else will come with experience.

ZennoPoster — automation software for affiliates

Which tariff should I choose and what else do I get?

Like all professional tools, ZennoPoster is not free of charge. Software designers (that come from Russia, by the way) offer three tariff plans: Lite, Standard, and Professional.

As affiliates are here to make money, I suggest purchasing the Professional plan despite the price. Believe me, if you are going to use it regularly, it will pay off multiple times over. If you buy the Lite plan and then decide to upgrade it to the Professional tariff, then you will have to pay 30% more. You can compare tariffs and available functions at their website.

ZennoPoster — automation software for affiliates

If you would like to try this software before purchasing it, ZennoPoster offers a demo version with limited functions. Note that it will only allow you to evaluate the program’s functionality and not to carry out full-fledged projects.

Apart from the program itself, ZennoPoster has a great support forum (just click on the “+” button and the english section of the forum will show up) where hundreds of ZennoPoster customers discuss the ins and outs of working with this software and help each other resolve certain issues. More seasoned guys offer their services to those who need to automate their tasks but are not going to program the actions themselves.

Moreover, to promote the program, the forum administration holds regular competitions for the best article on earning money with ZennoPoster, and forum users often post templates and case studies. Be sure to read them all to find lots of good ideas that have already been successfully implemented.

The 21st century is the century of automation. In the time when robotic cars are about to roam the streets, it’s ridiculous to create and optimize campaigns manually. This is a thing of the past. Save your time and learn how to automate routine tasks. ZennoPoster will surely help you in this regard. We wish you success!

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