TikTok Brings On a Full-Fledged Shopping Tab

2 September 2021
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TikTok Brings On a Full-Fledged Shopping Tab

The video platform has announced that now they are running test integrations of an in-app shopping feature — a Shopping Tab. The testing period covers Indonesia and Europe featuring such companies as Walmart and Shopify. Soon select brands and creators from the US, the UK, and Canada will get a chance to create a storefront directly in their TikTok profile and sell their products without customers leaving the app. In addition, it will not only be possible to buy and sell products, but also to promote other’s listings for a commission.

TikTok is unrivaled when it comes to pushy and viral trends, and it has become one of the major traffic sources for e-commerce campaigns. This is a noticeable step towards social commerce — influencers tell audiences what’s in demand, thus actually creating said demand.

To buy a product they like, the users had to leave the app and post the order and perform transactions somewhere else. And we know only too well that the harder it is to buy something, the fewer people will finalize the purchase. This is why this new shopping feature is a very important update for all marketers who run e-commerce campaigns or work in any other vertical that has anything to do with sales.

This is a big change for the short-video platform, as at the Shopping Tab the audience will be presented with stationary pictures. Still, a large share of the app’s audience is from Generation Z, they are rather receptive to anything new and unusual. For marketers, it is a fresh opportunity of attracting vast audiences to e-commerce campaigns via an app that has recently conquered the all-time king-network Facebook.

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