Stress management for affiliates who have to look at penises for 8 bloody hours a day

12 June 2019
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Stress management for affiliates who have to look at penises for 8 bloody hours a day

Yes, things like that do happen. You are spending long hours in front of your computer, and sometimes even two or three computers. Buying up accounts on Facebook and whatnot. Creating ad campaigns, transferring money, setting up a cloaker and whatnot. Then you are looking forward to counting your money.

While your ad accounts get banned, banned, BANNED.

And then you feel an urge to wreck your desk. To top it off, instead of hanging out with your cronies, you have to look at random penises, fatty buttocks, and pathetic man experiencing erection troubles.

You are slowly but surely getting overwhelmed by some insidious anxiety and then all of a sudden kick your lovable cat in utter despair and start nervously biting at your nails.

What is actually going on?

Congrats, you are overstressed. There is nothing surprising about that at all, as stress is a normal reaction to problematic situations such as troubles at work, negative emotions, slow Internet connection, the loss of important information, dumb spammers and a host of other depressing factors like tedious and repetitive tasks.

It is true that affiliate marketing is an ever-changing industry and therefore it never gets dull. However, in the majority of cases, you have to sit in front of your computer for 8 hours a day at the very least. It is great when you have an opportunity to work 5 days a week. Alas, those who earn their living by working remotely often forget to take a day off.

How do I know that I am stressed?

We have compiled a small list of key stress symptoms. If you experience more than three symptoms from this list, then you definitely have to reconsider your daily routine (and probably reduce the amount of time you spend getting stuck on some weight loss offers).

Physical symptoms of stress:

  • Headaches or/and any other type of aches. Prolonged mental and physical exertion inevitably leads to fatigue. This is how your body signals that you have reached your limits and need a break.
  • Upset stomach. Unhealthy diet, fast food snacks, overeating spells and occasional periods of fasting due to overworking sooner or later result in stomach problems ranging from burning sensations to gastritis.
  • Muscle tension and cramps. When you concentrate on your work, you stay in the same position for a long time. Your muscles get tense and then stiffen up, which may lead to numbness and pain. The longer you spend sitting, the more symptoms you will experience which will signal that something wrong is going on.
  • Dramatic weight loss or gain. People fall into two categories: those who lapse into stress eating and those who lose their appetite when they are stressed, which results in weight gain or weight loss respectively.
  • Sleeping or eating disorders. Atypical eating behavior, insomnia, and other sleeping issues also signal that you are exhausted.

Psychological symptoms of stress:

  • Emotional outbursts. If you easily become agitated and lose your temper when communicating with friends and relatives, it means that you are overworked and have no other emotional outlet.
  • Uncontrolled anxiety and worry. Unsubstantiated fear and panic are also one of the stress symptoms. Your psyche is overwhelmed, which leads to anxiety attacks being triggered for no reason at all.
  • Chronic fatigue, apathy, and indifference to situations that used to provoke an emotional reaction.
  • A short attention span. When you are stressed, you can find it very difficult to focus your attention even on some habitual actions.
  • Feeling guilty for no reason. You can’t shake the feeling of guilt for being late to catch up on something, failing to do something or not getting enough from something and so on and so forth.
  • Feeling lonely even if you are not alone. You do have a couple of friends indeed, but you lack human contact. Having a barbeque is always nicer than sitting at your computer. Lack of communication can also lead to stress.

Stress management for affiliates who have to look at penises for 8 bloody hours a day

How to overcome stress caused by promoting libido boosting creams?

Get some decent sleep. And dream of anything to your liking except dating sites. To have a good night’s sleep, consider doing some exercise several hours before going to bed. For instance, you can take an evening run in the nearest park (a perfect solution would be to buy a gym membership and exercise in the evenings). Or you can make love with your loved one. You know what we mean. It’s much more pleasurable than fiddling around with your work. To feel well throughout the day, it’s absolutely necessary to get a good night’s sleep.

Eat enough not to feel hungry 24/7. Maintaining a healthy diet is also very important. First of all, remove fast food, potato chips, and other junk foods from your grocery list. It is also advisable to refrain from fat-rich foods before going to bed. Eat 3-5 meals throughout the day to get enough energy. If you are sticking to a low-calorie diet, you’d better give up on it for a while to let your body recuperate. Be sure to increase your fruit and vegetable intake and take a vitamin course if you don’t have access to fresh veggies.

Adjust your devices. Keeping a close eye on your software and hardware is critically important. The lack of timely updates inevitably leads to unforeseen technical issues, which is another risk factor behind nervous breakdowns.

You shouldn’t eat or drink at your computer even if you really feel like it. Instead of taking endless snack breaks, you’d better have several substantial meals a day. When it comes to coffee, bear and mind that you can spill it on your keyboard.

If you have a slow Internet connection, do take the trouble to change your service provider or router. This will allow you to stop worrying about such petty trifles. Taking a trip to your new provider’s office and having some fresh air is also good for you. Get out in the open air for at least half an hour a day to see something other than fake breasts (that are sometimes not even female) and give your brain and eyes a break.

Change your environment. Search for some tours from your city. It may well be that you can join a bus tour departing from your place of residence and visit some picturesque sights that you will like. In the majority of cases, such tours are very affordable and provide for a change of scenery. Don’t bring your work with you, give yourself a chance to experience new emotions and take a rest for a couple of days.

Talk with your folks or get yourself a pet. What is the place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed? If it’s your parents’ house, then pack your suitcase (once again) and go visit your mother. Talk with her in the kitchen, recall your childhood days and go to a grocery store with her. And you can finally go fishing with your dad.

Moreover, every affiliate (and every person who has to work long hours at the office or at home) should have a companion animal to take their masters for a walk. Get yourself some disheveled creature and start training it, as it can distract you from thinking about problems at work. Besides, pets heal both body and soul.

Find yourself a hobby. Reading and watching educational materials to boost your work skills is not a hobby.
What did you enjoy doing when you were a child? Cross stitching? Woodcarving? Robot building? Or maybe collecting candy wrappers?

Start doing something for your own pleasure, otherwise, you will sooner or later get sick of your work, wonderful and great as it may be. A slight change of activity refreshes your mind and reduces the risk of stress.

Stress is not particularly dangerous and can be easily cured if you accept the simple truth that you are just a human before it’s too late. Be sure to rest regularly, as it will enhance your productivity.

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