Riddick’s Call Conference 2022

31 August 2022
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A new conference for online entrepreneurs is set to take place on the 11-12th of March in Dubai. The premise is simple — to gather a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and C-level execs to share industry insights and valuable information.

The conference is taking place right after the «Kinza 360˚», which is focused on affiliate marketing and traffic monetization. However, Riddick’s Call is centered on the developing of one’s business acumen and growing from a company to an enterprise. 

The conference is organized by Alex Riddick — Head of PIN-UP casino, one of the world’s fastest-growing iGaming companies.

No conference is complete without its speakers, and Riddick’s Call offers a short yet ambitious agenda: Marina Guru, the CEO of PIN-UP give a speech on building a reliable company structure. 

Then Alex Riddick and Aleks Slobozhenko will share their insights on how to grow a company into a holding, and last but not least Jordan Belfort will come on stage with his “straight line system”. Yes. The «The Wolf of Wall Street» will hold a seminar on improving your sales and business skills, so if the value of networking seems not enough (which is the core value of any conference), then this knowledge will increase your income. And if you are thinking that Jordan is the biggest surprise of this event, you are mistaken — we have more aces up our sleeve! 

The conference will be crowned by a party at a venue so luxurious it’s literally off the ground. The evening will be full of surprises and delights for the most exquisite taste. 

The full schedule will be available soon, stay tuned!

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