Youmi Ad Network Review


Verticals: Dating, eCommerce, Gaming, Mobile App Installs

Ad formats: Desktop Video, Mobile Display, Mobile Video, Social, Email, Desktop Display

Payment models: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM, CPV

Main features

Youmi is a China-based ad network for monetizing mobile traffic in a variety of verticals including dating, e-commerce, and gaming. The network has more than a decade of experience in the mobile niche and comprehensive GEO coverage with more than 240 countries in the database. Affiliates will find a supportive team and a great variety of available ad placements to cater to any need. Advanced tools include an in-built anti-fraud system, a deep-learning tech Demeter, and app store optimization.

Youmi Ad Network Review

CPI campaigns

The network applies an AI Advertising System for CPI campaigns. It is an intelligent programmatic advertising ecosystem that matches ads with the most suitable audience.

CPA campaigns

CPA campaigns use the power of the self-built DSP (Demand-Side Platform). This covers such niches as Click, Pinsubmit, CCsubmit, Sweeptstakes, etc.

Smartlink campaigns

Smartlink is a universal solution for traffic monetization that leverages traffic segmentation by reaching the best combination of traffic and offer.


  • The platform supports API/S2S integration.
  • Weekly payment +4% rebate for Sweetstake, Dating, CCsubmit, etc.
  • Despite the fact that the network mostly focuses on several verticals, it can deliver ad impressions for any offer.
  • The platform provides affiliates with access to 248 GEOs and 25 bn ad impressions monthly.
  • The ad network works with trusted publishers and has an in-house anti-fraud system that ensures the high quality of traffic.
  • Demeter or Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning technology allows for a deep, multidimensional data analysis.
  • Youmi has flexible payment terms that are determined individually.
  • A smart mapping algorithm for advertisers and publishers provides the team with deeper insights and allows for more detailed data-driven targeting and promotion, giving maximum possible ROI as a result. There is a wide range of adjustable parameters that are taken into account:

Youmi Ad Network Review


Actually their AM is quite pro!!! And I love them, thanks for their help, I set live their smart link. What’s more, I tried their VAS offers, super good CVR, better than other ad network I worked before. Have got two payments from them, it is timely.


One of my friends has been running offers from Youmi for more than 2 years. They have very good AM who are sweet to help with everything; Fast payment; and most important, they have many offers, different verticals. I have already got my first $50 for running CPL smart link. Hope to get more bonus.


Good support, large amount of offers, though not much data revealed in their platform.



Youmi is an ad network for monetizing mobile in-app traffic that has been providing affiliate marketers and media buyers with high-tech solutions since 2020. Its diverse toolbox and a newbie-friendly interface make this network a decent choice for promoting mobile campaigns.

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