YesCard Virtual Card Service Review

Founded in: 2023
YesCard is a service for issuing and managing virtual cards to pay for advertising campaigns on various platforms. You can top up your balance in USDT. Moreover, YesCard doesn't charge for closing cards and offers flexible limit settings. There is no account verification, but there are teamwork features, support service, and detailed reports on transactions.
Replenishment services
Monthly maintenance
3% charge
Minimum withdrawal

YesCard is a virtual card issuance service that allows you to launch and manage advertising campaigns on any platform. You can top up your balance in USDT, and pay for ad campaigns in any currency. You can work with your team, set flexible limits with zero transaction fees, interact with a caring support team, and browse through detailed financial reports.

YesCard is running a promotion in which you can get 50 cards for free, while ZorbasMedia readers can get 100 cards.

YesCard Virtual Card Service Review


  • Unified balance: no need to recharge all the cards manually
  • Unlimited issuance of cards for advertising payments
  • Flexible limit settings
  • Filters system in the user account
  • Access to detailed financial reports
  • Ability to work in teams
  • You can work with any GEO


To register on the YesCard platform, go to the website and click on Request Invite button. In the registration form, enter your first and last name, email, and Telegram account. You can also indicate your country, your team’s name, size, and average spending per month.

YesCard Virtual Card Service Review

After that, a support manager will contact you. When your application is approved, you will receive an invoice for your account. There is no additional verification procedures.

User account


This section displays all the information on the cards you use for your work. You can filter data by date, card status (active, closed, etc.) and limit type. Also, here you can request the issue of a new card.

YesCard Virtual Card Service Review


Here you can see the data on your transactions. All information can also be filtered: by user name, card, payment method and transaction status. The financial report can be uploaded in CSV format and the document will be sent to you by mail.

YesCard Virtual Card Service Review


The Team tab contains information on users who have access to the personal account on YesCard: their name, their position within the account and the amount of spending. In this section, you can add new members to your team.

There is a function “Add funds” in the personal account: when you click on the button, a separate window opens, where you specify a purse to transfer the cryptocurrency. If you click “Support” in your account, you will be redirected to the Telegram channel with the managers of the service, where you can ask questions.

YesCard Virtual Card Service Review

Terms and Conditions 

YesCards offers virtual card issuance for launching and managing ads in affiliate marketing and media buying, and the platform offers advanced spending management features. The cards are issued and replenished quickly. Also, the platform allows you to work in a team: you can create a corporate account and invite other members.

YesCard virtual cards are suitable for working with any advertising network. However, most clients use them for Facebook.

The service works with USD, but there is an exchange for any currency during the payment. That is, you can pay in any currency, but there may be a small exchange fee. Make sure to clarify this in advance with your manager.

At the moment, the service has a trust BIN 486521 Visa US. Additional BINs will be available in the summer of 2023.

In the near future, YesCard plans to launch functions that will allow media buyers to work with affiliate programs and B2B networks within their platform. The team is also working on the API feature and preparing an option to make mass card actions available, such as mass issuance, mass freezing, etc.

Replenishment and bonuses

The balance on YesCard is single for all cards, so you don’t need to refill each card separately. You can spend money through limits: the service offers flexible limit settings. Also, the platform has a flexible filter system and handy datapicker for uploading detailed reports.

The minimum deposit is $500. You can deposit YesCard with cryptocurrency in USDT (USDT ERC20 is available now, USDT TRC20 will be implemented soon). Link to your wallet and top up your account using a link or QR code. Depositing takes up to one hour on workdays, and up to three days on weekends. The service doesn’t charge for maintenance, declined and reverse transactions, as well as for closing the cards.

At the moment, the service has a test period for the first month: the reduced rate for the first month is 0.99%. In the following months, the fee is 3%. YesCard is ready to provide individual conditions for large teams upon request. Besides that, now you can get the first 50 cards for free. Starting with 51 cards, the cost will be $0.50 per card.

To take advantage of this promotion, register and make your first recharge within the next 1–2 days after account activation.

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

There’s also a limited promotion for ZorbasMedia readers. You can get additional 50 free cards by registering with YesCard now. That means you will have a total of 100 free cards. To do this, you need to tell the manager the Zorbas promo code when registering.

Support service

YesCard customer service is available from 10 AM to 7 PM (UTC+3). The manager can be reached via Telegram. You can contact the support team with any questions regarding the service’s cards.

YesCard Virtual Card Service Review


I’m completely satisfied with the card and its functionality. It is more cost-effective than many services. The company has reliable and responsive support. I am satisfied and I advise YesCard to everyone.

Oleg, affiliate marketer


1. Convenient display of holds

2. Unified balance

3. No problems with the use of cards

4. The interface is nice and easy to use, it is simple and intuitive, and the level of comfort is high


1. Top up only in ERC20

2. Only 1 BIN

3. Currency exchange is 1%

That is, you won’t see any holds on your logged accounts, but you will have to pay a 1% currency exchange + 1% cross border + $ 0.30

There will be holds on auto-registered accounts, but there will be no additional commissions

Yavis Team, media buying team

In June-July, the variants of account replenishment and the number of BINs will expand.

The YesCard service offers bank cards with favorable conditions. The cards can be used to pay for advertising campaigns on various platforms. If you work in a team, you will be able to issue cards and see the statistics in a unified interface. The YesCard team are constantly collecting feedback and improving the product, which cannot fail to please. If you have any questions, the support team will help. In general, everything is fine, we are satisfied with this service.

Traffic Rangers, media buying team

My team is satisfied with the service, we do not have any problems with card usage at the moment, and we are very happy with it. We have never met any risks, holds are present, but not too many. I also really liked the user interface, which is very intuitive. If you do not know what to do with your card, or how to use it, you can buy it online instantly. Topping up via ERC20 is not ideal, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. I also would like to see an automatic top up, but it’s not a big issue. The support team responds and top up promptly.

White Secret, media buying team

We used cards for linking to the services of Google, Facebook, and TikTok. The cards have performed very well for the USA campaigns! No problems with the linking. There may be some difficulties only if you work with European GEOs. So we are very happy with the service and will use it further! =)

I want to note the prompt support for all kinds of questions and assistance in accelerating card replenishment! And I would also commend the functionality of the service itself — everything is intuitive and straightforward. Thank you very much, YesCard!

Sfb Tech, media buying team


YesCard is a modern card issuance service maintained by a team with extensive experience in affiliate marketing. The service allows you to pay for advertising campaigns on a slew of platforms. You can use it for any GEO and top up via cryptocurrency, which also greatly expands the possibilities. There is a unified balance for all your cards, there are no commissions for closing the card or declined transactions. Moreover, you can create team accounts and receive detailed reports on the work. YesCard will be a good choice for those who run a lot of advertising campaigns and require many cards.

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