YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review

Founded in: 2022
Google.YeezyPay is a service for renting advertising accounts in Google Ads made by the YeezyPay payment service. The service offers individual support for each client and withdrawal of funds when the advertising account is banned.
E-commerce, apps, subscriptions, gut, gambling, betting
GEO coverage
Europe, Estonia
Minimum deposit
100 USDT
Payout systems
Wire, USDT
5% (when replenishing)

YeezyPay is a service for renting and replenishing agency accounts in popular ad networks. You can use it to run ads in Google Ads. The company offers comfortable working conditions: a minimum withdrawal fee (5%), fast replenishment of accounts, round-the-clock support, and a 100% money-back guarantee in case of an advertising account ban.

YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review

YeezyPay advantages

  • High trust in the accounts provided
  • No VAT
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • The ability to work with Google advertising cabinets.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for profile bans
  • Replenishment for companies via Wire/Sepa without additional fees
  • Round-the-clock professional support
  • Real-time tracking of advertising expenses

Registration and profile

There is no registration process. To connect to the YeezyPay service, you just need a Telegram profile. Go to the service’s website, select “Connect via Telegram”, and then following the recommendations of the company’s bot, click “Get a login link”.

That’s it, now you can log in to your account. What is in it?

  • Transfers. Replenishment form. Here you can select an available currency and convert it to USD, BTC, USDT, or EUR.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review 
  • Payouts. The page for withdrawing the remaining funds. In case of an account ban here, you can transfer the balance to the card in RUB or KZT.
  • History. Tab with billing transaction history. You can filter the data by purpose, payment status, time period, card number, transaction ID, and amount.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review 
  • Top up mobile. A form for withdrawing funds to the mobile phone balance.

After adding funds to your account and connecting the advertising account, the corresponding tabs will appear in your profile (for example, Google Ads).

How to get an agency account in YeezyPay?

The interface and features of the YeezyPay service are most user-friendly. Let’s look at the example of Google Ads. The algorithm for connecting to the agency account looks like this:

  1. Go to the service’s website.
  2. Connect using your Telegram account.
  3. Get a login link from the bot.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review 
  4. Use the link and a QR code to replenish your account by 104 USDT.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review 
  5. After adding funds to your account, follow the link Advertising Account Service Review
  6. Convert the deposited USDT into USD in your YeezyPay account.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review 
  7. Send an e-mail to yourself with an invitation to connect to the advertising account.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review 
  8. Follow the link from the email and get access to your Google Ads account.YeezyPay Advertising Account Service Review

That’s it. Now you can launch advertising campaigns and work with traffic. Let’s note a few important things:

  • To connect agency offices, you need to use an e-mail that didn’t have cases of Google Ads bans.
  • You can connect only one advertising account to one email.
  • The YeezyPay commission when exchanging USDT to USD is 1%.
  • When replenishing the advertising account, the commission is 5%.
  • If the agency account is banned, the deposit amount is refunded to the YeezyPay account less the 5% commission.
  • Use a Google account with a verified phone number.
  • It is recommended to register mail from Europe, Turkey, and the CIS (except Russia and Belarus).
  • When connecting multiple cabinets on the same device, be sure to use anti-detect browsers and proxies under the Gmail GEO account.
  • When using agent cabinets, you need to create new accounts in the advertising network. It is possible to connect already created ones, but this needs to be discussed with the YeezyPay manager.

Accounts in Google Ads are connected automatically. Facebook Ads accounts and Unity Ads are issued manually by YeezyPay employees. To connect them, you need to contact the support service.

Which verticals are available?

The main verticals in which you can run ads using YeezyPay agent cabinets are e-commerce, applications, and subscriptions. That is mainstream offers.

Is this service suitable for Nutra offers? Yes, but it is necessary to use creatives with a minimum percentage of bans and get them approved beforehand.

Is it allowed to run campaigns into gambling and betting offers in YeezyPay? Yes, but only via UAC.

Moderation and bans in YeezyPay

There is no regulated moderation in the service. After registration and replenishment of the account, it is recommended to discuss your advertising formats and offers with the service manager. This way, you will not only agree on working conditions but also receive recommendations on setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns.

In general, YeezyPay does not conduct constant checks of the ads you run, as the company is aimed at long-term and comfortable relationships with partners. However, the service monitors the percentage of bans and work analytics from accounts. Therefore, if the number of bans grows to a critical level, the cooperation will be terminated. At the same time, all remaining money from the YeezyPay account can be easily withdrawn without any restrictions.

Payment systems and deposit refund

To replenish your YeezyPay account, you can:

  • Bank Wire
  • USDT

The minimum deposit (including commission) is 104 USD. In case of a ban on the advertising account, the funds are fully withdrawn back to your YeezyPay account (except for a 5% commission).

In case of cooperation termination, you can withdraw the remaining money by any convenient method. The service provides a 100% deposit refund guarantee.

Also, YeezyPay can be used not only to connect cabinets in Google Ads but also to send or receive Wire/Sepa payments.

Customer support

After connecting to the service, the YeezyPay support team will work with you. Communication takes place in a personal chat created for each client.

The working hours of the support service are not regulated. Therefore, you can get answers to your questions 24/7, even without any emergencies.

What questions can I contact the support service for?

  • Replenishment of the YeezyPay account and agency accounts
  • Connecting advertising accounts
  • Conducting transactions
  • Withdrawal of remaining funds
  • Getting recommendations on setting up and launching advertising campaigns


By accounts:

  1. The interface of working with accounts — ordering and replenishment — is so simple that my mother would understand everything (literally).
  2. In my niche, they work out smartly, the percentage of bans is several times smaller than self-registered accounts or other purchased acc that we tried.
  3. It follows from paragraph 2 that the average spread on the account before its closure goes to tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of euros/dollars.
  4. We completely moved to the agency accounts and scored on the constant search for good bills, since they are simply not needed.
  5. Support guys fixed problems even in the dead of night.

In short, these accounts saved me a lot of headaches, and thank them very much.

Sudo W

Absolutely without exaggeration, I can say that the guys played a huge role for our buying department in bringing the Google direction to a new level, since they were able to close our main pains with their accounts at that time — billing and trust accounts. You immediately get a trusted account, without having to connect a payment card for it. Also, from juicy is the ability to transfer balances from banned accounts, receive numerous accounts, and replenish accounts in USDT.

Receiving such advantages, we have grown quantum in working with this source, and now Google is our main one. Thanks to the YeezyPay accounts, we calmly generate 200 FD daily in gambling, already forgotten about a bunch of routine that used to be when working with farms.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the service — despite the fact that the main operations can be done 24/7 in their admin panel, they are always in touch and promptly help with any issues that arise.

We definitely recommend YeezyPay to anyone who wants to do a lot of high—quality traffic in Google — you can finally forget about the cupcake with Google and focus on the main thing — traffic.

Bogdan, Head of Media Buying “PlayCash”

YeezyPay is a cool agency, it was difficult to find such a thing in such a market as it is now. Communication with the agency’s guys is at the highest level, everything is clear and fast. I’ve been working with them for six months now, and I don’t know any problems with traffic. The commission is quite pleasant, the web platform is very convenient. With their service, you can control all your expenses in real-time, which is very important for Google.

To everyone who drives traffic, this agency is a must-have). I am very pleased with our cooperation and hope for a long and promising work together!


It’s convenient, from proven brothers, everything works, and we use it all the time.

I am very satisfied with the YeezyPay service. Advertising accounts are replenished easily and quickly, the support guys promptly help with all points, low commission, no blocking, and other nonsense.

There is simply no alternative to this service now!



YeezyPay is a convenient service that solves the problem of obtaining trust advertising accounts, replenishing existing ones, and setting up advertising campaigns in previously unavailable sources. A simple and user-friendly interface allows you to quickly understand the algorithms of the platform, analyze your expenses and increase the final profit. The service is suitable for everyone who works with the ad networks Google, Facebook, Unity, and TikTok, as well as a number of other foreign companies.