Galaksion advertising network review

Founded in: 2014
Galaksion is an international advertising network that provides direct traffic from webmasters. Here one won’t see intermediaries or fraud. Instead, the company offers a convenient Self-Service Platform, a huge variety of formats and verticals available, as well as a free creative templates base.
Available ad formats
Popup (Popunder), Push-Notification, On-Page Notification, Native, Mobile Push-up
Pricing models
More than 157
WebMoney and bank cards. Paxum, and bank transfer are available on request.
The minimum deposit

What is Galaksion?

Galaksion is an advertising network with direct traffic coming from proven publishers. The company consistently provides advertisers with more than 30 billion impressions every month. So there is no need to worry about the available traffic volumes nor its quality, and the updated Self-Service platform allows to quickly launch campaigns with minimum effort1.

Available GEOs:

Galaksion currently covers more than 157 GEOs. Let us list the top ones:

  • Asia: ID, IN, MY, PH, TH, VN, SG
  • MENA: AE, SA, KW, EG, PK 
  • Tier-1: US, GB, CA, AU
  • Europe: IT, FR, ES, DE
  • Latam: BR, MX, AR, PE, CO
  • Africa: ZA, NG, EG, DZ
  • CIS:  RU, UA, KZ, BY, UZ

Available ad formats:

  • Popup (Popunder)
  • Push-Notification
  • On-Page Notification
  • Native
  • Mobile Push-up

Pricing models:

Starting 2021, the Galaksion Self-Service platform supports CPA payment for three ad formats: Popup (Popunder), Push-Notification, and On-Page Notification. Now everyone can pay for the conversions only and stop worrying about campaigns’ profitability. This innovation indeed makes Galaksion stand out in the market.

Galaksion advertising network review

CPA campaign launching

It is also possible to purchase CPM and CPC traffic. 

To track traffic volumes and current bids there is a traffic volumes section on the platform.

Galaksion advertising network review

Traffic volumes

Payment options:

WebMoney and bank cards are two main ways to top up your balance. 

Paxum, and bank transfer are available on request. 

The minimum deposit is $50.

Where to drive Galaksion traffic to?

We have reached out to the Galaksion team to learn about the most winning ‘vertical+ad format’ combinations. Here are some recommendations on where to drive traffic to.

  • Push: E-commerce, Utilities, Nutra, Apps, Extensions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Finance
  • Native: E-commerce, Nutra, Games, Dating
  • Popunder: E-commerce, Utilities, Extensions, Apps, VPN, Sweepstakes, Games, Music and Movie-related offers, Push-subscriptions
  • On-page: Utilities, Nutra, Apps, Extensions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Finance

Personal account and campaign launch on Galaksion

Registration on the Self-Service platform takes just a couple of minutes.

Galaksion advertising network review

Registration page

The interface is convenient and intuitive. Even an affiliate with no experience working with advertising accounts will have no difficulty in dealing with the proposed functionality.

On the platform, there are several useful tools. Traffic estimator is one of them.

Enter the payment model, geo, targets, and the platform will automatically plot the graph. It shows how many clicks/impressions you can get by choosing a particular rate. In other words, it is possible to plan your budget before launching a campaign. 

Galaksion advertising network review

Graph of the bid relationship with the traffic volume

Available targeting options:

  • Country/region/city, 
  • Platform
  • OS + OS version
  • Browser
  • Browser language
  • Time targeting
  • Frequency/Capping
  • Black/white lists
  • ISP
Galaksion advertising network review

Targets available on Galaksion

For different ad formats and verticals, Galaksion has prepared a large base of free creative templates for advertising campaigns. It is extremely convenient: no more need to waste time searching for the right image or to pay the designer. Instead, you can immediately use the creative, which has already been tested in the particular “vertical+ad format” pair.

Galaksion advertising network review

Free creative templates base

In the campaigns section, it is easy to track the moderation status of the newly created campaign. On weekdays, the approval process usually takes no more than an hour.

Those who use ad trackers can create a postback link. Detailed instructions on how to do this are presented on the platform.

Galaksion also has one of the most detailed statistics that can be found on advertising networks’ Self-Service platforms. Add to this many filters and the ability to download data in CSV format.

CPA Goal

For those who choose to pay in CPM or CPC, there is another handy feature: the CPA Goal tool, which offers automatic optimization. You only need to set the desired conversion cost. The closer it is to the real cost, the more effective the algorithm will work for the campaign.

There are also two more useful settings:

CPA goal zero rate is a coefficient that allows you to calculate the required number of impressions per slice (geo+platform+zone). If there are no conversions on the zone after this number is reached, it is automatically stopped. 

CPA goal stop rate — the coefficient that is used if there is at least one conversion in the zone. In this case, the slice is optimized based on the potential revenue. If the expense multiplied by the coefficient exceeds the income, the zones are blocked automatically.

Advice on working with traffic from Galaksion team

The Galaksion team regularly tells about working with traffic on their blog. There you will find valuable tips from company employees, life hacks for advertisers, case studies of experienced network partners, and much more. 

Any questions and difficulties in working with the Self-Service Platform can be quickly solved by contacting the personal account manager. Managers are in touch daily. Communicating with them is very important and even useful: being on the other side, they know many insides and are willing to share them. The advertising network’s mission is to help you earn money on traffic. Therefore, the managers will always tell you how to optimize the campaign and save the budget.

Customer support

Support managers work daily from 11 am to 8 pm (UTC+3). Account managers are here to help with any difficulties: platform features, best ad format selection, campaign optimization, etc. It does not depend on how high are the sums the partner spends in their advertising network at the moment.

Affiliates’ reviews

Galaksion advertising network reviewKirill Loginov

Affiliate manager. Russia. Rostov-on-Don



Good time of day to all of you!

I have been working with Galaksion for such a long time that I even managed to have quite a lot of experience with their old platform. That’s why now I can objectively compare it with a new platform that was introduced around two months ago.

The key difference is that the new platform is much faster. You used to wait for quite a while before a screen form got closed or saved, whereas now it happens in no time. This is very important for me because I run a few hundred ad campaigns at once and a lot of systems start working really slow.

New features have been added to the interface and it has become more pleasing to the eyes.

Now you can also set up different bids for different GEOs within one campaign. This is a very useful functionality that allows you to run significantly fewer campaigns. Not so many ad networks now have this feature.

Overall, the new platform is a rather successful step towards streamlining and simplifying working processes for affiliates.

I can say that I have had a pleasant experience working with Galaksion. The responsive support team always tries to solve your problem as soon as possible. They are always eager to give some recommendations and useful advice. As regards the new platform, they try to take into account all customer requests and add new features. The moderation procedure takes little time, from a few minutes to an hour.

As for the traffic, it’s of high quality. I’m now working with around 15 ad networks and have come up with my own gradation of popunder traffic: the first, second, and third levels.

The third level: only bots. Practically nothing converts, you have to spend a lot of money to get at least some publishers.

The second level: you can actually get some converting publishers, but the traffic quality will be unstable and variable. It is possible to make some money, but it will be difficult.

Undoubtedly, Galaksion belongs to the first level. You can easily collect a set of publishers’ platforms that will work well in the long run. I can say that as far as traffic quality is concerned, among all the networks I work with Galaksion shares the first place with another system.

To sum it up, I can recommend working with Galaksion. I do understand that the more advertisers they have, the more difficult it will be for me to work with this network but at the same time more interesting.

As for drawbacks

There is a certain discrepancy between the traffic volumes that Galaksion shows and the volumes that go to your tracker and affiliate network. It would also be great to see the full list of publishers. It is sometimes useful to have a look at how it has changed since new publishers were added. It would also be great to be able to see a list of at least 500 ad campaigns on a single page, not 100. I think another great thing would be to include traffic volumes and today’s spend for each campaign shown on this page. As for now, users have to consult a separate report and work on each separate campaign page.

Galaksion advertising network reviewDan Dragon

Media Buyer. Cyprus. Limassol.



I’ve been working with Galaksion for almost a year on their old platform but recently I was asked to test their new SSP.

I want to say that I was very impressed with the difference in the interfaces of my old account and the new one.

First, the interface has become more understandable and pleasing to the eyes.

Second, they got a new Traffic volume section where I can check current traffic without asking the manager (which caused some inconvenience in the past). This section has information about approximate rates and volumes for pops, push and native. Plus you can see traffic on different OSs and platforms.

The thing I don’t like is the inability to view traffic volume by browsers. But I can always get this information from my manager, who answers quite quickly.

The payment history has appeared in the new SSP, which I consider to be a huge plus in comparison with the old one.

Also while creating an advertising campaign it’s now automatically calculating what approximate amount of traffic I’ll receive with my frequency and bids.

Good clean traffic WW, can’t tell anything bad about it. There are discrepancies but within the normal range of 5-15%.

One of the downsides: I can’t add operators’ IPs by myself. I can only target the operator’s name.

In general, I am very satisfied with our cooperation, the new platform is much more convenient than the previous one.

It can be seen that the guys are working, developing. Good luck to them with that.

Galaksion advertising network reviewAlex

Teamlead. Thailand. Bangkok.



Strengths of the network:

  • high quality and clean traffic;
  • Good service, great and easy SSP;
  • quick responsive account managers.

Weak sides of the network:

  • no major weak points.

Personal user experience. Any observations — shortened holds, user-friendly interface, bonuses and etc.

  1. We had a great experience working with the Galaksion network because their high quality helped us make gain lots of money.
  2. Galaksion is one of the few networks that you can have the highest ROI rate
  3. You have to take care of bot traffic as much as you can to improve your quality more and more, this is my only observation.
  4. Your interface is very easy and simple but sometimes I find difficulty get statistics especially when I’m trying to get many ones at the same time like zone, country, OS, and browsers together.

Case study: ROI 357% and $3000 profit with push-notifications

Let us share a successful case with Galaksion: ROI 357% on push-notifications on the widest geo and with minimum settings. Traffic was driven to installs in CPC.

General info:

  • Period: 5 July – 27 November 2019
  • Geo: WW
  • Advertising format: push-notification
  • Vertical: Utilities
  • Offer: Advanced MacCleaner (direct from advertiser)
  • Pricing model: CPC
  • Budget: $779
  • Income: $3 565.1
  • Profit: $2 785.7
  • ROI: 357.42%

Campaign settings:

  • Platform: Desktop
  • OS: MAC
  • Browsers: all (except IE and Edge)
  • Languages: all
  • Capping/frequency: 3/24 (3 impressions per user every 24 hours).
  • Rate: $0.05


Header: «Is Your Mac Slowing Down?» — points at the user’s pain.

Body: «Get Its Power Back with MacCleaner!» — offers a solution to users.

A link in the ad led to prelanding, which offered to install utility.

Galaksion advertising network review


According to Voluum tracker statistics, during the campaign the advertiser received 700 conversions and the income was $3565. Net profit of the advertiser — $2 785.7, ROI — 357.42%.

It was possible to increase profits and ROI by applying narrower segmentation by country and excluding ineffective GEOs after. Also, the advertiser did not use User Activity targeting, which was released on Galaksion SSP recently. This setting allows you to target push-campaigns on users depending on their subscription period.

However, with high-quality Galaksion traffic it turned out quite easy to turn $780 into $3500 even using such simple creatives and settings. 


Galaksion is a source of high-quality direct traffic. The company purchases traffic only directly from proven webmasters, so affiliates do not have to drain the budget for bots or fraud. As you can see from the case above, conversions are excellent even with minimal settings. 

Add to this a convenient Self-Service Platform with regular new features, automatic optimization, CPA payment, and free creatives base. At the output, we get a loaded advertising network where you can get huge profit with pop, push, and native traffic for various offers’ promotion.

Register on the Galaksion platform with a bonus from Zorbas Media: enter promo code zorbas_lst15 and get 15% to the first balance top-up.

For more information, visit Galaksion’s official website and social networks: