“The School of Practical Investment”: an overview of the affiliate program

“The School of Practical Investment”: an overview of the affiliate program
23 April 2019

“The School of Practical Investment” is a project where tutors teach newcomer and professional investors. Tutors lead online courses on savings management and investments in different fields of the economy. The project’s affiliate program was launched in 2013. It can be very profitable to work with for:

  • those who have large mailing lists;
  • owners of large websites and portal chains;
  • administrators of related communities on social media.

General characteristics of the CPA network

Website: investorpractic.ru

Types of offers: finance, investments.

Promotion tools: ready-made promotions, etc.

Payment systems: electronic wallets, bank cards.

Payouts: once a month.

Features of the program

We can highlight the following advantages of the Среди достоинств партнерской программы School of Practical Investment affiliate program:

  • Two-stage system of getting remuneration. A partner is getting remuneration for not only their customers’ purchases, but also for the income of the invited referrals.
  • Quality products and services. When working with the program, a webmaster can feel confident in the “School” reputation and the quality of services provided.
  • Regular remuneration payments. All commissions are paid to partners in strict compliance with the terms of the system.
  • High conversion rates. With the right targeting, you can achieve great monthly income.
  • No direct sales. A webmaster only needs to advertisers courses to the chosen audience.
  • Regular promotions. The “School” periodically launches large sales and introduces new products. If followers buy a product on sale, a webmaster gets a commission from the regular price.

Webmasters are provided access to links to various products: paid and free of charge. They can publish them on websites or social media. They can also be advertised in other ways: for instance, via email or offline.

“The School of Practical Investment”: an overview of the affiliate program

In the “Sales” section there is a tab with promotional materials. In this tab, you can choose a banner, an email or an image. A material is adjusted to the preferences of users and the audience it is designed for.

How much does the program pay?

If a user follows the affiliate link and makes a purchase, a webmaster will get up to 40% of the revenue. A webmaster can withdraw the first payments after two purchases. When a user follows the referral link, a webmaster gets up to 10% of the sales revenue. If an affiliate publishes links to a paid product, there are 2 sales per 1000 clicks on average. As for the free products, 1 of 4 visitors makes a purchase, therefore, webmasters lose much fewer customers. Thanks to the sales funnel, many of the remaining users come to the point of purchasing a product. Sales via referral links are only registered if a user signs up on the website before placing an order. His profile will be linked to a webmaster for 1 year. Payments are made monthly between the 10th and the 15th days. The money is transferred to a bank card or to a payment system specified by a webmaster. The system prohibits publishing affiliate links using any kind of spam. In particular, it is prohibited to post comments to articles on respected websites. These actions can lead to the blocking of the affiliate account.