The affiliate network Lexprofit: a review on its features and advantages

The affiliate network Lexprofit: a review on its features and advantages
11 April 2019

Lexprofit is a company providing legal services which is offering affiliates to make extra money in its affiliate program. Your task is to drive additional traffic to paid legal services, while Lexprofit will find qualified lawyers.

Characteristics of CPA network


Types of offers: legal services.

Promotion tools: a widget with a cover of an online consultant, feedback forms, free templates of websites and landing pages, a private phone number.

Payment systems: WebMoney, bank card, Yandex.Money, cashless transfer (if so agreed).

Payouts: once a week (from 100 rubles on WebMoney, from 10 000 rubles – to a bank card and Yandex.Money account).

How does it work?

The law firm is offering three money-making schemes to affiliates:

  1. A lead offer. You find contacts of potential customers, and then they are bought from you. The staff of Lexprofit conducts analysis on customers’ requests, and you get a fixed payment for every lead. Currently, the price depends on GEO and the number of leads.
  2. A percentage offer. You are offered to get the percentage from the price of the contract signed by the customer. You direct customers to the company: if they sign a contract, you get your share from its price. The company is offering up to 20% of the contract price to affiliates, the percentage depends on GEO and the number of contracts.
  3. A visit offer. The company pays 1400 rubles for every visitor leaving an application on the affiliate’s website. This option is great for affiliates placing paid search ads since its targeting settings allow to get a pretty high conversion rate and maximum profit from the traffic. This option is also great for those acquiring traffic from social media. If you want to use the visit offer, you can choose between two options in the settings: “leads”/”visits”.

Advantages for webmasters

Affiliates are supported by many promotional materials and tools:

  • Private phone number. You can lend either a federal number or a particular regional one. You are also given the phone widget that you can set up according to your needs.
  • Feedback form. You can choose it for a suitable referral offer.
  • Consultant widget. You can set up its location on a page, the robot name, GEO, sound effects, and color scheme.
  • Banners, including pop-up ones. You can choose the most suitable ones for your website’s subject or a neutral one which will fit any resource.
  • Template for landing pages. There are many templates of free landing pages and websites with different designs that you can implement into your hosting.

The affiliate network Lexprofit: a review on its features and advantages

To begin working with Lexprofit, you need to register on their website, or you can quickly sign in using your social media accounts: Facebook, Google+, and VK. In the admin panel, you need to go to settings and fill in your personal data, specify your website and traffic sources. After moderation, all conversion data are available in your account.

How are payments made?

You can withdraw money from the program Lexprofit every Friday. The easiest way is to transfer money to WebMoney, the minimum amount for withdrawal there is just 10 rubles. As for Yandex.Money, you cannot withdraw less than 10 000 rubles there.

The company is providing its partners with an opportunity to transfer money to Sberbank card, the minimum amount for withdrawal is also 10 000 rubles. Keep in mind that if your card was issued not in Moscow, your transfer commission will constitute 1%. If no option is suitable for you, then you can contact the company staff and negotiate on a cashless transfer.