Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2018
Surfshark is an affiliate program and a privacy protection platform that provides access to such tools as VPN, Antivirus, and Incogni. Affiliate marketers are at liberty to select any traffic source and GEO. The offers are available under the RevShare payout model with a default payout rate of 40%.
Number of offers
1 product in a variety of price options
Payout models
Payout methods
Credit card, crypto, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire transfer, ACH transfer
Minimum payout threshold
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic. Gambling, alcohol, religion, politics, or adultery related traffic are also prohibited

Surfshark is an affiliate program of the Surfshark digital platform that provides access a privacy protection tool set that includes VPN, Antivirus, Incogni, Alert, and Search. The company was founded in 2018 and has gained significant prominence since, rising into the Top-3 VPN services.


  • Surfshark ranks among the Top-3 VPN services
  • A selection of well-performing relevant products to promote: VPN, Antivirus, Incogni
  • Affiliates are provided with ready-made promos, custom-made promo materials are provided if necessary
  • Agreed performance bonuses and individual terms
  • A vast selection of payout methods
  • Intuitive dashboard with 17 locales
  • Dedicated managers assist with creatives, ad campaign promotion, SEO, and optimization


Getting started with Surfshark will take under 10 minutes. Navigate to the main page of the affiliate program and hit the “Become an Affiliate” button.

Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

Next, you will need to fill out a traditional registration form divided into three blocks: general information about yourself or your company, information required for your account (username, password, etc.), and the promotion-related block (traffic sources and planned approaches). Make sure you study and agree to the terms of service, the cookie-policy, and the use of personal data.

Your application is then submitted for approval. At Surfshark affiliate program, new accounts are reviewed and approved manually. Once your account is cleared, you will have full access to the Surfshark affiliate platform.


Surfshark platform features an intuitive and minimalistic dashboard that holds all the tools one need for running ad campaigns.

Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

The main page of the dashboard holds the general statistics of your campaigns for the past 7 days. Among the left-hand tabs you will find Offers, Reports, Tools, and My Account. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

In this section, you will find the currently available offers and live offers, and also check the notifications about the upcoming changes. Every offer has a preview of the landing page attached, as well as features the comprehensive information and requirements in the description. Make sure to study the terms of the offer before launching an ad campaign.


In this section, affiliates will find detailed reports of their ad campaigns, as well as report archive that allows to customize and save any report for future analysis.


The “Tools” menu holds such options as Ad groups, Mobile App, APIs, Pixels/Postbacks, and Promotional Rules. Affilate marketers can manage ad groups and filter them by status or activity, configure API integration or conversion tracking via pixels or post-backs.

Also, pay attention to the “Promotional Rules” tab and make sure to learn about the prohibited promotional approaches to avoid them in your ad campaigns.

Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

My Account

Here you can manage your Surfshark account with your contact details, billing data, and preferred payout methods. Go to the “Settings” to change the language of the dashboard, and click on “Contact Support” to reach out to the support team via email.

When it comes to tracking, Surfshark leverages the power of Hasoffers, an affiliate platform that enables post-back and server to server integrations. It is also possible to integrate a third-party tracking solution. Hasoffers also has promotional materials and inspiration sources for creative development. It is a self-service platform, however you can always reach out to your dedicated manager for assistance.


Surfshark affiliate program has one product with a variety of package and price-range options that make for several offers for affiliates to promote. You can always find the currently available offers in the “Offer” section of your affiliate dashboard.

The options for promotion include such tools as VPN, Antivirus, Alert, Search, and Incogni. Affiliates can choose the most suitable option depending on their target audience.

Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

Once you have selected an offer and agreed to the terms and conditions, you can access the full campaign set-up with tracking and post-back links, advanced targeting and creatives.

Surfshark Affiliate Program Review

The offers are usually updated on a quarterly basis.

Payouts and support

Surfshark affiliate program provides offers under the RevShare payout model. The default payout rate is 40%, trusted affiliates with big volumes of high-quality traffic can get agreed performance bonuses.

There is a hold period of 30 days, which is linked to the 30-days product return policy for the end-users. Affiliates can receive payment via a slew of systems, including Credit card, crypto, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire transfer, and ACH transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $100.

The support team is available from 9 AM to 5 PM (GMT+3) on workdays. Each affiliate marketer is assigned with a dedicated manager who is always there for you and is ready to assist with any issue from selecting a promotional approach to requesting a payout. Your dedicated manager will also provide you with ready-made or custom-made creatives and landers.

Also, follow Surfshark on social media and check out their blog to stay ahead of the curve.


Collaborating with Surfshark is a breeze. Our attentive account manager and the wide range of languages they offer, helps us scale content internationally and take our partnership to the next level.


Surfshark proves its worth with a large collection of privacy tools, an excellent app, and unlimited device connections.


Excellent VPN and so easy to use. Has an ever-growing list of countries to choose from.

Brian Aubin

Starting out as a blog mostly about routers, Upsangel saw an opportunity to introduce their readers to VPNs and sign up with the Surfshark affiliate program. By creating a dedicated VPN section, they quickly became a leading partner in Hong Kong and one of our top VPN partners overall.

The strong German tabloid brand,, rose to the very top by introducing an untouched subject — VPNs. They write in-depth reviews, use-case articles, educational content, and up-to-date industry news. Now they consistently earn on a performance monetization model, converting 100+ Surfshark users — all in just 6 months.


Surfshark is an affiliate program with a relevant and well-established product that appeals to a wide audience. The program accepts traffic from all sources except incentivized and barring some promotional approaches, which provides for a greater advertising freedom.

Get started with Surfshark and reach new affiliate marketing heights!

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