Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2010
Serious.Partners is an affiliate network for monetizing mobile subscriptions. The company has been on the market since 2010 and provides affiliates with all the tools necessary for running efficient campaigns. Instant subscription buyout, ready-made applications and promotional materials, post-paid accounts for trusted affiliates, high payout rates, and a vast selection of offers — available to every affiliate who wishes to monetize mobile traffic.
Payout models
CPA, RevShare
Number of offers
Activation models
1-Click/wapclick, 2-Click, Pin-Submit, Click2Call, Click2Sms, MT, MO
Payment models
WMR, WMZ, Capitalyst, Yandex.Money, ePayments, VISA/MasterCard, QIWI RUB. Wire transfers to a private entrepreneur account or to a LLC account.
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent traffic

Serious.Partners is a wap-click affiliate network. The main focus is on mobile content/VAS with different activation models including 1-Click/wapclick, 2-Click, Pin-Submit, Click2Call, Click2Sms, MT, MO. The network has been on the market since 2010 and has grown into a recognizable international brand. Any affiliate is welcome to join and monetize mobile traffic.

Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

The network has developed the most convenient terms for the affiliates. For instance, you can integrate the Serious.Partners platform with any SEO traffic source. Moreover, the network has in-house tools that allow you to protect mobile subscription campaigns from getting banned in search engines. One way is to exclude the search engine traffic (e.g. Google and Yandex search audience) from the campaign scope.


  • Daily payouts
  • Individual approach to every affiliate
  • High payout rates
  • 24/7 affiliate support
  • Direct contracts with mobile carriers
  • Detailed statistics
  • 970+ offers (direct and in-house)
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • In-house applications for Facebook, UAC, In-App, campaigns
  • Search engine optimization tools

Registration and the dashboard

To join the affiliate network, you need to pass the registration process. Open the official website and launch the registration form. What information do you need to provide?

  1. Your name.
  2. Email address.
  3. Password.
  4. WMZ account details for future withdrawals.
  5. Contact number, Skype or Telegram ID.

Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Once you’ve done that, a manager will get in touch with you for a quick interview. You will need to describe your affiliate experience and provide the statistics on your campaigns. This is necessary to furnish you with the most suitable offer. Moreover, Serious.Partners is known to work mostly with experienced affiliates, this is why you need to share stats data from other affiliate networks you work with.

Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

The dashboard contains the following tabs.

  • Statistics. Here you will find detailed information on the traffic you drive to the network. It can be filtered by day, period, flow, carrier, platform, or landing page. Information on subscriptions, transactions, and traffic back is also available in this section.
  • Traffic sources. In this tab, you can add traffic sources and manage them.
  • URLs. Here you can generate links for your campaigns and connect them to the traffic source, enable automated buyout, configure post-back events, etc.
  • Landing pages. In this tab, you can choose any ready-made landing page for your offer. You can filter by category, mobile carrier, and type (subscription or Internet click).Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review
  • Payouts. On this page, you can request a payout to your WMZ, private entrepreneur account, or to a LLC account.
  • Referrals. Here you can get the referral link that allows you to receive 3% of the income of invited affiliates. This page also contains the detailed statistics of your earnings with the Serious.Partners referral system.
  • TDS. In this tab, you can add a TDS domain and monitor its status.
  • News. Affiliate network news, announcements, and urgent notifications.
  • Settings. This page allows you to manage your account details — specify payment services, change your password, etc.
  • Tickets. Here you will find your requests to the technical support team and their status.
  • FAQ. Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Rules. Serious.Partners affiliate network terms of service.

Bonuses for ZorbasMedia readers

ZorbasMedia readers can get a special bonus from Serious.Partners: +10% to the first payout. Upon registration, contact the affiliate manager and inform them that you joined the network via the link in the ZorbasMedia review.


The affiliate network has a selection of more than 970 offers: you will find both in-house (owned by the network) and direct offers from advertisers that work only with big companies. The offer database is regularly updated and features 3–5 new offers every week. The network’s team keeps on top of things and brings in new offers and GEOs for its affiliates.

CPA and RevShare are the main payout models. But it is possible to choose a different model that suits you best. Although, bear in mind that some offers are only available for CPA campaigns.

Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

You can access the full list of offers in your dashboard. It is easy to select an offer, configure the flows, post-back links, rotation, etc. If you have any difficulty with the setup process, your dedicated manager can do it for you.

Eligible traffic sources for Serious.Partners

The network accepts almost any kind of traffic. There are close to no restrictions on sources, but some offers require specifically adult or mainstream traffic, for example. For this reason, it is better to read through the “FAQ” section in your dashboard to know the restrictions on traffic sources for the specific mobile carriers.

Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

When an offer is deactivated, affiliates get a notification via all available channels. The team also runs a newsletter concerning everything that affects the conversion rate.


The affiliate network has a global GEO coverage. This allows affiliates to monetize any traffic source. At the moment, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the UAE, and Qatar are the most profitable GEOs.

The next short-term goal for Serious.Partners is to develop their presence in all the GEOs, enhance the flow for the Facebook, TikTok, and UAC campaigns, as well as for the Pin Submit subscriptions.

Affiliates are also provided with applications, landing pages, and creatives. Moreover, the support team is always ready to furnish you with a custom-made creative to fit an offer or a GEO.

Payment models

For most offers, you can choose from the CPA and RevShare models. But almost any payment model is available for the affiliates. Though bear in mind that most offers (about 20%) support only CPA. 

Available withdrawal methods. You have a slew of payment systems to choose from.

  • WMR, WMZ.
  • Capitalyst.
  • Yandex.Money.
  • ePayments.
  • VISA/MasterCard.
  • Wire transfers to a private entrepreneur account or to a LLC account.

Seriuos.Partners Affiliate Program Review

The payouts are effected daily. The minimum withdrawal threshold is about $3. The network does not apply a hold period, but if there are any doubts about the quality of your traffic, the payout will be put on hold for 2–3 days.


The support team is available 24/7. Any question can be filed to the support. The team is ready to assist with configuring the flows and post-backs and will share their expertise on the hottest GEOs and best funnels. The support is there to make your time with the network stable and profitable.

To contact support, use the “Tickets” section in your dashboard.

Contacts: TG: Telegram, Skype, E-mail.


I joined Serious.Partners back in 2014. My overall experience with wap-click is more than 10 years, and I can say that this is one of the few networks that still cares about the affiliates. The team is very welcoming and comfortable to work with, they can help with any issues should they arise. Unlike other networks that simply say: “It’s not our problem.” I have worked exclusively with this network for the last 4 years. The support team is superb, and I like the daily payouts. Nothing better I could wish for =)


I’d like to mention that there are few affiliate networks in this vertical. One can assume that there is no competition, but some networks manage to scare off their affiliates with the way they treat us. I’ve never had ANY problems with Serious.Partners. And the updated dashboard design is a delight!

Victor Seleznev

Hi, everyone! I have been working with Serious.Partners for a couple of years, the support managers are almost like family by now =) They work fast, always stay in touch, share the news and useful tips that help me stay on top. The black-list is regularly updated too, I think this is very important. And the payouts, of course, swift, stable, always on time.


I have a year’s experience with wap-click offers, I have been working with nutra vertical before that. I like my new vertical, and I’ve joined Serious.Partners since the very beginning. Never had any issues with them. The statistics are very detailed, new landing pages available, great choice of mobile carriers. And superb private offers =) I really like this network!


I joined Serious.Partners about a year ago. They always pay on time, and I like their promotions for affiliates. It’s all very nice both for the network and for affiliates. I wish all the best to Serious.Partners!
Semyon Artemyev


Serious.Partners affiliate networks gives affiliates the opportunity and the necessary tools to monetize mobile subscriptions. This is the way to monetize wap-click offers legally. The network faces little competition, has a global GEO coverage, and practices complete traffic buyout.

Serious.Partners has more than 10 years of experience in the wap-click vertical under their belt and provides affiliates with all that is needed for running profitable campaigns. Every affiliate gets access to high payout rates, individual terms, and opportunities for financial growth and development.

Join Serious.Partners and grow your affiliate income!