SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2021
SBETPARTNERS is the affiliate program from the direct advertiser, which specializes in betting with the main focus on the USA and the UK. The program, nonetheless, has a worldwide GEO coverage and a casino product as well.
Number of offers
1 —
WW, main focus on the USA, the UK
Payment models
CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
Payout methods
BTC and other options upon approval. The minimum payout threshold is $100
Accepted traffic sources
All sources
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic

SBETPARTNERS represents a 3-years-old betting shop and casino The affiliate program is at the stage of active growth and is attracting new affiliates with favorable terms of service and an opportunity to monetize their sports betting and gambling traffic.


SBETPARTNERS specializes in driving traffic from the US and Canada to betting offers. The program, nonetheless, has a worldwide GEO coverage and a casino product as well. 

The program accepts traffic from all sources and all GEOs with a special accent at developing Tier-1, India, and Russia. For now, SBETPARTNERS concentrates on such sources as contextual traffic from Google and Yandex (including brand bidding), video reviews, SMS/Telegram/WhatsApp, doorway traffic, handicap betting, and SEO traffic.

Affiliates don’t have to worry about taxes and bans on their deposits and withdrawals, as all transactions are in cryptocurrency.

SBETPARTNERS allows players to stay anonymous when they pay in crypto. This is good for affiliates as such users have a higher retention rate and LTV. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the stability of payment systems, as all the transactions are in crypto. The affiliate program also provides exchange services for those who want to pay with their credit card instead of crypto.

Affiliates are also provided with creatives, landing pages, and promo materials and can work without a third-party tracker, as the platform has very detailed statistics data. Post-back is used for conversion tracking, it works with several events: registration, first bet, and qualified account.


To get started with SBETPARTNERS, provide your name, email address, and company name. Then, create a password and indicate your Telegram ID. The first step is done!

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review


Upon registration, you will see the main page of your dashboard. It contains basic information: balance, quick statistics, and charts with various indicators, e.g., number of visits or registrations. On the left-hand side, there is a toolbar where campaigns, reports, information about the affiliate program, as well as information about your account.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

If you have questions about navigating the dashboard, go to the “Affiliate program” tab on the left and select “User guide” from the drop-down menu. You will be redirected to a new tab with an Interface Manual.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Создание кампаний

In SBETPARTNERS, you can run one standard campaign without the approval of your manager. To add a campaign, click on the green «Create new campaign» button.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

The set-up consists of three steps. At the first step, you need to enter the name of your campaign, select a brand and a commission type.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

The second step is to select a landing page from the database of ready-made landers and to set the target audience.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

And finally, you can add a banner by choosing it from those offered by the affiliate program. If you need a direct link without a banner, tick the “Use direct link option” box at the top of the screen.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Finish” — the campaign URL and the tracking link are ready. You can edit the details in the “Campaigns” section of your dashboard.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review


The affiliate program promotes its own product At the moment, the offer is available for RevShare campaigns, you will have to approve CPA and Hybrid models with your manager. Standard payout rates stand as follows: RevShare up to 40%, CPA — depends on the GEO. For example, it can be $200 for Tier-1 countries.

You can launch your RevShare campaigns on your own, other payout models are approved and launched by the manager. Trusted affiliates who have been driving high-quality traffic for over a month get access to additional options, for instance, a hybrid model RevShare 20% + CPA $50.


The main withdrawal method is BTC, but it is possible to negotiate the use of different payment systems. The minimum payout threshold is $100, the standard hold period is 14 days. Payouts are effected 1–2 times per month.


The support team working hours are from 8 AM to 11 PM (GMT+3). You can find the contact details in the “Affiliate program” section of your dashboard. It contains the email address and Telegram ID of the support managers.

SBETPARTNERS Affiliate Program Review


The crypto betting platform has no competitors at the moment. Players from any GEO are welcome, there is no verification, no government control. This is a huge advantage for the promotion of this product. In most countries, people are tired of being constantly monitored, being told what to do, and so on. They just want to deposit and withdraw funds safely without providing any documents, without the risk of being banned, without confronting the tax authorities, etc. This product is ideal for traffic in countries where sports betting is state-regulated and where it is not so easy to get going with such a business.

For example in France, bookies work under license and take most of the revenues to themselves. People would gladly go to unlicensed betting shops, but even those bookies who create mirrors and bypass the restrictions simply do not accept players from France. And we can see the same in many European countries.

The USA has big volumes of traffic, but they also have peculiar laws. We couldn’t make it work with any betting affiliate program that operates under a license. It was rather difficult: every legal bookmaker works in a limited number of states. No other bookie outside the United States will accept players from the states. At this point, comes to the rescue: we drive quality traffic, and they gladly accept it. 

What choice do we have? In many countries, there is no easy alternative other than They are your ticket to any market. We drive traffic from any GEO, the conversion rate on registrations is 7–10 times higher than with other betting shops. It is worth mentioning that the ratio of registrations to first deposit players is still much lower than with ordinary bookies. But this is understandable, not everybody will choose cryptocurrency, even if it is becoming more popular by the year. I think this ratio will change in the future. But even with such a ratio of registrations to deposits, we have a good profit, and the players in available GEOs are of high income. If we compare the profit per active player on and the same at a traditional betting shop, the result will be 7–10 times higher in favor of I like the very idea of this project is anonymity and decentralization in betting, I believe that it will gain momentum. I can tell you much more, you better have a go and see for yourself. 

A few words about the affiliate program. Good commission rates, convenient reports, it is also possible to assess the reports by players and with a choice of currency (there is a currency converter). I am not an interface feature nerd, I just want to be able to get a tracking link and view the reports I need, all this is there. This platform has all I want. Also, a few words about the support by the representatives of this platform. Direct contacts, communication via Telegram. They always stay in touch, you can ask any question and solve any issue without long talks and wasting time. The service is great! I hope the team will go on developing their products!

Sergey, SportPlus

One of the best partners we have, a great brand and a very smooth collaboration. Top managers that are always there to help you and solve any problems you may encounter.


Today, the crypto betting platform has no competitors. They work with any GEO, even the USA and Canada. There is no verification, the players remain completely anonymous. And this is exactly what people need now! The ability to safely replenish and withdraw funds without providing documents, without the risk that the money may be blocked by the tax authorities, and so on. It is ideal for foreign traffic. Indeed, in most European countries, the activities of bookmakers are regulated, and where it is not so easy to go.

The United States is a special case. Before meeting SBETPARTNERS, I could not go for any affiliate program that works legally. And here is a completely different matter! You can safely work with all Tier-1 countries. gladly accepts our traffic. They pay a good commission — up to 50% by RevShare. By the way, the conversion in registration is simply excellent. After all, this can be done quickly and without a heap of documents.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular every year, and the number of deposit players is constantly growing. And the players on the European market are more solvent. You can talk about the advantages of for a long time, but my advice is to try and see for yourself.



SBETPARTNERS is a direct advertiser for the betting offer. The affiliate program is very accommodating, and affiliates get individual terms and all the help they need.

Register with SBETPARTNERS to monetize your traffic and improve your skills in the betting and casino verticals!