SalesDoubler Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2012


Payment schemes: CPA, CPL, CPI

Verticals: finance, e-commerce (FMCG), and services

Payout: from $100 or 3000 UAH 

GEOs: Ukraine, Vietnam, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Colombia

Accepted: all traffic sources

Forbidden: cookie stuffing, branded and motivated traffic

Table of contents

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration and getting started
  3. Offers
  4. GEO
  5. Payouts
  6. Support
  7. Reviews
  8. Summary

SalesDoubler is an affiliate network from Ukraine and it specializes in the finance vertical. The network has more than 160 offers for the PDL UA, PDL International, and FMCG niches. These are direct offers from banks and microfinance companies, as well as from tertiary sector businesses: customer service, delivery, education, and ticket sales.

The SalesDoubler team has been around since 2012 and has developed a win-win approach beneficial for both advertisers and affiliates. Besides, the network is the choice of many well-known brands such as Moneyveo, Alfa-bank, Raketa, “Alaska”, “Nebesna Krinitsa”. This shows that SalesDoubler is the acknowledged market leader in its field.

Advantages of SalesDoubler

SalesDoubler has many strong points that will help you achieve the desired heights.

One of them is — offer Multi-Application via API. You bring leads to SalesDoubler, the team vets them and forms a list of advertisers (microfinance companies and banks) that will be interested in getting this client. The borrower receives an offer including several suitable companies to choose from. If it is a repeat lead or if one of the banks rejects the client, the system will redirect the lead to a different advertiser. At the same time, the system will compile a list of offers to bring this lead to conversion.

Why this is good for you:

  • One lead interacts with multiple advertisers. This means that you have better chances of monetizing your traffic.
  • A variety of advertisers: both microfinance companies and banks interact with your lead. The client receives more offers and can decide on the terms while having a higher chance of having their loan application approved.
  • RevShare — means that with Multi-Application your income is not a set payout, but rather depends on the amount of profit that your lead brings to the advertiser. So, API is more profitable in pure figures.

To be more successful in getting approved on such platforms as Google AdWords, you may opt for the SalesDoubler Domain parking feature. This tool brings your success chances up to 80%.

SD sender is another useful tool — it is a versatile SMS-sender offering a range of templates, automated funnels, built-in statistics tab, and it also estimates your ROI for each mail-out.

It will allow you to:

  • Compose a quick message with an active link.
  • Select a mailing list.
  • Tweak the automated funnel type (aggressive, optimal, minimal).
  • Estimate the budget for each mail-out, considering the number of messages, their length, and the number of addressees.
  • Create templates for parallel mail-outs, edit mailing lists, add numbers to the existing automated funnel.

The platform is integrated with Universal (Google) Analytics, CPAPI, and Global Postback. This enables you to post the data back to any other admin panel you work with. 

Registration and getting started

Registration takes only one step: you need to submit and confirm your phone number. This is equally convenient for beginners that may be baffled by long registration forms and the experienced affiliates who will also appreciate this time-saving approach.

Then you need to fill in your email, name, Skype/Telegram ID, and create a password.

You are ready to go! Once you are registered you can access the dashboard. The interface is easy to navigate, you will find such tabs as: News, Statistics, Partnership programs, Instruments, Payouts, TOP (exclusive offers for top affiliates from the best advertisers), and Finsprint (a competition for affiliates). 

Offers from SalesDoubler

Once again, SalesDoubler sports a variety of more than 160 offers for the PDL UA, PDL International, FMCG niches. This establishes SalesDoubler as the leading platform working with the finance sector in Ukraine. The rating of offers is updated thrice a week and is accessible via the TOP tab on the dashboard. So, it is easy to choose the most profitable offers while affiliates that have proven reliable can access special offers.

You will find the accepted traffic types in the offer description. Accepted — green check mark, forbidden — red cross. Click on the offer to see detailed information: affiliate program expiration date, cookie lifetime, eCPC, CR, region, average processing time, hold periods for the approval and for the payout.

Every offer comes with a package of creatives and offer wall templates.

Please note that cookie stuffing and motivated traffic are strictly prohibited in SalesDoubler. Advertisers also usually refrain from accepting branded traffic — contextual traffic with brand keywords, mirror websites, and lookalike applications are all forbidden.


SalesDoubler works with 8 GEOs: Ukraine, Vietnam, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Colombia. All GEOs have good CR.

Now the network invests in developing the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, so these will show even better results in the future.


Minimum payout threshold — $100 or 3000 UAH. You can receive payouts in any currency twice a week via Paypal, Webmoney, Capitalist, a wire transfer, or to a sole proprietor account. Long-standing trusted affiliates can negotiate more favorable terms with their affiliate manager.

SalesDoubler also has automated payouts. You can use them for your redirect traffic and not contact your manager every time. It is also easy to contact the support team and get prompt feedback in case you encounter any issues with your payout. 


After a short period of solo driving every affiliate is assigned with a personal manager. Managers are experienced in traffic monetization and will assist you in solving issues and using the full toolbox of the platform. 

The working hours are 9 AM to 6 PM, you can post any question to the dedicated Telegram chat.


A bunch of offers, great rates, a bonus system: the bigger your volume, the higher your rate. The managers are top — you can ask them anything. They will always give advice. They help with settings, offer walls, in getting a higher payout rate. Convenient payout methods: via credit card, account details, etc. User-friendly interface, everything is accessible.


We have been working with SalesDoubler since 2017. First of all, I want to highlight the affiliate managers. These are real pros. They do solve your issues, are welcoming to new affiliates, and always give a heads up about any technical malfunctions. What is also important for us — is that the network bears financial responsibility and compensates the losses in case an advertiser turns out to be unreliable (which happens very rarely). On the technical side, everything is just perfect: quick redirect, 100% uptime, and assistance with postback settings.


SalesDoubler has superb support. I don’t use their toolbox. I think the SMS sender is useless. Payouts are also great. Not a single hitch over the years. The recommended bookkeepers for me. I do not monitor special offers for now, I mostly work with pay-per-lead. They also have great events! And I really like that they have finally added the domain parking feature.



SalesDoubler is the biggest affiliate network in Ukraine with more than 160 finance offers. The company has been on the market for 9 years and has become a real expert in PDL UA, PDL International, and FMCG.

Let’s sum up the main strong points of this network:

  1. Impeccable reputation: the network compensates losses if you encounter an unscrupulous advertiser and does not cut off the approval rate.
  2. A unique feature — Multi-Application via API, which allows you to monetize one lead with several advertisers.
  3. High-yield offers in PDL for different GEO and only white-hat offers in FMCG UA.
  4. An impressive toolbox (SD Sender, domain parking, API widget, and much more). 
  5. Experienced support team.
  6. Ready-made promotional materials (banners/teasers, copy, and even landing pages).

Sign up right now and start earning with SalesDoubler!

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