RUNative Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2017
RUNative is a self-service ad platform and open ad-exchange focusing on high-quality Native, Push, and Standard Banner ad formats. Advertisers can buy traffic from the network based on the three main pricing models, such as CPC, CPM, and dCPM.
Ad types
Native, Push, Standard Banner
Pricing models
Worldwide traffic; tablet, desktop, and mobile devices
Offer verticals
Nutra, Gaming, Sweepstakes, Dating, PIN Submit, Betting, Gambling, Crypto Offers, Binary Options


RUNative is a self-service ad platform and open ad-exchange focusing on high-quality Native, Push, and Standard Banner ad formats. Advertisers can buy traffic from the network based on the three main pricing models, such as CPC, CPM, and dCPM.

The company started out as a team of online marketing professionals with more than 15 years of experience in tech and affiliate marketing. They built the network from scratch and now serve over a billion ad impressions per day. What started as a small in-house team has grown into an international company with offices in Barcelona and Limassol.

In today’s fast-paced world and ever-changing social and political landscape, affiliates are looking for an advertising network they can rely on as a trusted partner, and RUNative is a go-to for that. In this review, we are going to discuss how to create a successful ad campaign on RUNative and break down the network’s ad formats.

Ad formats

As has been already mentioned, advertisers can choose between the following ad formats: Native, Push, and Standard Banner. Let’s discuss each format in more detail.

Native campaigns

Native ads are designed to seamlessly fit the content of any website which makes them a highly converting and fully compliant ad format. The network’s native widgets are fully customizable and responsive, consisting of an image, brand name, and headline. The CPMV (cost per 1000 views) algorithm means that advertisers only pay for creatives that users actually see.

RUNative Ad Network Review

Push notifications

The second most popular ad format on the platform is Push Notifications, which are sent to all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet to users who have subscribed to a publisher’s website. This format consists of two images, a brand name, and a headline.

RUNative Ad Network Review

Standard banners

RUNative has recently added a new ad format to its inventory — Standard Banner. Standard Banners are provided with 100% fill rate and worldwide coverage for all popular formats (250×150, 300×250, 300×100, 315×300, 728×90, 900×250).

RUNative Ad Network Review


RUNative traffic performs the best with such verticals as Gaming, Dating, Sweeps, Gambling, and Nutra. However, Gaming, Dating, and Sweepstake are definitely killing it on the network right now. In general, those are definitely a must-try if you want to start advertising with RUNative.


Registration with RUNative is very easy and it takes less than 3 minutes to complete it. To start, you will need to fill in some basic contact information, such as Account Details  — company name (if applicable), email address, and password. Under Personal Details, you’re asked to provide your name, address, Skype, and phone number.

RUNative Ad Network Review

The registration process takes just a few minutes, and once you receive the activation email, you’ll be good to go and start your advertising journey with RUNative.

Note that all of the new accounts go through a security verification process before being accepted to the network.

How to launch a campaign on RUNative

Once you have signed up on the platform, the first thing you will see is the dashboard.

RUNative Ad Network Review

As you can see in the screenshot, the dashboard allows you to track your daily stats and campaign performance metrics that are updated in real-time.

On the News Feed tab, you can get actionable insights into the latest developments and best advertising practices.

Campaign settings

RUNative Ad Network Review

Now, we can finally move on to setting your first campaign. After clicking on the Create a Campaign tab, you will see the following list of settings:

  • Campaign Name. Enter the name of your campaign;
  • Ad Format. Here, you can choose between Native, Push, and Banner ad formats;
  • Countries. Select the GEOs you would like to advertise in. Note that while the network has a worldwide reach, it focuses on traffic from English-speaking GEOs, Tier 1 countries, Europe as well as Asia.
    • Region. Choose the region you will promote your offer in.
  • Ad group. Here, you can classify your ads by groups for tracking and reporting purposes.


RUNative Ad Network Review

You can set up targeting by language, device (desktop, mobile, and tablet), OS, browser, carrier, IP range, country, and region.

By the way, RUNative has recently launched 2 brand-new unique features that allow for granular targeting.

The first feature enables advertisers to target specific devices by their Release Date. All you need to do is to pick a device and indicate the number of months since the release date. 

The second targeting feature is the ability to target specific devices by their original Retail Price Range. This will allow you to considerably narrow down your audience and spend your ad budget only on converting users. 


RUNative Ad Network Review


In the Scheduling tab, set up dayparting and specify the start/end date of your campaign.


RUNative Ad Network Review

Here, you can select between RON and Prime ad spot inventory, add sites by ID to run your ads on specific domains, as well as to blacklist or whitelist site IDs or spot IDs in the Spot id list field.

Tip: If you are a new user, opt for a RON campaign.After running the test campaign for at least 7 days, you will learn more about the network’s publishers and the type of traffic that they have. This will allow you to adapt your marketing strategy according to your target. 


RUNative Ad Network Review

In this tab, choose between the CPC, CPM, and dCPM (dynamic CPM) pricing model and set up your daily budget and distribution type (even/ASAP).

Tip: Newbies are recommended to use even distribution, meaning that the budget is being evenly spread out throughout the day, to avoid paying for poorly-converting ad spots.


RUNative Ad Network Review

One of the final steps is to upload your creatives, type in your ad brand name and headline, and enter your landing page URL.

You can also add dynamic macros in the Brand name or Headline field that will be automatically replaced with relevant data depending on the GEO you are advertising in and other parameters. The list of macros is given below:

  • {country}
  • {city}
  • {state}
  • {device_type}
  • {platform}
  • {dayofweek}


Another tab you need to pay attention to before launching your campaign is Tracking.

RUNative is integrated with a variety of trackers including Voluum, PeerClick, Landing Track, The Optimizer, Ads Bridge, and Funnel Flux.

S2S tracking and API are available. More information can be found here.

There is a slew of landing page URLs tracking parameters, which are listed below:

  • {click_id} Randomly generated unique click id used for s2s tracking
  • {campaign} Campaign Name
  • {campaign_id} Campaign ID
  • {creative_id} Creative ID
  • {device_type} Device type
  • {device_type_id} Device type ID
  • {os} Operating System
  • {os_id} Operating System ID
  • {browser} Browser
  • {browser_id} Browser ID
  • {referrer} Referrer
  • {site_id} Site ID
  • {category} Categories detected
  • {category_id} Category ID
  • {carrier} Сarrier
  • {carrier_id} Carrier ID
  • {keywords} Keywords collected
  • {geo} 2-char country code
  • {lang} 2-char language code
  • {format_id} Creative format ID
  • {pricing_model} CPM, CPC, etc
  • {cost} CPM price, CPC price, etc…
  • {ip} User’s IP address
  • {site_host} Site URL
  • {ecpc} ECPC
  • {adspot_id} Ad spot ID
  • {adspot_name} Ad spot name

Be sure to include your click ID {click_id} in your S2S tracking URL. This value is dynamically replaced by the platform, which allows you to see which click resulted in a conversion. 

Conversion tracking enables advertisers to track sales and identify high performing traffic sources and creatives.

Once you have set up your campaign and topped your account up, it will be submitted for approval to the Compliance department. If the campaign gets approved, it will start running automatically.

Available payment methods

All campaigns on RUNative are prepaid. Advertisers will be able to start getting traffic only after funding their account.

There are four available payment methods on RUNative, such as PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum, and Wire Transfer. The minimum deposit sum is $100 for all payment methods, excluding Wire Transfer. The minimum payment via Wire Transfer is $500.


Right after registration, every partner is assigned with a dedicated account manager. You can reach out to the support team 24/7 to settle a variety of issues, ranging from ad creation, advanced targeting or optimization tips to tracking, and much more. 

In addition to this, you can consult the Support section on the website for guidelines, information, and answers to commonly asked questions. 

Affiliate reviews

It’s a real pleasure to work with RUNative. My account manager is always available when I need help and ready to share his good tips helping me to achieve my goals. They have plenty of good websites for our Games and with their new tool, it has never been easier to optimize our campaigns. Good job RUNative!


RUNative is a top native & RTB platform that enables us to have many layers of optimization. Its total transparency regarding its publishers sparks confidence and I now really consider building long-term business relationships with RUNative.

You guys are awesome and the account management is always around to assist you whenever you need it.

Tony Mouhete, Black Orange

If someone asked us to describe our experience with RUNative in 3 words? Trustworthy, Helpful & Insightful. That would be the best way to put it.

Rishab Kota, Bidmath


RUNative is a reliable traffic source for both beginner and seasoned affiliate marketers that offers a fully automated self-service platform, excellent traffic quality, and granular targeting options. Professional round-the-clock support and integration with a multitude of trackers are among the strongest points of this traffic source.

If you have any questions left, you can hit up the network’s Advertising Account Manager via email or on Telegram.

Sign up on RUNative and create your own successful campaign!

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