Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Founded in: 2022
Richy.Partners is a direct advertiser offering opportunities for monetizing offers in the iGaming vertical. The company provides access to promotional materials, a custom tracker, support service, and offers individual terms for affiliates. Richy.Partners offer an iGaming and betting product with world-wide GEO coverage and three payment options in both fiat and cryptocurrency. The minimum withdrawal is $50, and the hold period is 2 weeks.
Payout models
CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
1 — Richy Casino (direct)
Offer verticals
iGaming, betting, gambling
Prohibited traffic sources
Fraudulent, incentivized
Payment systems
BTC, USDT TRC20/ERC20, Capitalist
Minimum withdrawal
50 USD
Hold period
14 days

Richy.Partners is a direct advertiser and an affiliate program offering to monetize the iGaming vertical. The company entered the affiliate market in 2022 and now offers an iGaming and betting product for any GEO. Richy.Partners affiliate program gives access to promo materials (creatives and landing pages) and a custom tracking solution, besides offers individual conditions to affiliates and supports clients at all stages of work.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review


  • Verticals include iGaming, betting, and gambling
  • Direct offer
  • Global GEO coverage
  • In-house games for users
  • Partner support, assistance in setting up post-backs and targeting
  • Ready-made promo materials: creatives and landing pages
  • Payout models include CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid
  • Payments in USD and cryptocurrency
  • Customized tracker

Getting started and account

To do the first step in the affiliate program — registration, you need to open the Richy.Partners official website. This procedure takes 5 fields and several minutes. Here you need to specify an e-mail, password, and Telegram nickname for further communication.

Then your affiliate manager will contact you for confirmation and activating your account.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

What can you find in the affiliate account?

Dashboard. A page with general information on your traffic and account balance. Here you can monitor the latest events, the number of clicks, registrations and active players, as well as statistics for different time periods. The information can be filtered by time interval (from one day to a month). In addition, there is data on payouts — RevShare and CPA — and hold period.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Offers. A section with a list of available offers. Here you can find detailed information on eligible GEO and traffic sources, as well as payout options for the project (CPA or RevShare). You can filter the data by GEO and source.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Statistics. This section displays: an overview of the campaign for a certain period of time, data on particular players, a review of the campaigneffectiveness, subaccounts, and countries. All data can be filtered: per day, week, month, or a specific period of time.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Promo. There are two tabs in this section: Flow and Landings. In the first one, the affiliate sets up the campaign, specifying all the necessary parameters from the URL to SubIDs. In the Landings section, you can select a landing page from the database of ready-made promo materials.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Finance. A section where you can monitor the data on the status of the offer, the payout date, the payout model, and the amount of payment due.

Support. When clicking on this section, you are automatically referred to the Telegram channel of Richy.Partners support service.

Richy.Partners Affiliate Program Review

Settings. In this section, you can set up post-backs. Richy.Partners managers will help you any time when you have any difficulties with the set-up.

You can easily change personal information by clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner and finding the “My Profile” section. There you can specify a Richy.Partners nickname, change your Telegram data, payment info (crypto wallet or cards), and password. You can also pass two-factor authentication and upload an avatar there.

Offer and types of traffic

Richy.Partners affiliate program is a direct advertiser that offers to gain profit on its own iGaming and betting product with worldwide GEO coverage. One more unique feature of Richy.Partners product is the presence of a crypto casino. The platform also has a selection of in-house games for users. In order to increase user engagement, the company provides attractive features implemented in the product: Freebitcoin, Wheel of Fortune, and Crypto Lottery, where players can mine or win cryptocurrency.

The product is updated when new GEO or popular games are added to the platform. To start driving traffic, you need to get access to the offer from your affiliate manager. Richy.Partners support service will always remind the partner to turn off the offer if it remains active.

There are three available payment models: CPA (up to 500 USD per lead, subject to KPI), RevShare (from 30%), and Hybrid (upon agreement). 

The affiliate program accepts traffic from any source, but does not work with fraudulent and incentivized traffic.

GEO and tracking

Richy.Partners affiliate program operates all over the world, as Richy Casino is a crypto project. That is why the product can be promoted on the international market without being tied to a certain GEO. However, before launching, always check the GEO with your affiliate manager.

In addition to this, for some GEOs, there are fiat payments available (local payment systems work with the local currency): this applies to Latin American countries, Africa, parts of the CIS region, and Europe. For now, the affiliate program focuses on such GEOs as India, Turkey, Latin America, and Uzbekistan.

The affiliate program has a custom tracker for conversion tracking, but you can work without a tracker since detailed statistics are displayed in your dashboard. Conversions are tracked through the API and post-back integrations, you can configure the settings using a special manual in the dashboard settings or reach out to the support managers.

Richy.Partners payouts

There is a standard hold period of 2 weeks. However, it all depends on the traffic source you are working with, make sure to check the conditions with your manager.

The minimum amount of payments in the affiliate program starts from $50 or 3 FTD. You can withdraw earned both in fiat and in cryptocurrency: funds are withdrawn in BTC, USDT TRC20/ERC20, as well as through Capitalist.

Apart from that, there are personal conditions for affiliates, depending on their source of traffic, its volume and quality. For a significant amount of high-quality traffic, affiliates can get an increased rate and more profitable KPIs.

Affiliate support

Affiliates can use a support service from 10:00 to 20:00 (GMT+3). Managers are ready to share all the relevant information about the product so that the campaign can better reveal its unique features and attract more players. If necessary, they can provide a working campaign taking into account the peculiarities of GEO. Also, Richy.Partners provide its partners with promotional materials for work.

There is also technical support: special managers help with any settings, including targeting and post-backs.

The best way to get closer to Richy.Partners is to read their social networks — Instagram and Telegram.

Bonuses to partners

In the Richy.Partners affiliate program there are different promotions for webmasters. For instance, during the 2022 World Cup, affiliates could receive a bonus of up to 1000 USD on top of the payout (via any convenient payment method, including the account balance on the platform and BROCARD). The funds that were credited to the affiliate’s account could be used for new affiliate projects with Richy.Partners.

The affiliate program also has its own games and tools for maximum retention on the project.


I started recently, but I already realized that I’m dealing with real pros. The money from the first payout is already in the wallet, and I can continue driving traffic =) 

OscAar, solo affiliate

Conditions are above the market level. Everything in the dashboard is concise and intuitive. Reliable affiliate program and a really cool product, it’s interesting for users to hang out.

They know how to work with their affiliates, and I recommend it! 

AndreyCapitan, solo affiliate

Highly recommended. We have been cooperating with Richy for more than three and a half months and are already pleasantly surprised — payments are made on time, without delays, and questions are adequately perceived and solved at a pace, at any time of the day. This, I think, is a big plus.

Egor, team leader of a media buying team

The manager immediately got in touch and helped to set everything up. I did a test CAP, and after checking the traffic, they gave me better terms) They also helped with the creatives check, thank you for such a responsible approach! Top-tier, now we are working together a lot!

Kamil, solo affiliate


Richy.Partners is a direct advertiser that allows affiliates to make money on iGaming and betting offers with crypto casino and available GEO around the world. The affiliate program has ready-made promo materials, a custom tracker, personal conditions for affiliates, different models for payments, and all the necessary tools for driving traffic. The platform is suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliates due to its usability, wide functionality, and offers for any GEO.