Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Founded in: 2018
RichPush is an advertising network that focuses on push notifications and provides high-quality push traffic from over 250 GEOs.
Ad Formats
Nutra, sweepstakes, gambling, betting and dating
Credit Card, WebMoney, ePayments, Paxum, Bank transfer
The minimum top-up amount

What is RichPush?

RichPush is an advertising network that focuses on push notifications and provides high-quality push traffic from over 250 GEOs.

RichPush entered the market back in 2018 and was among the first push networks. Before that, the guys had been developing software for ad networks.

RichPush database currently comprises 450 million users. About 12 million new users are added to the database each month, and so it is continuously updated.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Here are a few GEOs that perform the best right now:

  • ASIA (IN, ID, TH);
  • LATAM (BR, AR, MX);
  • EU (DE, IT, FR, ES);
  • US, UK, CA.

Where to drive RichPush traffic to

Push is a relatively new ad format that successfully works with a wide variety of verticals and offers, while RichPush is one of the first ad networks focusing on push traffic.

Currently, affiliates working with such verticals as nutra, sweepstakes, gambling, betting and dating can secure a decent profit on various GEOs.

On moderation and content policy

RichPush has a friendly moderation team that works 24/7. If you don’t violate the rules, you won’t come across any issues at the moderation stage.

However, there are certain things that are prohibited and thus won’t pass moderation.

Prohibited practices and content:

  • Inconsistency between your creatives and the offer. Misleading ads (“You’ve won a phone” should be replaced with “You can win a phone”).
  • Shocking content (images of medical diseases and conditions, not to mention parasites).
  • Explicit adult content (uncovered genitals, underwear is allowed).
  • Scam offers (“You are lucky, you have won a million. To claim your prize, you have to pay a commission fee. Input your credit card on this website and press “Pay”. After that, you will receive your million).
  • Mentioning well-known pharmaceutical companies, promoting antibiotics and other serious drugs.
  • Famous people.
  • Online dating sites offering adult meetings.
  • Exploitation and sexualization of minors.
  • High-risk investments, rapid enrichment schemes and financial pyramids.
  • Promoting illegal activities.
  • Drugs, digital drugs.
  • Knowingly false information.
  • Online pharmaceuticals.
  • Pornographic and erotic materials.
  • Magical services.
  • Nicotine-containing substances and tobacco products.
  • Weapons and explosives.
  • Webcasts dating sites, web modeling.
  • A call to join religious groups and participate in religious ceremonies.
  • Intentional self-harm, mutilation, suicide propaganda.
  • The spread of the illicit trade in human organs.
  • Escort services.
  • Goods and services against human rights and freedoms.
  • Publications containing hostile statements or attacks on an individual or organization.
  • Publications containing a direct or hidden context of threat, harassment, and violence.
  • Hate speech, criminal or terrorist-related content.
  • Mentioning of events or customs that cause harm to a person in a degrading, unfriendly or offensive manner.
  • Content related to hacking into computer systems and programs.

Before launching a campaign…

You should top-up your account. The minimum top-up amount is $50. If you deposit more than $250, you will get access to useful bonuses and advanced features that are described below.

You can top-up your account by credit card or through WebMoney, ePayments, and bank transfer.

Personal account and campaign launch

First of all, let’s have a look at the main account sections.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

In addition to standard sections such as Campaigns, Reporting, Support, and Billing History, the menu bar also has the Pixels, Feature Request, and Traffic Insights sections. The latter deserves separate consideration.

In the Traffic Insights section, you can see information on RichPush traffic that is updated in real-time. Last week’s average CTR for India? What offers are run in Germany? How many ad impressions did Belgium average last month? You can find answers to these questions in the Traffic Insights sections.

By the way, here are the answers:

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

On the company’s blog, you can find lots of articles that can come in handy for affiliates.

Now, let’s create an ad campaign and figure out what settings are available.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

After pressing the “Get Push Traffic” button, you will be redirected to the campaign launch window.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Fill in the campaign information form and add up to 10 creatives before continuing to figure out the platform’s functionality.

We would like to place a special emphasis on the fact that you can add up to 10 different creatives in a single split test.

Then, let’s move on to conversion tracking. You can customize the tracking type three different ways:

  • Image;
  • Pixel;
  • Postback.

Moreover, you can create a separate Google Analytics tracking code for each campaign.

Note that the RichPush platform is integrated with more than 10 trackers, which enables you to set up postback tracking effortlessly, while your manager will be able to help you with campaign optimization.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

To track your traffic closely, you can also set up macros.

Here’s a list of available macros:

  • [SUB_LIST_ID] – returns a unique Subscriber list ID.
  • [PUBLISHER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites.
  • [SITE_ID] – returns a unique website ID.
  • [CLICK_ID] – returns a unique click ID (for conversion tracking).
  • [BID_PRICE] – returns winning price of the click.
  • [CAMPAIGN_ID] – returns a unique campaign ID.
  • [CAMPAIGN_NAME] – returns a campaign name.
  • [CREATIVE_ID] – returns a unique creative ID.
  • [COUNTRY] – returns a country name.
  • [COUNTRY_CODE] – returns a 3-letter country code.
  • [REGION] – returns a region name.
  • [CITY] – returns a city name.
  • [OS] – returns an OS name and version.
  • [OS_ONLY] – returns an OS name.
  • [OS_VER] – returns an OS version.
  • [USERAGENT] – returns a browser useragent string.
  • [IP] – returns a user’s IP.
  • [USER_ID] – returns a unique ID of the visitor.

We will definitely need the CLICK_ID macros, as it will allow us to send conversions to RichPush.

You can target either the entire GEO or particular cities. We decided to send push notifications to Cologne residents.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

In addition to GEO targeting, you can also set up targeting based on device or connection type in the section called Technology targeting. To activate this type of targeting, don’t forget to tick the corresponding checkbox.

We decided to target Android 9 and Android 10 users, as well as Windows 95 users. We didn’t include Internet Explorer users, as the platform allows you both to add and to rule out certain device parameters. At that, we also decided to target all connection types.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Now, let’s move on to the most interesting part, namely to bidding.

You can launch your campaigns both on a CPC and CPM basis (the RichPush team recommends launching CPC campaigns, as 95% of publishers opt for this model).

We decided to launch a CPC campaign and run our ads during the New Year holidays. In order not to waste the budget, we turned on the Smart CPC function that will optimize the campaign based on the incoming data. The campaign budget is specified in a separate field, and you can set up both daily and overall spend.

It is particularly important you set up a daily budget for the first days of your campaign to control the spend.

By the way, when setting your campaign time, bear in mind that all campaigns in RichPush are launched based on UTC.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

And, of course, we decided to target only new subscribers. The “fresher” the user, the higher your CTR. New users will cost you more, but they convert better.

Then, you can set up click and frequency capping and choose subscriber lists.

In the Advanced settings section, you can apply some additional settings to your campaign. There you will be able to set up your campaign by browser language and carrier, as well as to set up time targeting and blacklists/whitelists.

You can introduce these changes both when creating a campaign and after you have saved the settings.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

Micro bidding and blacklists/whitelists will enable you to test platforms and optimize your campaigns more efficiently. Before setting up micro bidding, be sure to check out the manual. As for blacklists/whitelists, you can contact your manager for assistance.

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPush

You can also create automated rules in the same section.

Tips on working with traffic from the RichPush team

As we have already mentioned, you can buy RichPush traffic based on two models: CPM and CPC. However, if you want to make your test and campaign data more representative, you should launch both CPM and CPC campaigns. Note that 95% of publishers opt for the CPC model.

If you deposit more than $250, you will get access to advanced features:

  • Micro bidding is a feature for those who want to optimize their campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy. It allows you to make different bids within a campaign. Micro bidding saves you money and time because you don’t need to create multiple split campaigns, blacklists or whitelists anymore.
  • Smart CPC is a tool that lowers the bid and buys clicks at a lower price if possible. The average cost per click can be lowered by up to 40%.
  • Automated rules are a solution that can help you create some basic rules for black or whitelists in a matter of 5 minutes. The rules will continue working automatically without the need to check them all the time.
  • Target CPA is a feature that allows you to get as many conversions as possible within your target cost per conversion.

Micro bidding can enable you to reduce the bid within campaigns targeted at users of older Android versions that can convert poorer but still make up a considerable share of your traffic.

Don’t forget about split testing that allows you to use up to 10 creatives and test different landing pages for a campaign.

On support

If you deposit more than $250, you’ll get a dedicated account manager and priority support. Your manager can also help you with onboarding and provide you with high CTR creatives, as well as try to answer all of your questions.


Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPushCMO

Vita Media Group



I recommend RichPush and their client support team that actually helps you in running your campaigns. They are true professionals who you can trust!

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPushDmitry Lenonov




I would like to share with you my experience of working with cool guys from RichPush. Things didn’t go smoothly at first. At the second attempt, however, everything was great due to my manager’s assistance. Thanks a lot!

Review of Push Notification Ad Network RichPushAnirban

Affiliate. India



RichPush was actually my first push notification ad network. The RichPush Insights section enabled me to pick up the right GEOs for my offers. Responsive account managers helped me with creatives and campaign launch. I highly recommend RichPush to all newbies!


RichPush offers lots of tools that can help you achieve the desired results, automate campaign optimization, lower the bid and increase your ROI.

Another great thing is that almost all interface elements are accompanied by a short explanation, and so you don’t have to wonder what the intended purpose of a certain button is.

A dedicated account manager will always try to answer all your questions, whether it is the launch of your first campaign or compiling black and whitelist. The RichPush platform is suitable both for experienced media buyers and for those who have only started to work with push notifications.