Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2020
Rafinad is an affiliate network with more than 300 direct white-hat finance offers. The available payout models include CPA and CPL. The payout rates depend on the offer: for instance, microloans can bring up to ~84 USD, debit offers — up to ~45 USD. The network also features private offers and exclusive payout rates for big volumes of traffic from specific sources. The eligible GEOs include Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine (more GEOs to be added soon). The minimum payout threshold is ~45 USD. The duration of hold depends on the affiliate's status on the platform and varies from 3 to 14 days.
Number of offers
300+ (direct)
Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
Payout models
Payment systems
QIWI, ЮMoney, ZaleyCash, Capitalist, GetUniq, USDT, Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard
Minimum withdrawal
$35, €30
Prohibited traffic sources
Spam, fraudulent, adult (upon approval from affiliate manager)

Table of contents 

  1. Advantages
  2. Registration
  3. Dashboard
  4. Offers and traffic sources
  5. GEO and targeting
  6. Payouts
  7. Bonuses and gifts
  8. Support
  9. Testimonials
  10. Conclusion

Rafinad is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with access to white-hat finance offers. Rafinad has been dealing with financial and insurance institutions directly since 2020. Affiliate marketers receive all they need for convenient campaign management: ready-made promo materials, a dedicated manager, bonuses, and discounts on affiliate tools. Besides, Rafinad often holds contests and promotions for media buyers and webmasters.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review


  • 300+ direct offers
  • White-hat vertical
  • Regular updates of the offer database
  • Early payouts upon request
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • Keyword top-lists from advertisers
  • Marketplace with gifts for affiliates
  • Contests for affiliates
  • Discounts on affiliate tools such as trackers or anti-detect browsers


To get starts with Rafinad, you need to submit an application. In the registration form, you need to provide the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. E-mail
  3. Telegram or Skype ID
  4. Traffic sources you work with

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

A manager will get in touch to activate your Rafinad account. Make sure to provide contact information in your application to receive your profile’s credentials later.


Once your account is activated, you will have full access to the platform’s dashboard. Let’s take a look at the tabs.

Dashboard. This page contains the general information about your campaigns, balance, also features new and best offers, most relevant news and updates of the platform.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

Statistics. Here you will find the detailed reports with valuable data sorted by time, GEO, conversion, traffic source, and SubID. The reports cover hits, clicks, leads (approved, rejected, and pending), CR, AR, eCPCP, and eCPL.

Sources. Add new traffic sources and manage flows in this menu. Make sure to verify your phone number with Rafiand prior to launching a flow.

Offers. On this page, you will see all the offers available with Rafinad. There are filters by category, eligible traffic sources and GEOs, and target actions. The key information about every offer — name, target action, payout rate, and GEO — is visible in the list during the search. Click on an offer to see the detailed description.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

Tools. In this section, you can add a post-back, park a domain, and use Rafinad bonuses to pay for trackers, anti-detection browsers, advertising networks, etc.

Finances. Here you can find detailed information about your earnings: available funds, sums on hold, and the payment history. You can also specify payment methods here.

Offers and traffic sources

Rafinad offers 300+ direct offers within the finance vertical. All offers are white-hat. Rafinad has agreements with direct advertisers, so that affiliate marketers can monetize traffic in any finance-related niche:

  • HR
  • Car credits
  • Deposits
  • Debit cards
  • Secured loans
  • Investments
  • Mortgage
  • Installment card
  • Credit cards
  • Credit services
  • Secured credit
  • Business credits
  • Microloans
  • Mobile connection
  • Consumer credits
  • Refinancing
  • Cash settlement service
  • Insurance

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

To see the full list of available categories, open the drop-down filter “Offer Categories” in the “Offers” tab of your dashboard. To start driving traffic, you need to select a suitable offer and request access to it.

What can one find in the offer description?

  • Target action
  • GEOs
  • Payout rate and the duration of hold period
  • Eligible target audience
  • Accepted and prohibited traffic sources
  • Negative keywords

Make sure to study the offer requirements before accessing it. Rafinad affiliate network accepts all traffic sources except spam, adult, and fraudulent traffic. However, make sure to check the full list of prohibited sources for each advertiser.

The offer database is updated almost daily: new offers appear if advertisers see enough demand from the audience. When an offer is deactivated, affiliates are notified via their dashboard, Telegram channel, email, and also by their dedicated manager. Also, Rafinad informs its affiliate marketers about the temporary arrangements to redirect the traffic from the deactivated offer. If an affiliate is not present during such a time, the Rafinad team will redirect the traffic to the most suitable offer to avoid losses.

GEO and targeting

Rafinad affiliate network primarily works with Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. The offer database has all one needs for running ad campaigns for any finance-related niche. Rafinad is also planning to expand the GEO coverage.

Are there any targeting restrictions in Rafinad? It depends on the advertiser. For example, you may see such restrictions as:

  • GEOs with no subsidiaries of the financial institution in question.
  • Targeting non-residents.
  • Targeting users under 18 y.o.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

Rafinad dashboard provides affiliate marketers with detailed statistics about their campaigns, which makes for sufficient conversion tracking. To enable tracking, you need to configure post-backs in the “Tools” section of your dashboard. Also, it is recommended to use third-party trackers. You can integrate them on your own or reach out to your dedicated manager for assistance.


The minimum payout threshold is 35 USD or 30 EUR. What payout methods are there on the platform?

  • Bank account for affiliates registered as an LLC or a sole proprietor
  • Credit cards
  • QIWI
  • YooMoney
  • ZaleyCash
  • Capitalist
  • GetUniq
  • USDT

The payout schedule and the duration of the hold period depend on your status within Rafinad. The status changes in correlation with the amount of your monthly earnings on the platform.

  1. «Start» (up to ~1300 USD). Hold period: 14 days. Payouts via a payment system once a week, payments to LLC and sole proprietors — a wire transfer twice a month.
  2. «Silver» (above ~1300 USD). Hold period: 5 days. Payouts via a payment system twice a week, payments to LLC and sole proprietors — a wire transfer once a week.
  3. «Gold» (above ~9200 USD). Hold period: 3 days. Payouts via a payment system twice a week, payments to LLC and sole proprietors — a wire transfer once a week.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

The transaction fee depends on the payment system you choose and does not change with your status on the platform. Also, “Silver” and “Gold” users can request an express 1-minute payout which comes with a +2% fee on top of the default commissions.

Bonuses and gifts

Participants get access to promo offers with an increased payout rate and also receive 7–10% cashback for any offer! Within this contest, the top-ranking affiliates will split the $50,000 prize fund between them.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review

Moreover, all media buyers and webmasters can earn «candy» for driving traffic to these promo offers. «Candy» are special bonuses that users can spend in the affiliate network’s marketplace. There, you can buy various household appliances, gadgets, laptops, and even donate the bonuses to charity. The affiliate network covers the delivery expenses.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review


With Rafinad, every affiliate marketer is assigned with a dedicated manager. You can keep in touch via Skype or Telegram (it depends on your choice of messenger during the registration). Your manager is always there to assist you with any issue:

  • Activating an offer
  • Tracker integration and adding post-backs
  • Requesting a payout

The support team is available from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+3). However, the Rafinad team knows that their affiliates may work to a different schedule and time zone, so they are ready to assist you at any time.

In addition, you can contact the Rafinad technical support from your personal account. To do this, hit the headset icon in the upper-right corner of the page. There you can file a request to investigate missing leads, create a support ticket, and also reach out to the support team via email or Telegram.

Rafinad Affiliate Network Review


I met this team at an affiliate marketing conference, and saw some interesting offers and features for additional monetization of traffic. After a split-test where I compared this network with another finance-oriented affiliate network, I chose to stay with Rafinad. I like receiving fast payouts to my credit card, just as advertised. The information about offers is always relevant, the support team responds swiftly. I’d also like to mention the marketplace of gifts. I get bonus candy for each lead and can exchange them for real prizes that are delivered directly to my doorstep. The “price tags” are not very high, so even an inexperienced marketer can get enough candy to claim a prize, which is nice. I hope it will only become better.


It’s a great affiliate network with a cool team! We have been partners with Rafinad for a long time and even met in person. I have only positive things to say about them. Dealing with them is a pleasure, there haven’t been any issues. This is a reliable finance network, I recommend working with Rafinad. And, of course, we like their gift shop: we buy various knicknacks like darts or a vacuum cleaner =) If only they would deliver snacks as well =)


For me, this is the best finance affiliate network. I’ve been working with Rafinad for three months, and it’s been great. I have tried working with many finance networks, and as a newbie I have been distracted by promotions and other treats. Now I have decided to stick with Rafinad, as this network brings me more than any other — timely payouts, no issues, and bonuses. I highly recommend this network!


For a long time, I have been looking for a way to monetize my traffic from a YouTube channel that has a rather picky audience. If I were to advertise any kind of scam, I would instantly get tons of angry comments. I have decided to test Rafinad (the offer from Tinkoff bank — issuance of debit cards), since I have seen such ads on other channels. I only had to select a network. After trying other affiliate networks, I have chosen Rafinad because of their express payouts. Although I drive about 150K per month, which is not too much. Still, I can request an instant payout and get the money in 5 minutes. Other networks don’t have such a feature, so I’m staying with Rafinad.


It’s the most friendly network that does not need to show off. Here’s what you want to hear:

  1. Instant payouts without any managers. You drive the traffic, and when you need more cash — request an express payout and get the transfer in 2 minutes! You don’t have to call the manager!
  2. High payout rates. Since it’s a young network, and they need a competitive advantage — they pay more. They pay much more where other networks don’t pay enough! 
  3. I just like the attitude of this team. They make contests, and provide support — it’s really clear to see that everyone on the team is doing their own thing without any nonsense!

I would like to see them become the TOP finance network in 2022, they deserve it!



Rafinad is an affiliate network that has been in business since 2020. Over the years, this network has established itself as a reliable partner, created an impressive database of direct offers that cover all finance-related niches, and provided affiliate marketers with all the tools necessary for running successful campaigns. Besides, Rafinad affiliates are supplied with white-hat mobile apps, so that can drive traffic without dodging bans. This affiliate network will be a good choice for both a novice affiliate and a seasoned marketer.

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