R-Money: the leading educational affiliate program in Russia

R-Money: the leading educational affiliate program in Russia
5 April 2017

Educational affiliate programs are a rather profitable niche in affiliate marketing. Students are willing to spend much money on academic papers, therefore, commissions for webmasters are pretty high.

R-money is a great affiliate program for a start in the industry. It offers webmasters a great bonus system and a large set of promotional materials. The program accepts traffic from Russia and the CIS.

Parameters of the affiliate program

Website: r-money.ru

Types of offers: educational offers.

Promotion tools: domain parking, a proper CMS for launching the catalog on your domain, White lable, phone numbers, prepared promotions, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney, ePayService, and bank transfer.

Payouts: upon request (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles).

R-Money: the leading educational affiliate program in Russia

Features and advantages

The program appeared in 2007 and since then it has been dominating the niche of education. This is mostly thanks to high remuneration. The program pays 20%-30% of the order value to a webmaster. Besides, there is a unique system of additional rewards:

  • For 100 reimbursed orders you are given a reward of 5000 rubles.
  • 200 orders = 10000 rubles.
  • 300 orders = 15000 rubles.

Also repeat orders are paid within a year. There is also a referral system with 10% deductions. Very recently, invited authors have begun to be treated as referrals, that’s why the program became more attractive for affiliates.

Webmasters can drive traffic to the following websites:

  • Zaochnik.com. This resource lists papers on various subjects and of different levels of preparation. Remuneration is paid for the first and the following orders of an acquired student. The remuneration volume starts from 20%-35% of the first order, and from 15% for following ones. There is also an option when you can invite authors and get 10% of their income within a year.
  • Readywork.ru. This shop of student papers is dedicated to less payable students than the first resource. The remuneration volume for webmasters is from 15% to 35% of the order value.
  • Tutoronline.ru. This service offers tutoring via Skype, that’s why it is suitable for pupils as well as for students. The affiliate’s commission is 15% of the first and following orders within a year.

The average check of purchases in the systems is 4000 rubles, and over 40% customers make repeat purchases. That is why the program is good for long-term work.

R-Money: the leading educational affiliate program in Russia

Working in the program

Registration in the system is simple and will not take much time. After you create your account and fill in the questionnaire, you will be able to go to choosing an offer and setting up its parameters. You can drive traffic to your project or other related resources. Normally, webmasters choose targeted ads in social media, and you can also drive traffic from public pages with the target audience.

The program R-money is among the “white” projects, however, when choosing a program consider seasonality. Educational offers are the most profitable during winter and summer examination periods, during other seasons your income will also be stable but not too high. In general, we recommend R-money for working in affiliate marketing: the project exists for a long period of time, there are great tools and stable payments – and these are very good news.