PropellerAds Ad Network Review

Propeller Ads
Founded in: 2011
Propeller Ads is a global ad network providing traffic from 195 countries. Founded in 2011, the company has long crossed the mark of one billion monthly active users and is serving over 7 billion ad impressions per day.
Ad formats
Push notifications, Native Interstitials, Popunder
Bidding models
CPM, CPC, and Smart
Dating, sweepstakes, gaming, finance, eCommerce, crypto, software, betting, etc.
Prohibited vertical
Payment methods
Wire transfer, Bank card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, UnionPay, WebMoney, Alipay, Skrill
The minimum deposit

Propeller Ads is a global ad network providing traffic from 195 countries. Founded in 2011, the company is serving over 7 billion ad impressions per day. 

The network has its own self-serve platform that allows advertisers to set up and optimize their ad campaigns through the service’s user-friendly interface. 

PropellerAds offers three ad formats:  

  • Push notifications  
  • Native Interstitials
  • Popunder  

The network’s push database includes more than 500 million subscribers from all over the world, and this number is growing with each passing day. 

Alongside more conventional push notifications, at the end of 2019 PropellerAds has also introduced a new traffic type for push campaigns, i.e. In-Page Push. In-Page Push looks similar to a good old push notification but is displayed on the website directly and does not require a subscription. A major advantage of IPP is that it allows you to target iOS and Mac devices. 

Benefits of working with PropellerAds 

  • Multi-language support team 
  • In-house anti-fraud system 
  • CPM, CPC, and Smart bidding models 
  • From time to time, the network sells out traffic from certain countries
  • Discounts from 20% to 60% on popular affiliate services and trackers such as Voluum, BeMob, and Binom 
  • Depending on the monthly spend, there are four account levels: Green, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each new level grants certain privileges, such as additional targeting options or credit for ad campaigns and a dedicated manager. 

What offers to promote 

PropellerAds works with a variety of verticals, such as dating, sweepstakes, gaming, finance, eCommerce, crypto, software, betting, etc. However, you won’t find adult traffic there, and neither will you be able to sell it to PropellerAds. 

According to the network’s team, the verticals that work best with their traffic are as follows: 

  • Push notifications: sweepstakes, dating, eCommerce, crypto, finance 
  • Native Interstitials: dating, gaming, finance 
  • Popunder: COD, sweepstakes, utilities, finance 

Ad review and content policy 

The ad review process on PropellerAds takes little time, about 2.5 minutes on average. 

The network prohibits the promotion of the following content and products: 

  • Pornography, adult or mature ad copies and images. 
  • Illegal activity and products associated with terrorism and weaponry, as well as violent and abusive imagery. 
  • Fraud, unofficial, false, misleading information. 
  • It is forbidden to use brand logos in your creatives if you are not promoting something that can be produced by these brands. 
  • Prescription drugs. All promoted medicines must fall into the dietary supplement category. If you fail to indicate that what you are advertising is a dietary supplement, your campaign will be rejected. 

Specific rules for ad formats: 

Perks and bonuses 

Propeller Ads is giving away promo codes, conference tickets, and invitations to parties and meet-ups on a regular basis. Follow Propeller Ads on Facebook and join their Telegram chat to always stay tuned.

PropellerAds is also willing to buy your case studies at an attractive price. There is no maximum price, but the minimum can’t be lower than $200. No competition or deadlines. If your case study meets the network’s requirements, they guarantee that you will get your money. 

Creating an ad campaign on PropellerAds 


The registration process involves two stages. First, you need to fill in the mandatory fields with contact details. 

PropellerAds Ad Network Review

Then, click “Next” and submit the required information. 

PropellerAds Ad Network Review

Once your application is approved, you will be taken to your personal account. 

Account top-up 

The minimum deposit is $100.  

You can top-up your account via a variety of payment methods, including:  

  • Wire transfer 
  • Bank card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) 
  • PayPal 
  • UnionPay 
  • WebMoney 
  • Alipay 
  • Skrill 

After making a deposit you can launch your ad campaign straight away. 

Creating an ad campaign 

Click on the “Create Campaign” button and go directly to creating your campaign from any part of your personal account. 

Next, you need to upload your creatives and specify your ad campaign parameters.

Campaign settings depend on the selected ad format. Here’s what you can set up when launching a push notification campaign. 

  • Campaign name 
  • Pricing model 
  • Offer URL 
  • Frequency capping 
  • Traffic type: traditional push notifications or In-Page Push
  • Traffic parameters: direct traffic from PropellerAds publishers or broker traffic 


  • User activity targeting (available for popunder and push notifications). You can choose between high, medium, and low activity levels. 
  • Country, city, state
  • Daily and total campaign budget
  • OS and device 
  • Zone limitation: black and white lists 
  • Platform 
  • Operating system 
  • Browser & Language 
  • Connection type 
  • Mobile carrier 
  • Campaign scheduling and dayparting 

On the right, you will the so-called Traffic Estimator that shows how much traffic you can get based on your targeting and bid settings. 

PropellerAds Ad Network Review

Tracking tools 

For a more detailed manual, check out this link


Retargeting is available for all ad formats. This means that you can grow a push audience and then deliver popunder ads to these users. 

To set up retargeting, go to the “Audiences” tab, name your audience and specify when the user will see your ad.  

Traffic tips from the PropellerAds team 

In the company’s blog, you can find a slew of case studies and articles on running PropellerAds traffic: 


KJ Rocker. Founder of 

As an affiliate, I come across advertising networks on a daily basis. It is very rare to find a traffic network with high-quality traffic and superb customer support. However, I am happy to recommend PropellerAds as being one of the few that you don’t want to miss if you are looking for high-quality traffic and great customer support! 

Luke Kling. Founder of 

PropellerAds is one of my favorite Pop and Push Notifications traffic sources. The platform is fantastic and it makes it really easy to optimize your campaigns. The traffic converts well and they have a TON of volume!  

Dmitry Braun (aka Mr.Braun) 

I’m working with PropellerAds for many years already, and for me it’s 100% the best POP/PUSH source. When I want to test new GEOs or Offers, I always start in PropellerAds, because I’m sure the quality will be amazing and the ROI will be green. Also, there are good people who can always help you and share some tips, some of them I know in person. 


PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks in the market. The company provides huge volumes of quality traffic to advertisers willing to scale up their campaigns and always stay on top of their game.

Sign up with PropellerAds and start launching profitable campaigns today!